Oh Bother

I’m too busy to blog and trying to play catch-up. Hopefully ITP-Reader Barb has posted enough to the Facebooks to inform you about InterAmericas Hash in Portland. While I am far from your “typical” over-the-top hasher I had a good enough time to preregister for InterAmericas Hash in Phoenix in 2017.

Yesterday I discovered that I am not Superman. By the time I rode MARTA all the way to my car at Perimeter Mall I was beat and made a snap judgment to skip another day of work. This was one of the few good decisions I’ve made recently. I drove home, took a shower and then a recuperating two-hour nap. Having the rest of the day ahead of me after waking up I did some German homework in preparation for last night’s A2.1 finale.

I have a new health concern! Yeah! I’ve decided to start asking around for a recommendation for a doctor that will do a thorough physical (now that I’m fifty and all). My doctor has been okay for general things, but I’ve not been impressed by their physical offerings. I’m sure that I don’t really want to know what’s wrong with me, but I feel compelled to find out because it may change a lot of my decisions in the next few years.

Off to start reading the pile of email that has accumulated in my computer.

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  1. Steve says:

    You were in Portland? Wow. How is Maine this time of year?

    Barb posted plenty of pictures, and it appeared you had a good time.

    The barn work has commenced!! The header is up, even though a 2×10 bounced off my head as we were correcting an error- there is a small dent in the board.

    I also learned you can easily bend a large drill bit when you put too much pressure on it, and when it wobbles in the hole things don’t fit right. I was pretty pleased at my ingenuity in getting the 16′ headers into position 11 feet in the air. The rafters will need the same technique.

    Apparently, Alabama beat Wisconsin Saturday, so I have won a beer from Ms. Stacy!! Thanks! And now I can root for the Badgers for the rest of the season! F’ em Bucky!


  2. Maine was wonderful, haven’t you seen all of my lighthouse photos yet? 😛

    Rumor still has it that I’ll be in your neck of the woods on Saturday. I may contact you after the ride to see if you need a break from construction — I doubt I will be in great shape to lend a helping hand however.

  3. Steve says:

    We were expecting you to spend Friday night… strictly up to you, but you are always welcome.

  4. Barb says:

    We got home from the airport about 8am or so – traffic going north on the connector BLOWS, how people do that everyday I have no idea.
    Parking at the international terminal (firehouse) works fine going outbound, but getting from domestic baggage claim, back to international is a little more trouble – had to take the shuttle, and then, they won’t drop us off at the firehouse (go figure), so we stopped at the parking deck & Allan walked over to get the car. It isn’t even 1/4 mile.

    Started laundry, slept until noon – watched some TV, did more laundry, Allan went & cut the grass, I took a nap, did more laundry, he came in & took a nap, we watched some Portlandia (funnier now that’s we’ve been there), did more laundry, ate dinner, went to bed.

    Back at work after a week & a half gone – 4000 unread emails. probably only 200-300 are actually even sort of kind of for me, so I need to start deleting.

    AND – DRANK NOTHING ALCOHOLIC YESTERDAY! First day in 10 days. I didn’t miss it at all.

  5. Steve says:

    Your liver thanks you.

  6. Ooh, I could definitely stay over on Friday night. Because you mentioned that you weren’t going to ride I didn’t want to impose. Friday traffic might be a consideration for me, I’ll let you know for certain tomorrow if that’s okay with you and Debbie.

    I’ve considered starting watching Portlandia since I’ll now understand some of the inside jokes.

    I actually brought a bottle of wine to share for the final German class last night, but then never offered it up because I wasn’t in the mood to drink alcohol.

    Today’s a big individual TT at the Vuelta. I’m trying to watch/listen as I catch up on work life.

  7. Just paid my property taxes online, including a $58 “convenience fee” for using a credit card. Ouch!

  8. Steve says:

    Last I looked, Joey Rospkoff was sitting in 20th. Not bad.

    Whatever works for you.

  9. Barb says:

    I just have my taxes go thru escrow with my mortgage – so I don’t have to worry about that.

  10. romanlily says:

    As far as great primary care physicians go, Dr. Chad Costley in Decatur is phenomenal: http://www.ponceprimarycare.com/

    He may or may not be accepting new patients. But if he is, get on it. I’ve seen him for thorough, intelligent “wellness” visits. His style of practicing medicine is what I wish everyone practiced.

  11. Thanks, I will investigate.

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