In Storage (For At Least A Week)

Though the ride I did last night was far from monumental, I was proud of myself for getting a ride in when I could have easily not done so. And now the road bike is in storage for at least a week because I will be traveling to Raleigh tomorrow to hang with the Raleigh Royalty over the weekend, and then working the NC State Career Fair in Raleigh on Monday and Tuesday, returning on Wednesday. I hope that when I return to Atlanta that the weather will be favorable for me to get back into the riding habit.

Oh Apple…
One of the biggest disappointments of last night’s ride was discovering that it appears that Apple has broken their own Workout app with the release of WatchOS 2. At some point during my ride I looked down to see my mileage, and it read “—-” instead of the actual mileage I’d ridden.

Now if you know me, I had two other gadgets recording the ride, so at least I’ve recorded the 26 miles I rode yesterday.

To ensure it wasn’t a “it’s just me” problem I tweeted my concern about the non-functioning feature in Workout and found out that another one of my Twitter followers has had the same exact problem.

The Workout app is one of the killer apps that I used every time I’ve ridden. I can’t understand how Apple released WatchOS 2 with this bug.

I Need A Massage, Or A Chiropractor, Or Both?
I’ve had a severely pinched nerve in my neck/upper-back for a few days now. I really need to have someone work this out, but don’t have a lick of free time to get this done.

No Trivia For Me Tonight
Tonight I’ll be getting a haircut — want to look good for my trip tomorrow. Afterward I will be heading to the Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre for their performance of “A Steady Rain”.

In order to do this I need to get cracking with work…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to In Storage (For At Least A Week)

  1. Barb says:

    I bet Lisa can find you a massage therapist in Raleigh – that might be something to get set up. I’m getting a massage tonight – I CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Tell everyone up there Hi.

  2. Steve says:

    Likewise- our best to the RR.

    We managed to hang the first stall gate last night. Unfortunately, our measuring was so precise, we really didn’t take into account the added width of the hinge, so it sits slightly cattywompus in the opening. As long as Debbie is happy…

    Off tonight to a dinner with the “Southside Supper Club”. It is an actual organization that has dinner out every month, and this months dinner is at a rental space run by some friends and catered by someone Debbie has done business in the past, so I expect a good meal.

    Off tomorrow! Just in time for some barn building!!


  3. Steve says:

    And your going to be 150 miles from Worlds!!! I think I’d go for it!!

  4. Unfortunately no time for Worlds, otherwise I just might…

  5. Steve says:

    Everybody would fit in the M6- I think you should call an audible! If it wasn’t Debbie’s birthday on Saturday, I might do the same.

  6. I shan’t have the M6, I’m flying because it’s a business trip.

  7. bob says:

    Have fun in Raleigh, say hey to the RR for me.

    I’ll be camping this weekend with 34 cub scouts (hopefully not in the rain). It is going to be an interesting weekend for sure!

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