Wanna Get Away?

Yes please.

Unfortunately it appears that I will be leaving this rain to go to a place where it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Since I will be working remotely on Monday, and at the career fair on Tuesday, this isn’t a vacation so I can’t just shut off communication with the office.

It’s Time For Me To Start Eating Better Food
No, not “healthier” food, “better” food.

Yesterday’s early dinner was Moe’s. “What’s wrong with Moe’s?” you say? “A lot.” I retort.

In my past two, perhaps three, visits I have been completely underwhelmed by the food made for me at Moe’s — the meat is meh, the lettuce has been limp, and the rice last night was crunchy. And this has happened at two different locations.

It’s time for me to make better food choices.

Two Men, One Stage
Last night’s performance of “A Steady Rain” (fitting for this weather) was “interesting”. The play is a two-man, no-real-props, show about two Chicago cops and their experiences. The play was not very uplifting, and was made harder to get into due to one of the performers gravely voice. I’m wondering if the actor has strained his voice or if this was a character choice.

I certainly liked the play, but and not sure that I’d recommend it to many people.

Gotta Work
Have a great weekend friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Wanna Get Away?

  1. Barb says:

    not sure if mtn biking in Augusta is going to happen this weekend – weather is looking a little iffy.

    I’m kind of not upset about that, I wouldnt’ mind a weekend any home.

  2. steve says:

    Barn work can move forward in the rain, just no roofing. Out to breakfast on Debbie s birthday eve. Then on to the feed store to pick up stall mats. Could have got them a bit cheaper at Tractor Supply, but decided to shop local.

    There may be a ride at some point this weekend if.it.stops raining.


  3. Happy early birthdays to ITP-Readers Debbie and Randy.

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