Not Much To Say

It was a boring night in my life last night. After work I went to the lavanderia and did a metric-ton of laundry. I ate a delicious dinner at El Pollo Norteño afterward, stopped at QT to fill the tank of the M6 (since I was unable to buy cheaper gas on Sunday), and then drove home.

I’ve been holding off on using the heater this week, opting for using a space heater in my enclosed bedroom instead. What can I say, I’m cheap.

While putting away clean clothes I “watched” last Friday’s The Amazing Race. I then watched a Tonight Show from last week before falling asleep.

I should have been doing German homework instead of lallygagging but I was not in the mood.

At the lavenderia I attempted to do German homework and failed. Instead I continued reading a book I started on Sunday morning — The Rosie Project: A Novel (full disclosure, that’s an Amazon Affiliate link; that’s why it has a different appearance) This book was suggested reading by the Raleigh Royalty. I’m not sure why they thought that I should read a book about a nerdy, overly-picky, single man who has had no luck meeting women…

Sometime today I need to do the German homework that I have been ignoring so that I can be somewhat prepared for tonight’s class. Until then I have a bunch of work that needs my attention.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Not Much To Say

  1. Barb says:

    thought I’d say hi – work is too damn busy this time of year.

    we haven’t turned on the heat yet – and it is supposed to warm up a little again this week – so who knows when we will turn it on.

    Halloween Home Crawl planning meeting this evening – guess it will really be in Marietta this year.

    Amazing Race is interesting so far………. not sure who I want to win, but I know who I don’t want to win.

  2. Who is on your “do not want to win list” other than Team Green of course. 😉

  3. Barb says:

    Team Green for sure – the stupid mom & the son are kind of annoying too.
    Other than that – I don’t really like or dislike the others.

  4. Stacy says:

    Dagnabbit! Even discussing it last week at trivia, I have once again forgotten all about The Amazing Race being back. Looks like I have a marathon in my future! 🙂 (hahaha…marathon-viewing, not marathon-running. Oh you crazy kids)

    Barb — Halloween Home Crawl is in Marietta? Oh! Say, now that might actually work out with my plans if I go to Dano’s afterward. Whooda thought OTP could be “in my plans!”? Are you a stop? (psss! I won’t tell!)

    This time of year turns glorious for me because my electric bill plummets. I have radiator heat that’s shared by the building (thus making it free). The past couple days I have been able to place my robe on the bathroom one before the shower, having a nice toasty robe to put on when stepping out.

  5. Barb says:

    its not a secret the stops – so yes.
    trying to figure out the route – our house would be better int eh middle, but they want it to be the end. So, that’s why we have to meet up tonight.

  6. steve says:

    That book recommendation IS crazy,huh?

    My only day of “vacation” is today. I only have it because my co-chair got passed over for jury duty. Only thing left after yesterday’s load is waiting on the trailers to be moved and golf carts to be picked up. Might be done already…

    It was simply a spectacular weekend. A great crowd Saturday and good crowd sunday. The new front gate was a big hit, but had some challenges with the queueing- nothing we could have tested prior. And a few signage issues, also nothing we could have forseen.

    Back to the salt mines tomorrow…


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