Do Shoe Stores Still Exist?

I broke the brown shoelaces that go into a pair of casual shoes that I bought a few years ago at Gear Revival (RIP). Given the checkered success I’ve had buying laces at Target I considered measuring the length and ordering a new pair of laces from Amazon. And then it dawned on me, “Do shoe stores still exist?” So I ask you, gentle ITP Reader, where should I go to get a replacement pair of laces for these shoes?

I am busy, busy, busy. I’d have typed that in German but currently have no idea how to say “busy” in German.

Tonight I have a ticket for another concert at Terminal West; tonight’s show is the singer Tobias Jesso Jr. I’m uncertain as to where I first heard his music, but it intrigued me enough to shell out for a ticket to tonight’s show. I’m hoping that I will enjoy hearing the music live tonight.

As has often been the case I must cut this short in order to do work. Dangen!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Do Shoe Stores Still Exist?

  1. Steve says:

    You might try CVS for something like that. There are shoe stores- DSW near you, and Shoe Carnival, but not independent stores so much.

    The walls of the barn have started to go up. The first board is a bit tricky, as it has to be cut to the grade so the rest are level. 2 more to go…

    We celebrated my one day of vacation with Mexican! Ola.

    Barb, how is your building coming?


  2. Stacy says:

    DSW! Awesome shoe store, men’s and women’s. One is quite near you at work too… over by the WalMart on Ashford-Dunwoody. ( for locations) You’ll find all the accessories you need (laces, polish, etc.) but if you’re looking for new shoes too, this place is awesome. Always check the back of the store for clearance racks.

    I got to start my day by getting a dumbass towed. Some fool parked *right in front* of the driveway that accesses about 20 different homes (including mine)….a driveway that has only one exit point, so there was really no way around it. My neighbor had already called the cops, as he was blocked in too, but I added my call as well and the police showed up all of 3 minutes later. The officer who came out actually looked at the car and laughed at how blatantly disrespectful this person was, so he issued him a citation as well as the tow fee he’s gonna get. BOOM. (photos on my Facebook)

  3. Huh, that does seem idiotic, and incredibly frustrating for you all.

    Perhaps I will try one of these stores at lunch time. Or, perhaps this will give me an excuse to shop DSW before going to the concert. I had forgotten about DSW. The only local shoe store I recalled was the Off Broadway Shoes that is no longer in business.

  4. Barb says:

    Off Broadway is still around – there is one up near Town Center. I like DSW better.

    Stacy- I LOVE IT. get some idiot towed – hell yeah!

    Steve – shed has not been started – Allan thinks there are some boards missing that we need to get started. Not sure if he talked to the guy at the lumber yard yet about the list & the plan. He is being sickly, which also means grouchy, he called in sick to work today, so I haven’t asked.

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