Blogger’s Holiday

I didn’t want to leave my bed this morning, so I didn’t. Well, I did finally around 9:00am because I had to come into the office.

One Expected Win, One Unexpected Loss
Trivia brains united, as I sat there and watched their brilliance, prevailing again!

I also watched the Jets shit the bed last night against the Bills. Perhaps I’ve given the Jets too much credit this year, but I think this was a game they should not have lost.

Much work to do. Have a great SUNNY (at least in the Inside The Perimeter) weekend friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Blogger’s Holiday

  1. Barb says:

    Its looking like our camper may be delivered Sunday (I guess Bill really wants it out of his driveway)
    If it all works, etc. like it should, we are thinking a 1 night camping trip somewhere nearby Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend. Anyone want to tentatively join us?
    Probably 1 of the campgrounds up around Lake Allatoona.

    Saturday I’ve just realized I have zero plans…….

  2. Steve says:

    “When you’re a JET, you’re a JET all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!” (with apologies to Leonard Bernstein).

    We were guests at the “Masters Dinner” last night- the first event in the opening hunt weekend. It was held in “The Lodge at Blalock Lakes”- and was one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten. Chef’s from “Cooks Warehouse” and the chef who was at the opening of “Canoe” did the cooking and it was truly amazing. Venison and quail appetizers, salad with beets and candied walnuts, duck breast on (not grits, but something else creamy), beef short ribs with pomegranate and thinly sliced potatoes. OMG it was good. And there was a wine paring for each course.

    Today, I’m just killing time as there really isn’t a whole lot going on.
    C’mon 3 o’clock.


  3. Stacy says:

    At least the Christmas M&Ms were fun to watch.

    And we all got free Red Brick glasses and passes for a brewery tour. The woman who gave them to us unexpectedly asked me at one point, “don’t you work for a brewery too? Orpheus?” I told her I used to and she motioned that her boyfriend up at the bar recognized me. Huh. 🙂 At times like that, I miss the brewery (and the actual brewmasters). But I definitely don’t miss the drama the girls in the tasting room created (the main reason I quit).

  4. Whoa, I just hit the biggest pothole I’ve ever hit. I was busy looking at the traffic light that was barely holding its yellow color as I turned left from Buford Hwy to I-285 and WHAM!

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