Something Old, Something New, Something Really Old, Something Incredibly Old

Last night I made my way down to Ponce for an early evening of entertainment.

Since the creation of the Beltline I have been flummoxed as to where to park for concerts at Masquerade. I thought the answer was Ponce City Market, but squashed that for future outings when I saw that the price to park at Ponce City Market was $15 for 8 hours, and $8 for four hours. I’m not down with getting gauged to park — especially on that part of Ponce.

Something Old
I can’t tell you the last time I ate at Eats, though I know it’s been at least a dozen years, nor can I tell you why it’s taken me so fucking long to return. I can tell you that it won’t take me another twelve to eat there again because it was exactly how I remembered it, and I loved every thing about it.

Feeling hungry I ordered a meat+3, getting the jerk chicken (of course) and sides of mac’n’cheese, green beans, and a baked sweet potato. Combine my sides with the piece of cornbread served with every meal and I had an enormous meal for $8. Yes, $8. I would have taken a photo of the meal and posted it here if I knew that I wouldn’t feel ultimately ashamed when I mentioned that I ate the entire plate of food.

Fatty is as Fatty does.

Something New
I guess it’s not technically correct to call Ponce City Market “new” given that it’s located inside the old Sears building that was erected about one hundred years ago.

That being said I used my iPhone to schedule my $8.35 parking fee for four hours of parking and went inside the fancy-pants new market space. After walking around not knowing what I wanted to eat, and not thinking that I had time for a real sit-down dinner, I decided to exit the building and cross Ponce to eat at Eats; you know, like I mentioned in the last section.

The inside of Ponce City Market is cool though I don’t know how often I will frequent it given the requirement to pay for parking and the fact that I think it may be targeted at a younger-than-I-am audience.

Something Really Old
Speaking of a younger-than-I-am audience, I attended a concert at Masquerade last night and was definitely one of the oldest people in Purgatory — if not the oldest. At one point a young whippersnapper young lady called me “sir” while trying to get passed me. I guess to the twenty-somethings I look as ancient as the building we were all inhabiting.

I was primarily at Masquerade to see/hear Eskimeaux, who were second up of the four bands scheduled. Sadly I’ve never taken note of Eskimeaux’s previous shows in town so I only got to see them perform about a twenty-five minute set. If not for the fact that I was feeling my ancientness and was buoyed by the thought of getting home by 9:30pm instead of midnight, I would have stayed for the other two bands last night.

As I drove through East Atlanta I hinted at the thought of seeing if the Fuzz show at The EARL had sold out, but then I remembered how much I really just wanted to get home.

Old is as Old does…

Something Incredibly Old
Oh Masquerade, you remind me of my life when I was twenty years younger, making trips to Atlanta from Huntsville. I hope that they never knock you down for another unneeded condo or apartment building along the Beltline.

I nearly didn’t get into Masquerade last night thanks to an “old” technology’s inability to provide quality service using a “new” technology; I’m looking at you Ticketmaster. Masquerade uses Ticketmaster for its ticketing services. I purchased a ticket for last night’s show online and chose “mobile delivery” (because fucking Ticketmaster charges me to print tickets using my own paper, ink, and printer at home!). In order to be able to show the ticket taker my mobile ticket I needed to log onto Ticketmaster’s website, which refused to acknowledge my username and password. However I was able to download the Ticketmaster iOS app and log in successfully, and show my electronic ticket for entry.

Want to guess how quickly I threw out my “You’ve eaten too much food, you are not allow to drink a beer” rule last night?

Give Until It Hurts
Today is Georgia Gives Day, a great day to donate to your favorite Georgia charities. Today I’ll be donating to Trees Atlanta, Horizon Theatre, Theatrical Outfit, and Goethe Zentrum Atlanta.

If you have a little extra to spare why not give to your favorite charity today?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Something Old, Something New, Something Really Old, Something Incredibly Old

  1. Stacy says:

    “I hope that they never knock you down for another unneeded condo or apartment building along the Beltline.” Alas, you know this will happen. 🙁 And with so much right there already!

    Next time you go back to Eats, holler at me and I’ll join you. Love love love that place and always forget to go there. I have yet to venture into PCM, but maybe I’ll stroll down there this weekend. At least I have that option: I can put the parking money into a beverage or two instead. 🙂

    Trivia is on tonight, btw. Hope you can join us tonight – you were missed last week!

  2. Steve says:

    EATS? I know I’ve seen it, but can’t place it, literally.

    We have a door! My welding buddy came down and after a bit of redesign of the plan, went about the welding the doorframe. Nice to know friends with toys. Materials alone were $75, so imagine what hiring out the work would have cost. It will only cost us sushi in the near future.

    I should have gotten a ride in yesterday, but waiting on my friend kind of ate up the afternoon. I was able to fix the mower- finding a broken wire at the master fuse, which was replaced with a wirenut (and no fuse).

    Let me go on record and say trivia is on our calendar for next week.


  3. I will be there tonight Stacy, though I will need a seat that allows me to watch the Jets game. 🙂

    Steve, it’s directly on Ponce, on the north side. It’s on the block before you get to the Home Depot traffic light. Blink and you miss it. I know from experience because I did the first time I tried to eat there — and this was before that section was as built up as it is today!

    I’ve already donated to three charities. Let me say that the website makes it difficult to donate because it won’t let me paste in my credit card number. How stupid is that?!?!

  4. Stacy says:

    Ha! Fair enough, Paulie! We’ve been kind of sticking to the same booth (the WINNERS’ booth awwwww yeah!) — we’ll make sure you have the side facing the closer TV. We used all our winnings last week but thankfully won them all back so you’re not short on any discount dough tonight. 🙂

    And yay Steve! That would be great!

  5. Steve says:

    I thought that had already happened… c’mon Paulie, try and keep up.

  6. Jenka says:

    Uh, yeah, the Masquerade is already scheduled to come down. It was announced a few months ago.

    I love Eats! And they have beer now!

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    But according to that Biz Journal article it seems as the mill building is a historic landmark.

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