Feeling Nervous

I am taking a German exam on Saturday and am feeling wholly unprepared to do so. I also don’t know how much time I will be able to devote studying for it because my job has become insane.

In The End It Turned Out Alright
I was at the car dealership for three hours yesterday. Three. Hours. Three hours to perform tire rotation, multi-point inspection, and a car wash. The 15k routine maintenance also called for an oil change, but because I’d done that only 1k miles ago, it was unnecessary.

Two-and-a-half of those hours were spent waiting for the above-mentioned work, and for my patience the service guy comped all of the work.

And then as I went to leave I tried to get into my glovebox to fetch my sunglasses… And the glovebox no longer opened freely on its own; on most attempts it got stuck after opening about an inch, and with some extra force could be convinced to open the rest of the way. I immediately turned around.

The last half hour was waiting for the service guys to fix the problem they created when installing a new in-cabin air filter, which sits behind the glovebox.

It’s a good thing I had three hours of a Monday morning to spare, and that I wasn’t needed in the office. Oh wait…

As I Do
I skipped my concert last night to join my boss and a friend for some beverages after work. We started late, about 6:30pm and by the time we were done so was I. I returned home to lie in bed and go to sleep some time before 10:00am. I’ve become such an old man.

German Tonight
It’s Tuesday, therefore it’s probably German class night. And in this case it is. Such will not be the case next week, which is also inexplicably Thanksgiving week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Feeling Nervous

  1. Stacy says:

    Hey, the fact that you made it to sleep only sometime before 10 *AM* shows you were out partying all night long, Old Man! Well done! 🙂

    Was just chatting with the Nerd Squad and we’re all super busy this week and taking trivia night off. So there you go: time to study German! Use it wisely, grasshoppah!

  2. Stacy says:

    (and just fyi….the errors are still there:
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  3. Steve says:

    Taking Trivia night off!! Wait, didn’t we say we were coming? I guess we could stay close to home and hear our buddy play guitar at a bar…

    I completely forget my car has a cabin air filter. It would not hurt me at all to change it. Maybe when I wash the car… hahahahahaha

    And for something completely different last night, I ran 3 miles. This is only significant because this was the first run since Phinney stepped on my foot and I was worried that he might have done some damage because it can still be felt, however I knocked out 3 and change and felt really good. A nice break from sitting on the trainer and suffering.

    Tonight, there will be schnitzel! Ausgezeichnet!


  4. Stacy says:

    Yeah, sorry Steve. 🙁 I have a work event Thursday night now (just discovered today) and Bill mentioned his week was hectic as all get-out too. I’m sure Aron will probably still play somewhere though!

    So with next week being inexplicably Thanksgiving, trivia to resume 12/3 and hope everyone can make it then!

    Cars have cabin air filters? Huh.

  5. am is the new pm.

    I have someone at Dreamhost looking at the error (at least that’s what they tell me). It’s in a PHP script that I did not write, and given that I am not a PHP developer have little hope (or time!) of fixing.

    Here’s the offending line 71 if anyone wants to fancy a go. 🙂

    $post->comment_status = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT comment_status FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE ID = {$comment_post_ID}”);

    Good to know about Thursday night now being a bye-week for trivia. I’ll have to find something else to fill that gap, hmmm, maybe I should study for that German exam!!!

  6. Steve says:

    I just watched the video on how to change the filter!! What a PITA- no wonder I’ve never changed it.

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