Turkey Day

No, not The Turkey Day, just turkey day. Today I have consumed sliced turkey breast for breakfast, and will be eating a sliced turkey breast sandwich for lunch. Why? Because I have sliced turkey breast that needs to be eaten, so I am.

Turkey Day
Hahahaha, I accidentally typed “Turdy Day”! Oh, how I’m glad not to be typing about that today!.

No, this time I am talking about The Turkey Day, aka “Thanksgiving”, which is somehow next week. One of the few remaining traditions at work is our Friday-before-Thanksgiving pot luck lunch. I’m trying to describe the concept to our Ukrainian visitors; I am an uneducated American.

Because I’ve booked a morning engagement on Friday, I’ll be attending this month’s Creative Mornings Atlanta presentation, I will be unable to cook anything to bring in for the pot luck. So this year I will be reduced to making a run to a store before coming in an purchasing something. I suppose that I could perhaps prepare something cold and keep it chilled in a cooler, but that’ll require me to plan, and Geebus knows that I have no time for that these days.

Gonna Get Away?
I’m debating going OTP for the Christmas weekend, but am not sure to where. Christmas?!?! TOO SOON, let’s get past Thanksgiving first, okay?!?!

For the twelfth consecutive year I will be alone for Christmas, not that I celebrate the holiday much any more, and may want to shift gears and try something new. Kinda a precursor to what I believe 2016 will be — the year of shifting gears.

Yesterday I looked into trying airbnb for the first time but could come to no conclusion other than I am not ready to commit.

I should probably remain in Atlanta given the amount of money I’ve been spending of late, in addition to the fact that I need to do a lot of work in/around my house.

Decisions. Decisions.

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4 Responses to Turkey Day

  1. Stacy says:

    Hey now! I have the perfect Thursday night for you! Since we’re sans trivia, stay home and study German and cook something at the same time! 🙂 Throw something in a crock-pot, and bam! Done!

    I’m staying around town for Christmas this year as well. It’s my new company’s busy season, so I figured I’d stick around and head back home in February to surprise Mom on her birthday instead. (Ridiculously cheap) ticket was already bought before my senses cleared and I realized: OMG. Wisconsin in February?! What the hell was I thinking? Followed by: No wonder I found a ticket for less than $200 RT.

    BUT, all that being said, what I was getting at is that if you DON’T head out of town and want to get together for a Christmas brunch/lunch somewhere, keep it in the back of your head. Already mentioned it to Aron too (always have to have the token Jew at the Christmas table). Who knows, maybe we can do it over a game of trivia. 😉

  2. I’m fortunate that when I travel in February for my mother’s birthday that it’s to Florida.

    Hmmm, perhaps I can start something in the crockpot, drive it to work and plug it in, and then MARTA to Woodruff Arts for Creative Mornings. Ooooh, did a plan just come together?

    I will keep you in mind for Christmas.

    And it looks like I’ll have to find the solution to the “Line 71” problem. Dangen!

  3. Stacy says:

    I think a plan just came together! And, worst case scenario, the weather’s cool enough that a crock pot of food can safely sit in your car until Creative Mornings is over and you get to work. You may just need to put it on high instead of low when you get there.

    And, now, dagnabbit, I’m craving a crock pot stew. *shaking fist at sky!*

  4. Steve says:

    Stacy, I just laughed out loud about cheap tickets to Wisconsin in February!! Looks like the NTC will be buying me a trip to Colorado Springs at the very end of January- I don’t know if I can squeeze in a day of skiing, but that would be fun if I could.

    And since there won’t be CERTAIN PEOPLE at trivia tomorrow, I’m thinking about taking tomorrow off. After all, I sort of worked Sunday.

    I made schnitzel last night- pretty good, but was missing a bit of seasoning. Pretty tender though.


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