I Miss Long, Warm Days

I’m getting fat again because I am not riding. Twice this past weekend I looked into buying an indoor trainer, nearly convincing myself that a Wahoo Fitness KICKR at $1200 was a possibility, but then backed off. It’d be a lot easier to justify the purchase of a KICKR if Wahoo Fitness would ever get back to me about their iOS developer job.

After work tonight I’m going to try and do something, anything to get a little bit of exercise.

Catfish Of The Barnyard?
Last night I stopped into Tomatillos and thought that I ordered the fried catfish taco platter to go along with a basket of chips and a Coke. Instead, after eating the first of three tacos I discerned that I was eating was fried chicken tacos instead of catfish. I’m not agin to eating chicken, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. In fact, they were so tasty that I’ll have to get back to Tomatillos soon.

No German Tonight
I should be able to get some exercise tonight because the Goethe Zentrum has suspended classes for the Thanksgiving week. For fuck’s sake, it’s not their holiday!!! Actually I’m relieved to get a week away. Now if I could only convince myself not to wait until Sunday to do my homework.

Am I Going To Vermont Next August?
If I want to save $200 on the cost of doing a six-day, five-night cycling tour in Vermont I need to act today. The savings is about 10% of the cost of the guided tour, but that doesn’t include getting to Vermont.

If I am able to schedule all of the travel I want next year I may need the entire month of August for doing so. Maybe I’ll quit my job, sell my house, and travel. Fifty-one is still in the mid-life crisis zone, right?

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8 Responses to I Miss Long, Warm Days

  1. Barb says:

    I typed up a comment – I guess I forgot to hit send.

    Go for the Vermont trip – just do it! Sounds fun.

    nothing too exciting going on around here – still trying to figure out what I’m doing on Thanksgiving Day – Allan is working & Mary & TJ told me to find something to do, they are laying low.

  2. Here’s the bike trip I’m considering Vermont Bike and Brew

  3. Steve says:

    Quit your job, sell your house and become a bike tourist!! Where do I sign. Oh, wait.

    $1200 for a bike trainer? Not even a real bike?? Srsrly? No, just walk away. You can’t buy your way to fitness. Spending money doesn’t make you fit. Grrrrrr.

    After about 35 minutes of suffering, I made chicken tacos for us. Shirachi and sour cream makes a great sauce for tacos!!

    It’s already Noon? Where did the day go?


  4. Steve says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun… doesn’t sound like many beer stops during the day, though.

  5. I’m back from eating waaaaay too much for lunch. Guess I’ll have to punish myself tonight. If only I had a $1200 bike trainer… Don’t worry, I have no intention of buying one. However, I may sign up for the Vermont trip yet!

  6. Barb says:

    We had our Thanksgiving potluck today – though most of the people here wimped out & bought crappy store bought food. I do have to say, honey baked ham is very, very tasty.

  7. Did it! Put a reservation in for the Vermont trip…

  8. Steve says:


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