Thankfully Short Week

It’s only Monday morning and I’m already overstressed. I could really use a relaxing four-day, no-thought-of-work weekend.

Probably Just Enough
I certainly did not ace my German test on Saturday afternoon. I’m hopeful that I at least did enough to get a passing mark.

I was nervous, being unprepared does that to me, and to make matters worse we started with the speaking section of the exam, I was lead to believe that this would be the final portion, and I had to go first for each new section of the speaking section. Ugh.

Over. Done with. That’s the best I can say.

Better Than Just Enough
After de-stressing some on Saturday I drove over the the Beam Theater to watch East Atlanta’s own Guerrilla Theatre. As you probably know, performing in the play, and adaptation of “The Love of Three Oranges”, were ITP-Reader Betsy (whose birthday last Thursday I failed to acknowledge; I’m a shitty friend) and Andrea. I enjoyed myself and was glad to be able to catch their final performance of the play.

More Than Enough
On Sunday morning I drove up to the lavenderia to beat the local crowd. I was done with my wash by 9:30am and wanted to reward myself with breakfast.

Like most pretentious ITPers I wanted to eat at one of the many snooty breakfast restaurants. However, if you know me you know of my complete disdain for waiting in lines. So I went corporate — International House of Pancakes (note: I am old, I shan’t say “IHOP”).

As you probably also know about me, I have an amazing knack for finding and ordering the most calorie-laden meal on the menu. Yesterday’s was a chicken fried steak with two eggs, hash browns, and two pancakes.

Yep, the whole thing went down my gullet. Suffice to say I wasn’t hungry again yesterday.

I met the boss at the new Lucky’s Burger and Brew in Emory Village for a few late-afteroon beers before returning home and passing out at an inordinately early hour, perhaps 8pm, probably because I’d been up since 5am.


Hope yours was a wonderful weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Thankfully Short Week

  1. Barb says:

    we had a fun weekend.
    Started with the Gill warehouse sale in Flowery Branch – we spent way too much money on new jackets, shirts, etc. Gill sells mainly sailing clothes – so I got a nice waterproof jacket, what I was actually looking for, and lots of other things that we decided we “needed”. All their stuff is great quality, so its seems like such a deal. I do ahve to say, I have worn everythign I’ve ever bought there, many times.

    Then we headed to Seneca, SC (Lake Keowee) to visit some friends, spent Saturday just catching up eating & drinking & relaxing. Sunday we headed to Gorges State Park in NC, hiked out to see some amazing waterfalls that were flowing like crazy. Terry & Cindy had been there before & said they have never seen the water flowing like that. It was a sunny day, so even though it was a cool day, it wasn’t cold at all.

  2. Steve says:

    Let’s see, I got in 30 on Friday, 3 hours of leaf blowing on Saturday and watched Ohio State lose to Michigan St. (too bad, NOT!) and listened as Georgia almost lost to Ga Southern.

    Yesterday was Luther’s birthday party (one year old) then a delicious dinner at Green something in Decatur. A full Asian menu and everything we ordered was good. Had to keep Debbie from killing Brownie as he had eaten a chunk out of a blanket on our bed.

    I’m working Friday, how about you?


  3. I will not be working Friday. I may be brushing up my interviewing skills however.

  4. Barb says:

    We are not working Friday – luckily almost all of our customers actually use friday as a holiday. Yippie!
    if hte weather is good, we are taking the camper out somewhere for a 1 night shakedown trip – figure out what all we “need”.

  5. Stacy says:

    I’m working Friday, FP! I’d say it might be a great day to meet for lunch, but I imagine we’ll all have leftovers to eat that day instead. 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Ohh… we might be onto something there! Or just a good day to people watch at the park!

  7. Stacy says:

    Let’s totally touch base that morning. Leftovers can definitely wait until dinner!

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