My Head Is Still Spinning

Man oh man, life seems to be flying by. Today will be another hectic day at the office since I have software deliveries to make.

An Evening With The Sterns
I made my way down to Terminus 330 last night, right next to Der Biergarten on Marietta street. The gathering was most of what I expected, though I didn’t expect to see Pot Licker and Proof Eater there; perhaps I should have.

Upon entering the space I recognized one of the servers, though I could not recall from where. I mentioned to him that I knew him from somewhere, but he shrugged it off. I struggled all night long, wracking my brain, and finally walked up and said “I’m thinking East Atlanta” and he told me that he use to work at Holy Taco. It all made sense at that point.

The beer was included in the price of the ticket, and I had my fair share of Sweetwater 420. The food was good, not outstanding. The meal was served in 3-5 courses, depending on how you count; I’ll go with three.

The first course was a small bowl of clam chowder, served with a small bowl of “barbecue” shrimp. The chowder was good, though I thought the clams were a bit gritty. The shrimp were not hot enough for me, and calling them “barbecue” seemed a bit of a misnomer because the sauce had a sour lemon component; I liked the sauce, but I’d never call it “barbecue”.

The second course was a plate of Nashville hot chicken served over potatoes, and a bowl of collard greens. The hot chicken consisted of two drumsticks, my least-favorite part of the birth, and was not as spicy as I’d hoped it would be. The collards, something this New Yorker by birth rarely eats though I’ve now done so two Wednesday nights in a row, were quite tasty.

The third course was a dessert. The menu called this a sweet potato cake, but I tasted no sweet potato. To me it tasted more like a spice cake covered in frosting.

In between courses the Sterns spoke to the assembled group, mostly telling tales of their travels, and with each course they would sit a table and chat with those sitting at that table.

At night’s end we each got a copy of their book, which they signed on the spot.

I considered popping into Der Biergarten for a nightcap, but knew all too well that I had enough to drink at the dinner, so I went home.

I slept extremely poorly last night. Maybe it was the food. Maybe it was the beer. Maybe it was both.

Trivia Tonight?
I’m not sure, especially given ITP-Reader Stacy’s health the past few days. One thing is for certain however, no alcohol shall pass my lips tonight. I’ve got a date with a stationary bike trainer tomorrow morning. Must. Lose. Weight.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to My Head Is Still Spinning

  1. bob says:

    That sounds like a tasty meal except for the collard greens, I just can’t bring myself to eat them. I have tried, but just don’t like them.

    Last night we had our company holiday party. One of our directors has a huge house and it was beautifully decorated. Only problem is she lives on the north side of lake lanier. It was an hour north of my house. Not sure who’s brilliant idea it was to have the party up there but they need their head examined. Fun was had but that drive home sucked.

    While at the party I was presented with my 15 year plaque. Hard to believe I have been at McKesson for 15 years.

  2. Stacy says:

    Congrats on 15 years, Bob! That’s great!

    Drumsticks are my least favorite part of the bird too. I’m a breast gal. 🙂

    As for trivia, I think I should take a pass tonight. I am feeling much much better than I did: two nights in a row of over 10 hours of sleep max strength Nyquil –hadn’t even realized it came in different strengths–has certainly helped. But I think another night in on meds and hitting the hay early is called for to make sure I’m all well by the weekend.

    Of course, I’m the one holding our winnings though. 🙁 If y’all still go, let me know and I’ll find a way to get it to you!

  3. No worries Stacy. I’ll use tonight to write out my Christmas cards. Speaking of which, if you’d like a card from me and you are not sure if I have your current address, feel free to mail it to me at

  4. Steve says:

    An early Optho appointment in Decatur this morning had me in the ‘hood very early. For some reason, the Google got me off 285 at Moreland and headed north. When I figured he was sending me to DeKalb Ave, I cut him loose and did an open field run, and made it with a bit of time to spare. I waved at you and Martha as I flew by.

    I was feeling a little puny myself last night. At one point yesterday afternoon, I thought I was going to hurl. Lunch apparently did not agree with me- and as Debbie will tell you, I have a cast iron stomach, so that is a rare occurrence.

    New address sent. Thanks.


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