One For Three

My predictions of where I was going to eat yesterday were not very accurate; of my three predictions only one came true.

  • I failed to eat at Homegrown because the place was packed and I wasn’t overly hungry when I drove by. Instead I wound up eating a lousy bagel at a coffeeshop on my drive up to the lavanderia.
  • I did eat two Báhn Mì sandwiches for lunch after doing laundry; they were delicious, and as they always do the crusty loaves of bread wreaked havoc with the roof of my mouth.
  • I failed to go to the German restaurant in Stone Mountain because the stormy weather really got me down and I didn’t feel like dealing with it for my drive from East Atlanta to Stone Mountain (and back).

Because I stayed at home instead of going out for dinner I plunged into the large projects that I was planning to do this week. I disassembled the futon that has been in the “guest” bedroom for over a dozen years; the last guest that slept on that futon was over four years ago. The futon is currently still disassembled and will be moved into the room formerly known as the “office” to covert that room to a den.

The space where the futon will go was occupied by a computer desk and overly-filled filing cabinet. I was able to empty and move the filing cabinet, but the office desk is still impeding my progress. The desk also needs to be disassembled in order to me moved from room to room; architects of houses rarely accommodate for the moving of furniture from room to room.

Today I will be trying to finish off this project.

Additionally today I want to eat breakfast out at Buttermilk Kitchen so I can swing by the office to pick up some shit, before returning home to perform my hour of trainer time.

Tonight I will be dining at Gunshow. It has become clear to me that tonight’s dinner will not be the resurrection of last year’s Christmas Even extravaganza (tweets from owner Kevin Gillespie make it sound as if he’s not even in Georgia today), but I’ve wanted to eat at Gunshow since it has opened, and tonight will do just that.

If your Christmas Eve involves travels I wish you good luck. May Santa bring you everything you’ve wished for even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to One For Three

  1. Steve says:

    Holy crappola!! What a morning of weather. When I left the house, the lightening was dancing far off in the distance- there is a point just as you leave L’ville where there are vast open fields that give you a great view to the west. Had I not already been running a little late, I would have pulled over to watch the show! Is was incredible.

    Last night was pie baking and cookie making night, while I tried to referee the rough housing between Zelda and Jack. Jack made two trips to time out, and after that, simply being called out made him stop and walk away from the baby. Of course, nothing keeps the baby from attacking Jack, so it’s a pretty one sided discipline.

    I believe the plan tomorrow is to meet Meg at TC around 1. If I hear otherwise, I will alert the media. Let me know via text or IM if you are going to make it- I think we’ll qualify for the big round table!!

    And Saturdays’ Boxing Day hunt my literally be a wash, as the location is likely under water. Today it is likely flowing river, and by Saturdays start, it will simply be swamp. Ugh.

    Merry Christmas one and all.


  2. Because I-75 north was a parking lot I drove from East Atlanta to Buttermilk Kitchen using Peachtree. There were points near the Fox that I thought a tornado was passing through. I actually pulled into the underground parking lot of Colony Square for about ten minutes to let some of the weather pass.

    I’m briefly in the office trying to transfer content to my iPad, it’s going incredibly slow today, and to pick up a bunch of shit I have been amassing. To my surprise the parking lot wasn’t empty, I assumed more people would have the day off today.

  3. Steve says:

    It’s a pretty skeletal crew around here- you could have stopped in here for breakfast!

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