“Sick” Day 3: Recovery Day

Seems odd to call the third, and unfortunately final, “sick” day as Recovery Day. However, I was a bad boy yesterday and didn’t accomplish all of my chores primarily because I went out drinking last night. I’ll get to this in a minute…

I started “sick” day number two at Revolution Doughnuts. Given its location on Howard/College I’ve ridden my bicycle past their location many times, often noting the lineup awaiting doughnuts on my weekend morning ride, but have never been inside. Two things pleased me nearly immediately yesterday morning — I was one of the early risers so I not only didn’t have to waiting in line, but I got a table inside at which I could consume my bacon & maple and raspberry frosted doughnuts with my coffee; there weren’t many families with young kids (yet); It was a decadent breakfast.

With thirty minutes to kill before the opening of the Delta Community Credit Union in Decatur I kicked around the tiny little Decatur Kroger (née A&P) picking up some food staples that needed no refrigeration.

Inside the DCCU I was greeted by two friendly young clerks, unfortunately neither of which could help me wire my $275 for EuroHash 2017. Poop. I then drove to the Wells Fargo in Virginia-Highland and, with the help of the clerk there, creatively addressed my payment (or so I believe, I need to follow up on this). For their “troubles” I gifted Wells Fargo $30 to perform the wire transfer, what a fucking racket!

Feeling puffed with pride for knocking out two tasks I returned home to do a scant bit of reading before hopping onto the trainer for my hour’s worth of penance. I’ve ridden the trainer for four days in a row now, so I’m giving myself a day off today — another meaning behind today’s title. I also discovered yesterday that two doughnuts are a horrible base for training; thirty minutes into my “ride” I was shaking and had to dismount in order to eat some peanuts as sustenance.

Look at me go! It was now lunch time, and after hemming and hawing about where I was going to eat I settled on Tomatillos with my only regret being that I was going to eat to much if I ordered my normal chips and salsa, and a platter of three fried chicken tacos with rice and beans. To my surprise the waitress told me that it was Taco Tuesday, so I adjusted my order to the chips and salsa and two a la carte tacos. After a shaky start, both figuratively and literally, I was having a productive day.

From lunch I drove into midtown to kick around the High Museum of Art. My courtesy nearly cost me a $12 parking space inside the Woodruff Arts parking deck after letting two people turn in front of me, I was deemed to be the last car let in. I had planned to spend the remannider of the High’s opening hours, essentially the rest of the afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling up to such a time commitment so I left after about ninety minutes.

With two hours to kill between the High and my haircut appointment, in Ansley Park, I decided to drive up to the new Total Wine in Brookhaven to buy some Glühwein since I never got to drink any from the last bottle I purchased. Lo and behold I also left there with two bottles and a six-pack of beer, because you know the one thing missing from this lifetime-bachelor’s refrigerator is beer (NOT!). Thanks to traffic I only had about forty-five minutes to kill at Starbucks in Ansley Mall before my haircut.

After getting all dolled up, is there an equivalent term for guys? “Guyed up”? “Duded up”? I met my boss for a couple of beers. Our first stop was Smith’s Olde Bar. We noted that it was “Poker Night”, which had me a little concerned, but we found a table and sat. We sat for ten minutes before we realized that not a single person had come up to serve us. We moved to the other side of the bar and were greeted by the waitress who had served us previously, unfortunately to hear from her that she was the only person serving that night — for the entire restaurant/bar. After getting a glass of water and never seeing her return for five more minutes I suggested that we leave and head to HOBNOB.

Of course it was trivia night at HOBNOB. Jesus Fucking Christ, can’t a person go somewhere just to eat and drink these days?!?!? I say this half-kiddingly of course. We managed to get a table. We managed to order beers. I managed to order dinner. All of this done attempting to answer trivia questions (unofficially) and admiring the young women who’d eventually be crowned as the night’s victors.

Here’s the final question that certainly helped them overcome the rest: “Name the top ten grossing movies in which Drew Barrymore has a credited acting role (no voiceovers).” Hank and I could muster only four.

Wednesday’s Chores

  • eat breakfast at Homegrown
  • study Swift for two hours
  • do laundry and eat a Báhn Mì sandwich for lunch afterward
  • study German for two hours
  • eat dinner at the German restaurant in Stone Mountain

Blogger’s Note: I will be posting blog posts tomorrow and Friday, so if you’d be so kind please stop by, give them a read, and comment liberally. Remember, Santa Claus is still keeping score!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to “Sick” Day 3: Recovery Day

  1. Steve says:

    Not shite happening around here. I still needed to buy gifts for all the nieces and nephews (actually, grand nieces and nephews) and we had decided on movie tickets. There was no easy way to buy 13 at once, so 13 times I had to create a card, add a message, and add to my cart. The good news is that for every $100 I spent, I got $20 back in gift cards. The total transaction produces $50 in “free” cards for our use.

    Made a couple of stops on the way home to finish up shopping for someone special (who reads THIS blog) and was glad to get off the road. I’m sure it’s been crazy all shopping season, but damn, there were people everywhere.

    After a session of suffering, I made Skyline for dinner and it was very good.

    Except for wrapping presents, I think I’m ready- how about you?


  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Already a change in morning plans – Homegrown was packed and I wasn’t hungry enough to deal with it. So I am now sitting at a coffee shop listening to some college-aged women whine about life, while I eat a bagel and drink coffee . From here I shall head to the lavanderia.

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Related: I know that I am old because the banter between these four young women is driving me nuts.

  4. Steve says:

    Geeze, what a grouch. Were they at least cute?

  5. Stacy says:

    Drew Barrymore, huh? I’m going to guess: E.T., Charlie’s Angels, Never Been Kissed, Wedding Singer, He’s Just Not That Into You…. hmmm. That’s all I got off the top of my head. Which did y’all get? (and am I even right?)

    Btw, you’re a little shit because you now have me craving donuts. 🙂

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    They were attractive in a “I am 30 years older than them” way.

    Succumb Stacy! It’s (nearly) Christmas! 🙂

    We got:
    Charlie’s Angels
    Fifty First Dates

    Your other ones are correct too. Plus there was some Cinderella movie and something called Music and Lyrics. Also, did you know that there were two Charlie’s Angels movies?

  7. Stacy says:

    Oh, I shall succumb! But right now I’m trying to hold out for lunch….we’re ordering pizzas for Festivus! 😀

    I so would have argued out of Scream…I hadn’t realized she was credited in that movie (thought she was one of those token surprise cameos).

    I don’t blame you on the college-aged women gripe. I was one once and I know I wouldn’t stand myself today. 😉 It’s kinda like listening to all the 20-somethings whining how OLD they are now…. makes me want to punch them all in the face. Bah humbug!

  8. Debbie says:

    Mmmm, doughnuts. We once again have a working furnace … and nearly $900 in surprise expenses for the week. Bah Humbug! Add that to the endless rain and my Christmas spirit is thoroughly crushed. Tasty China is all that’s keeping me going to the big day.

    Off to finish shopping …

  9. Stacy says:

    Boo! They just canceled the pizza party because everyone’s too busy. (Too bad it wasn’t a soup party so we could be all: No Soup For You!) Now where can I find a donut?!

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Bugger about the furnace and the pizza!

    I’m done with laundry and stuffing my face with Báhn Mì.

    Stacy, how was you Christmas sweater party?

  11. Stacy says:

    It was a ton of fun — I decided on the sparkly vest but, alas, someone who made his own of a zombie Santa won the prize. But we did have a white elephant exchange that was totally hysterical, so that was nice. But No Mas Cantina? Although delicious, it wasn’t much different than any other Mexican place for me.

  12. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’ve eaten at No Mas a few times and have had the same opinion.

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