Exercising Failure

I’m writing this post on Monday night. Why? Because while I succeeded leaving work early enough to stop in Kroger for a few essentials — dammit, I just realized that I forgot milk — as well as cook up some dinner when I arrived home. After eating I wasn’t feeling up to getting in my hour of trainer riding, so I plan to ride in the rode this morning. I felt so exhausted tonight (last night as you read this) that I napped at 7:00pm!

A New Binge Watching Obsession
Had I discovered The Great British Baking Show earlier in my week off last week I would have consumed all of the “first” season on Netflix already.

While I absolutely am infatuated with The Great British Baking Show I’ve quoted “first” above because Netflix is touting the show I am watching as “Season 1”. Clearly from the actions of the contestants as well as the dialog of the hosts, this season is not the first one created. The season I am watching is supposedly from 2014, and I can see from IMDB that the series started in 2010. Once I am done with this season I may have to surf the dark web in order to find the previous seasons shown on the BBC.

Another good thing about the The Great British Baking Show is that the content is 55 minutes long, nearly long enough to entertain me for my laborious hour on the trainer.

I Bought A Balaclava
Unfortunately it’s not a delicious Greek dessert.

In an attempt to convince myself that I am going to exercise outside in the impending cold weather I bought a balaclava, two actually since they came in a two-pack. Having two is good, I can use one for riding and one for running. Running? Wait, what?!?! (2016 foreshadowing)

My German Is Sagging
Another Tuesday is upon us, it’s now two Tuesdays since my final German A2.2 and my next German class starts in two more. I’ve been a terrible student the past two weeks, barely picking up anything. A turnaround of effort will begin in ernest again today; I’m only cheating myself if I do not.

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6 Responses to Exercising Failure

  1. Steve says:

    ANOTHER quiet day yesterday. Rode for a half hour (note to self- do not ride your regular rollers when the flies are circling… I couldn’t really swat at them without risking a crash) and the rain was so loud I could barely hear the audio from the video.

    Dinner of chicken tacos and an awful show Debbie has recorded 30 some episodes- some family in Alpharetta and their trials and tribulations… really?

    Driving home yesterday on NPR was a story about “long form journalism” and 3 stories you should read. I’m about to start on the 3rd one (I told you it’s quiet around here) about a day in the life of a busy restaurant. Being the foodie you are, you might appreciate it.

    One Night in Kachka from Eater.com


  2. Barb says:

    Nothing exciting going on with us – which makes me happy.
    Allan worked at Cycleworks- so he was home late, boring dinner of soup & sandwich & watched some MNF. Good game, but we didn’t stay up for the end, almost wished we would have.

    I’m working on watching Orange is the New Black when Allan isn’t around, its pretty entertaining.

    Who thinks Peyton Manning really did use HGH during his recovery? (and I don’t think it really matters if he did). This is almost playing out like the Lance Armstrong story……

  3. Steve says:


    Very interesting.

    Peyton might have taken HGH while injured (and not playing) to aid his recovery? This is football, where the testing is weak or non-existent. Who cares?

  4. Steve, I think that I saw that show when at my mother’s once; it completely boggled my mind why people would watch it. And this comes from a guy that watches cooking competition shows! 🙂

    I first heard about the Peyton Manning thing on a podcast yesterday. It’ll be a shame if it winds up tarnishing a stellar career.

  5. Steve says:

    Apparently, “someone” in the Manning household received HGH from a pharmacy in Indy in 2011- it was shipped to his wife. The pharmacy denies the intern (who reported the shipments) worked there during 2011, while all the licensing and official documents with the state of Indiana show he did. Methinks the pharmacy doesn’t want to tarnish anyone’s reputation.

  6. I’m not saying that he didn’t do it, of course he did, he played football at Tennessee. That in and of itself makes him untrustworthy. 😉

    I’m just saying that I hope that it doesn’t tarnish what has apparently been a stellar career. I was sad when the truth came out about Lance, I’d be sad if the same thing is true with Peyton.

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