Obviously Late

Whew, where does the time go?

Last night I returned to German class, and have rediscovered the need to start studying the language more. I think that I’ll start doing this today.

I woke this morning and convinced myself to get down into the basement and ride for an hour. This may sound unusual but I’ve decided to replace watching House of Cards with the very first season of The Amazing Race, which I can stream via Amazon Prime.

Since I was a late-ish TAR adopter the first few seasons are new-to-me-tv. I’m only two episodes in but am completely amused how the show had to introduce the rules of the race to the year-2001 viewers, some of the changes to the rules that have occurred in fifteen years, and the way the very first group of players played the race.

Here’s a photo I took on a very chilly walk around Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday morning.

“Let Me Googie That For You” – Atlanta, GA, USA
Let Me Googie That For You
Each and every time I looked at the name of this restaurant in Centennial Olympic Park I read it as “Google Burger”. Brainwashed much?

Tonight will be another lavanderia night. I’m hoping that by doing my laundry tonight that I will be freed up to play trivia tomorrow night.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to Obviously Late

  1. Stacy says:

    I think watching TAR would make me exercise better. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch in the morning before going to work (my typical routine) because the high energy actually helps to wake me up.

    I can see Googie from right here! 🙂

  2. Jenka says:

    When you get to the last episodes you will see why they changed some of the rules the way they did. I re-watched the first season a few years ago and was highly amused.

  3. Steve says:

    I was tied up on a 2 hour call this morning. Oh what fun.

    I wonder if there is anything to watch or listen to in German while you ride? Children’s’ programming?

    First Games meeting of the year last night. Except for “Stone Mountain” yanking us around and charging for things they used to do for free, it should be about the same.

    Zelda weighed in at 31 pounds at the vet yesterday. Blood and stool samples taken to see why she has the “trots”. She appears no worse for wear- as playful as ever. If Debbie had to get up with her last night, I was completely unaware, as I was out cold.

    I just made reservations with Airbnb for a few days in Lexington for the Rolex 3 day in April. Early enough to maybe get a little bourbon tasting in.


  4. Barb says:

    Now I want to watch old episodes of TAR.

    from a friend I found out that AirBnB is great, until you have to cancel. They charge a bunch to cancel. Makes me wary of it, unless it is a for sure done deal trip. Bourbon tasting……… fun! When is it in April?

    Saw the burger place pic – ended up at Smashburger for lunch. Pretty good burger, but nothing special to make me want to go back over & over.

  5. Stacy says:

    What ARE the differences they made between seasons, Paulie? I’m curious.

  6. So far, the biggest difference is that there appears to be a Fast Forward in every leg. A given team can only use the Fast Forward once during the entire race.

    The other differences that make it amusing are:
    – Phil talks slower
    – They explain *everything* (because no one in 2001 had ever seen the show)
    – The teams have no idea what they are getting into (because they were the first to run the race)
    – Teams had to book their own airline tickets
    – Phil is only on the mat when the losing team arrives, and it appears that that team is always eliminated
    – The flag colors have changed (in season 1 they were yellow and white)

    As for AirBnB I’ve looked into it but have never tried it. There is a tiny rental house in North Georgia called the “Wee House” that I’ve contemplated renting.

  7. Barb says:

    Didn’t they also show the teams eating & drinking together?
    I liked when they had to book their own tickets, made it interesting at times.

  8. Stacy says:

    They don’t book their own tickets anymore? I thought they did…and that’s why you see them go to travel agents or different airline gates at the airport.

    Or have they stopped doing that for seasons now and I just haven’t noticed?

  9. Steve says:

    End of April/1st of May. We’re making this our 10th anniversary trip. The cancellation policy looked reasonable. I think it varies, depending on how far out you can cancel.

    Booking your own flights for TAR would certainly make things more interesting. They make there own now, but the choices are fewer and the seats are already set aside, I would assume. I’m sure if the producers wanted to give a team some extra challenge, the better flight could be full or some such.

  10. If I remember correctly the show books tickets, usually on two flights so that the first group gets on the first flight and the stragglers the second.

  11. Jenka says:

    Oh yeah, they didn’t introduce non-elimination rounds until easily the 4th season. It was a total shocker when they started doing that. I haven’t watched in a few seasons, I had no idea they don’t book their own flights! That was part of the tension!

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