Not A Stellar Day

There was no way that yesterday would go down on my list of “Best Days Ever”.

About David Bowie
It all started with the news of David Bowie’s death.

I have vivid memories of the 1970s, being a ten-year-old boy in New York, and going over to a friend’s house and listening to music that his older brother was listing to at the time. The two artists that I can recall vividly were Pink Floyd and David Bowie. This music was game-changing for me, who was listening to AM radio at the time. This was my foray into rock and roll music

When I first moved to Atlanta in 1995 I, and the two people I knew here at the time, went to see Bowie perform at the old International Ballroom on Buford Highway; it was the only time I got to see Bowie perform. I honestly don’t remember too much about the concert, but I do remember running into a guy I knew in Huntsville who had also just moved to Atlanta, and him asking me if I was going to see Jane’s Addiction perform at the International Ballroom in a few weeks. I’d not heard the announcement about Jane’s Addiction’s show, so I was quite fortunate to run into that guy on that evening.

Bowie and Jane’s Addiction were the only two shows I saw at the International Ballroom. These shows were a good introduction to my then-new city. Children conceived at either of those two shows will be legally able to buy alcohol this year. Now that’s a scary thought.

Soon I’ll Have More Crowns Than King Louis VIII
At lunch time I drive over to my dentist’s office, across the street from where the Braves will be playing after this season ends.

From The Dental Chair

My day got no better when, after a routine dental cleaning and checkup, it was determined that I needed to once again replace a tooth with a crown. Jesus, here I go again. More discomfort and coughing up another $1100 for dental work. I will admit that after seeing the camera images inside my mouth the tooth looks like it has fractures, and after last year’s emergency crown in July I decided to schedule the work.

I Sorta Knew That It Wouldn’t Go My Way
Last night I joined the boss at Lucky’s Burger & Brew last night for the first half of the National Championship game. He, being a Clemson graduate, was obviously quite nervous about the game. Fortunately we were surrounded by more Clemson supporters than Bama supporters.

I have never been a “Pull for the Conference” guy. Therefore in addition to FSU and Miami, I will never root for a SEC team to win the National Championship. And did I mention that my boss went to Clemson?

We left the bar at the end of the first half with the score tide.

I woke up to find that the “other” team won. I know that this makes ITP-Reader Steve happy, but as for me it just capped a day that shall never be considered one of my best.

Looking for a turnaround today, and hoping that I can get up to speed for the start of the next quarter of German classes.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Not A Stellar Day

  1. Steve says:

    We did about the same thing last night. While Debbie wasn’t really interested in the game and I was beat from working on the “front “forty””, we also went to bed at halftime with the score TIED (not tide). I was fast asleep when awakened by the light of her device at 12:30AM and she reported an Alabama victory. I figured it would be close, and all reports I’ve heard were an exciting, back and forth game. You can’t ask for any more than that for a championship.

    The clearing of the front 40 continues. Just trying to get to a point of bring in the neighbors ‘dozer by clearing out the little crap trees and putting them into burn piles. I think a little more gasoline might be needed to start these wet piles to burn. Except for swinging a maddox, and dragging the cut up trees, there was no aerobic exercise. And if it isn’t too cold on the next work day, maybe my tractor will start!!


  2. Barb says:

    Sounds like fun Steve……… ok, not really.

    We watched until about the end of the 3rd quarter, I was really hoping Clemson would pull it off, just because they aren’t the dynasty that Alabama is.

  3. Stacy says:

    Is the International Ballroom still in existence? I didn’t think so but tried to Google anyway since I was interested where it was located when it did.

  4. I think the building still exists but I don’t think they’ve had rock concerts for years. The building is/was located between Plaza Fiesta and Peachtree-Dekalb airport.

    Speaking of Jane’s Addiction, I see that they will be performing at Shaky Knees this year. However, I will be in Black Mountain that weekend so I won’t be able to see them again.

  5. Barb says:

    Why was I thinking it was north of 285? I never went there, but I was supposed to a couple times (who I was going to see, no idea anymore)

  6. You may be right Barb. All I can really remember is driving up Buford Highway, perhaps my memory has been obscured over twenty years…

  7. Stacy says:

    (it’s now 9:30am Wednesday)
    AHEM….where’s my ITP blog to read? How can I effectively procrastinate without it?

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