Wait And See

As has been the case with my life recently I barely remembered last night that I had a appointment this morning which was my interview to see if I pass the background requirements for getting a Global Entry card. I am to hear within 24 hours via email, and am cautiously optimistic that I will be approved.

Last night I attempted to change my life (for the better for a change) by stopping into Whole Foods for some staples needed to eat dinner at home. Shopping was a breeze and somewhat enjoyable, things took a temporary downturn on my drive home.

As I went to make a left turn from Glenwood onto a side street I saw a jogger immediately in front of me. He stopped like a deer in headlights, giving me the stink-eye an having no sympathy for the “I’m sorry” gesture I was making as he yelled at me. I never saw the guy because I was looking up the road for oncoming traffic, and on a dark night this guy was dressed in black tights and a dark brown hoodie pulled over his head, with not a hint of a light of reflective attire. Additionally, I always use my turn signals so he had to know that I was going to make a left-hand turn. Had I been in his shoes I would have assumed that I wouldn’t have been seen given the conditions and waited for the car to turn before crossing the intersection. Fortunately no damage was done other than to the confidence in my driving.

I’m starting to think that I should have locked myself into the house this week.

However I will be throwing caution to the wind tonight as I eat dinner with my boss tonight to celebrate his birthday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Wait And See

  1. Stacy says:

    I leave for work when it’s still dark and it is astonishing to me how many people run across the *middle* of streets like Peachtree and Ponce, dressed in nothing but dark clothing. Like, suicide by stranger’s car? Is that what we’re going for here?

    Happy birthday, Hank! I’m assuming Hank, unless you have other bosses? Have him come out and join us again next week at trivia for a belated beer (or, heh heh, he can have my stanky 7&7).

    Speaking of, I’m off to the land of beer (and cheese!) in just a few short hours. Short hours that seem like LONG hours since I’m ready to jet! 🙂 Finishing up my last 20 minutes at the office — going in for a half day isn’t a big deal when you live close — and then I’m outta here. Let the vacation begin!

  2. To this guy’s credit he had a crosswalk, but I just never saw him, so that didn’t matter much.

    I wish that we’d stop enforcing “Pedestrians have the right of way” and start enforcing “Pedestrians have the right of way but should use some common sense when crossing a street regardless.”

    Have a great vacation, Stacy!

  3. Barb says:

    Have a fun vaction up north Stacy!!!

    Tell Hank happy birthday!

    So many people run in all dark clothes – it is amazing more aren’t hit really.
    Glad you only came close Paulie.

    I “got” to go to the airport last night to get Felicia – it was some ugly traffic – it should take 20 minutes or so on a good day, it took about 1 hour. And – I have realized I think of so many things to talk (or text) people about when I’m driving. Why don’t I think of these things when I”m bored at my desk?

  4. Steve says:

    Sorry, joggers in dark clothing at night have no right to give you the stink eye. Idiot.

    A crazy day at work yesterday followed by an awful drive home last night. Apparently, something large hit the wall, lost at least part of its load, and basically closed all the southbound lanes of 85 and pretty well screwed northbound as well. Add 1 hour to my normal commute.

    I’ve already had a report from Debbie that Zelda is being a bad girl by taking a dump in the house when the door is standing open! And then takes a piss when out in the mancave. WTF, O?


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