Ready For This Week To End

Blerg, it’s been a shitty week for me.

I did have a decent time hanging with my boss last night, and I was even a mensch and bought his dinner and beers. He’s apparently a cheap date.

This morning I woke and convinced myself to get on the trainer for ninety minutes. If not for the genetic skin problems that I have, which can make sitting on a bike saddle rather uncomfortable, it turned out to be the best thing I’ve done all week.

I’ve still not officially heard via email that I’ve been approved for Global Entry status but I have reason to believe that this has gone through. So much for “receiving an email within twenty-four hours”. I logged into my account on the Global Entry website and saw that my status was approved. I hope that this positive trend continues…

Tonight I’ll be going to my first Dinner Lab dinner. Yesterday I received an email disclosing the dinner’s location, which is just south of I-20 not far from West End mall. Interesting area, at least the email mentioned that their will be security in the parking lot. Perhaps this will also be my last Dinner Lab dinner.

With the exception of getting a haircut on Sunday afternoon the rest of my week is unplanned, and I’m very okay with that right now. Of course I’ll have to find some time to study German, because that seems to be another thing I’ve not been doing well enough this week.

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6 Responses to Ready For This Week To End

  1. Steve says:

    So what exactly is “Global Entry” and why do you need it?

    We had a fairly quiet evening. Made pizza using Pillsbury Pizza Dough (in a tube). Was disappointed in the quality. The Publix “do it yourself” dough is far superior.

    I did get a little suffering in, after doing a bit of lumber jacking- it was such a lovely afternoon, spending a long time on the trainer wasn’t happening. After the suffering, I put my bike in the car in preparation for a trip to the garage mahal this afternoon.

    Did we warn you that Zelda is coming with us?

    On tap tomorrow is work (!!) followed by the “We Fooled Them Again” Games wrap up party.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. For $100 I can get a 5 year membership to:
    – get TSA Pre-Check benefits
    – get to skip the customs line when returning to the US at an airport
    – get the ability to skip customs lines to at land borders of US/Mexico and US/Canada when returning to the US

    Considering I’m planning to go to Germany this year, Austria next year, and Canada at any time in the next five years it’s a good benefit for me to have.

    Think “Peach Pass” for the world! 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    I keep getting pre-checked and I don’t know how. Must have friends in high places. I just looked at the TSA website and tried to figure out my KTN (known traveler number) and they never heard of me.

  4. Without a KTN you are getting lucky with random selections performed by TSA.

  5. Barb says:

    Global Entry is worth it – if you fly much.

    and no Steve – you didn’t tellme Zelda is coming along.
    Does this mean we need to get TC to go & eat at our house?
    the backyard is fenced, so no biggie.

  6. Steve says:

    I think she can stay in the car… she just zones out and will be quite happy.

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