The M6 Is In Hospital

I dropped the M6 off today to get a final estimate on the work necessary to return it to a state it had prior to my stupidity. There was a bit of contention as the paperwork I was required to sign stated that I was approving the work to be done, but this was without a final estimate. I resolved the issue by giving an upper bound and a right of refusal if they provide an estimate that I feel is excessive.

The Third Time Is A Charm?
The other day I placed an order for shoelaces on Amazon. This is the third, and final, attempt at getting these laces, which at this point may cost me as much as the shoes in which they will be fitted.

The first attempt was never delivered to my office by the post office. The post office sent the laces back after failing to complete their job correctly.

The second purchase was delivered to my house. Upon opening the package I realized that I screwed up and ordered the wrong length.

I’ll have to wait and see how this third order goes.

Hoping For Better Health
I was a slacker this morning in part because I am not feeling 100%. I’m hoping for an improvement in health because I am supposed to see “Start Down” at Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre tonight. Due to my lack of auto, assuming that I let the collision center keep the M6 to perform the repairs, I assume that I will MARTA to Woodruff Arts to see the show, MARTA closer to home after the play, and then Uber from MARTA to home.

The weather and my health may also conspire against me tomorrow and Friday causing me to Uber/MARTA to and from work instead of considering riding my bicycle.

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6 Responses to The M6 Is In Hospital

  1. Steve says:

    I hope the M6 is better soon. It’s a PITA not to have a car- even in the city.

    We ran errands and generally ran around yesterday. Janie is expanding her land holdings. They found out the land next door, which holds many of the trails they ride, was for sale. They have all but purchased it, to basically double their land to 45 acres or so. I sure hope it’s zoned agriculture, as that is all in Fulton County.

    I rode one of my new Sufferfest videos last night. A nice LSD in the French Alps. One of the roads they close to cars every Friday during the summer so the bikes can ride in peace. Sign me up for that!!

    And now it appears I’ll be working a bit on Saturday! Oh joy.


  2. Stacy says:

    Do you have a monthly MARTA pass? Because if not, it might actually be just as cheap to Uber all the way home (and no annoying waiting on train time).

    I’m with you, Steve: it’s a pain not to have a car. It’s weird, because many weekends I don’t even move mine…but just having it there and the capability of moving it should I want to is a comfort.

    What the heck happened to our Springtime out there?

  3. I don’t have a monthly pass, but I have an account into which I’ve had put money in for transit years ago so I will probably just eat that balance up first.

    If I can make it to the show tonight I may consider Uber (or Lyft, Stacy do you have a code to give a first-timer?) from midtown to home.

  4. Stacy says:

    Oooh, I do! I just sent it to your email. 🙂

  5. Barb says:

    Trying to work – ready to be on vacation – leaving here at 2:30 to head to the airport!!!
    I’ll try to check in from CA – but we will see if I remember (we will be tasting a whole lot of wine)

    Interesting on Janie & Michael finding more land to buy – that’s great. I really need to bug her about getting together.

    Good luck on being carless – I’m sure you can figure it all out.

  6. Steve says:

    From her description, the land would be fairly unusable as a development, as there is some sort of “ravine” that would take some engineering to cross. Their riding trails are all through it and the other property behind it is owned by the folks that own the airport (single strip runway on 29.)

    Have fun in Cali!

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