Lyfting My Spirit

Thanks to ITP-Reader Stacy I am tooling around with Lyft using some $5 discount codes. I took a ride from Woodruff Arts all the way home last night, and this morning I took a ride from home to the Edgewood / Candler Park MARTA station.

The diagnosis for the M6 is a $1900 repair (ouch) that should be completed by early next week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the collision repair center to which I’ve taken it, which was recommended to me by my insurance company, does quality work and that once repaired I can start forgetting about the incident (as much as humanly possible).

The play I saw last night was good, but nothing that I’d recommend for you to rush out and see. Basically it was about a tech nerd who wants to revolutionize the education system via software and in the process nearly loses his best friends, and loses his fiancee; the women happen to be teachers that are affected by his creations. Not exactly spirit-lifting theatre.

Tonight I plan to MARTA into Inman park and then either walk or Lyft to Cameli’s for team trivia, depending on the amount of rain which is predicted of fall tonight. From trivia I will take a Lyft home.

I was planning to attempt to ride my bike to work tomorrow, but looking at the predicted morning temperatures I am certain that will not happen. Instead I hope to finally get back onto the trainer, I’ve been a slacker since Sunday, and watch the final two episodes of Season 4 of The Amazing Race while I pedal for ninety minutes.

Time to try and knock out some work problems…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Lyfting My Spirit

  1. Steve says:

    I fired up my most recently purchased Sufferfest video last night- “Power Station”, 5 minutes of warm up, 11 low RPM climbing intervals and 5 minutes of cool down. A very compact workout that kicked my a$$. I was glad to get through it and can feel it this morning. When I came back in the house, Debbie said it looked like I had enjoyed myself as I was soaked!

    And except for serving dessert, I was done for the evening.

    I did review the Cat C officials seminar that “we” are rewriting and was pleased that I could answer all the test questions!!

    What does everyone’s weekend look like?


  2. On Saturday I will be joining ITP-Reader Stacy and Aron for the Atlanta Brunch Festival in Old 4th Ward; it runs from 12-5.

    Sunday is open, though I will be without automobile still most likely. I *may* attempt a road ride from the ITP Estate.

  3. Steve says:

    Saturday, after a brief stop in the office to swap a card, I’ll be meeting my old HS friends for a “reunion” of sorts at Irish Bred Pub in Hapeville. This was the previously scheduled event that was “snowed out” back in January.

    Sunday, I don’t have any plans except some lumber jacking. And maybe a bike ride.

  4. Stacy says:

    Yay for trivia! Game on!

    I started the day at the hospital — just a normal check-up, nothing to be concerned about, but still an annoying way to start the day. I’m used to getting into work at such a time I get a great parking spot. I had to park on the top of the garage today. BOO! 🙁

    Yep, yep. Major first world problems going on up in there.

    Looking forward to the festival and it’s looking like decent weather so far! Aron and I are planning to meet early (10ish) and walk the Beltline before the event. You know, at least get some steps in before we gorge on food and drink. If you care to join us, let me know! We can meet you out there (assuming you may ride your bike to this).

    Sunday I’m planning on the Civil Rights Museum. It’s one of the museums that’s free the first weekend of the month for Bank of America customers and I have yet to visit it.

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