Unlike The Old Days

Long gone are the days at work that aren’t packed with chaotic activity.

My New Show
I’ve started purchasing and watching Horace and Pete; each episode is priced from $2-$5.

Your immediate thought might be “Louis CK, that must be a comedy” but you’d be wrong. The show is about Horace, who returns after his father’s death to run the bar “Horace and Pete’s” with his uncle Pete. Horace is the ninth (if I remember correctly) Horace in his family’s lineage and the bar has been open as “Horace and Pete’s” for one hundred years. Again, not a comedy.

I am enjoying the hell out of it, but as a point of reference remember that my favorite movie of all time is Glengarry Glen Ross.

Now let me tell you who has recurring roles in this series:
Louis CK (as you’d expect)
Steve Buscemi
Alan Alda
Jessica Lange
Edie Falco
and there have been guest appearances by others who you’d recognize.

That’s a pretty power-packed lineup of actors and actresses (I’m old, I still use “actress”) for an independent series being sold commercial-free on the internet.

I applaud CK (if that’s the proper way to address him) for taking this leap. It’s been well-worth the $19 I’ve spent on the series thus far.

Back In The M6
Things didn’t go as smoothly yesterday as I’d hoped. As I mentioned the work is satisfactory, but I guess that I got what I paid for. I was further frustrated when the tried to run my AmEx for the bill but couldn’t, I had to use my Visa instead. Then, they gave me the wrong receipt, and never could get the correct receipt to print out. I did get a proof of payment, however. Finally when I went to get into my car I discovered that the key fob wasn’t working. Apparently they disconnected the battery and failed to repair the fob with the car.

With my physical penance paid, there will be mental scars for some time, I am ready to move on.

Then There Is LEAF
Yesterday I was updating my calendar and realized that I never blocked off the weekend in May for LEAF. After looking up the dates I decided that I should probably go ahead and print out my ticket for the upcoming festival. It was then I discovered that I had no ticket. I had placed an order in January, but the receipt that I saw contained only a $6 processing charge. In my defense, if I have one at all, LEAF’s ordering process is annoying. First you place an order online. Then you get an email telling you that you will get an email confirmation of purchase. Then you get that email and within this email it tells you that you will get an email containing your ticket within 48 hours, and to check your spam folder if you don’t see anything.

Let’s just say that I’ve been a bit too busy to dot all of the “i”s and cross all of the “t”s and didn’t realize that LEAF happily checked me out with an empty shopping cart, charging me only the $6 for the pleasure of doing business with them.

I played phone tag with someone in Asheville yesterday, I am hoping to get this matter cleared up today. Yeesh!

Tonight I’ll Get Toxic
Now that I have a car again I can return to going where ever I please whenever I please. Tonight I will headed to Horizon Theatre for their performance of “The Toxic Avenger”. If all goes as I expect I will be working later than I care to and drive straight to the theatre from work.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Unlike The Old Days

  1. Steve says:

    So did they re-pair the key fob to the lock system?

    It was a late night as there was a Games meeting last night. I also had lunch with a friend on the committee, and she gave me an EAR FULL about how she doesn’t like a bunch of things. Her nose gets easily out of joint, so I’m not worried- I have more important things to worry about.

    We will be marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday. We certainly aren’t Irish, we always support out Celtic brothers and sisters- it’s a good time.

    Debbie is off hunting this morning and is supplying the “breakfast” of pork shoulder, mac and cheese and brownies. She said all the spare beer comes home to me!! I’m a lucky guy.


  2. Yeah, they re-paired it before I left the shop.

  3. Things looking up a wee little bit. I contacted LEAF and was able to secure the last camping spot and a ticket at January’s price. I guess being a regular has its benefits…

  4. Barb says:

    I love coming back to work after vacation (note – we really do need a sarcasm font)

    flight was on time -but getting back at 10pm sucked, since our body clocks had just about adjusted to west coast time, so getting to sleep wasn’t that easy & waking up this morning was tough.

    AND – it looks like our DVR decided to bite the dust while we were gone – turned on the TV & there was just a big red X. I need to call U-Verse to troubleshoot, but what I have read on the internets – I think all the recordings are lost – I will be very bummed about that.

  5. Randy says:

    So glad you were able to get into LEAF. It would have been weird sneaking you in under our camping gear…

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