Only Fools Fall In Love

And I am no fool, obviously.

March 31
Last night I changed my plan upon leaving work around 5:30pm. Earlier in the day I read the plot of the play which I was supposed to see last night and it didn’t tickle my fancy. Here is what I read

Ethel is a glimpse into the magnificent and very complicated life of legendary stage and film star Ethel Waters. A versatile actress who epitomized the glamour of Black Vaudeville while successfully and lucratively crossing over into traditionally white performance venues, Waters inspired directors and singers and song writers with her talent and versatility. Waters was the first to record “Stormy Weather,” later starring in the remarkable Cabin in the Sky. Atlanta’s own Terry Burrell brings this amazing performer to life in a one woman play with music, band, and the larger-than-life wit of Ethel Waters.

I’m not saying that this play would never appeal to me, but it certainly didn’t last night.

Instead I did what I do best, I went to a bar.

As fortune would have it I ran into my boss as we were both walking to our cars and convinced him to join me for a trip over to Brass Tap Beer Bar, which has quickly become my bar of choice for waiting out traffic.

April 1
I’ve already failed my first two tests for today, I forgot to weigh myself this morning, and I did not get out of the house early.

My failure on the second account caused me grief by having to fight, not literally, people at QT in order to fill the M6 with gas this morning.

I need to leave the office at a reasonable time tonight because I am headed to Horizon Theatre for the opening night of “Sex with Strangers”.

If I can manage to get to an Apple Store today I plan to buy a new iPhone, the iPhone 5se. No fooling.

Given that it’s April Fools Day I thought about going back on my promise and inserting text describing a photo that would never appear, but that would be cruel and I would have had to explain my action.

April 2-3
This weekend I will remain at home. I need to do a shitload of yard work, as the rain and warmer weather have triggered growth.

I may try to get a bike ride in on one of the two days, though depending on the temperatures predicted I may put the bike back onto the trainer.

This weekend I will also try to force myself to cook dinner at home, consuming things that are already in my pantry. Check back on Monday to see how successful I was, or was not as the case may be.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Only Fools Fall In Love

  1. I feel that I had so much more to say today, but cannot recall what it was.

  2. Barb says:

    Allan got most of his electrical sort of kind of hooked up yesterday- I think we can call the inspector again soon to get the next sticker.

    Next weekend 4/9 & 10 will be install the roof – anyone bored that wants to learn & help – feel free to volunteer.

    Tonight I think we are smoking some ribs on the Egg – since its Allan’s birhtday tomorrow & he works – figured we’d make a decent dinner. Was trying to come up with something for Sunday – but he said we are going to Black Sheep, so that will be our day.

    And – yes Steve – I know its been almost a year since we went ot the Masters & still haven’t uploaded the pictures………

  3. Stacy says:

    That play doesn’t appeal to me at all and I have no problem saying that. I got a postcard about “Sex with Strangers” though and that looks really funny. I’ll be interested in your review.

    Speaking of drama though…. last night/this morning was all about drama for me. My downstairs neighbor (who has been a friend for 4 years) started slipping cryptic messages under my door last night and then blowing up my FB messages asking me to give him his phone back. Had no clue what he was talking about so had a talk with him last night to which he came to the conclusion that he perhaps left it at the restaurant where he worked instead, but SO WEIRD because I still have no idea why he would think I had his phone in the first place.

    I thought all was fine until this morning he messaged me again saying he knows that his friends Marie and Robert and I — one of us HAS to have it, since we were all together up in my apartment when it went missing and we better give it back to him (For the record: I haven’t a bloody clue who Marie and Robert even are, let alone have anyone up in my apartment!). So I came to the conclusion that he must be on some bad drugs. I don’t know how else to explain such irrational behavior from someone I’ve known for 4 years to never act. And I do know he occasionally partakes of a smoke or some pills, so it’s not out of the question he got something bad.

    It wasn’t such a big deal until, after telling him again that I had no clue who Marie or Robert were, got a message reading: “I will come up there now and beat your ass.” He then heard me leaving for work and came out and tried to block my way to the door. I’m definitely not afraid of him (he’s a slight-built effeminate man I could hold my own with if it came to it) and just calmly said: “don’t you dare put your hands on me” (and he said of course not, and didn’t even try so there’s that) and “get the hell away from the door; I’m going to work.” Which I did, him still yelling after me about how messed up I was (???).

    In the meantime, I’m trying to decide how to handle this. He’s been down on his luck, out of work for a while (just started a new gig last week), recently diagnosed with HIV, a lot of crap going on. I don’t want to get him in trouble with the landlord — like, he really has been a friend for years — but dang if this ain’t some major BS. Like, really weird stuff going on.

    So Act 2 should be interesting: I’m guessing it’ll happen when he DOES find his phone. We’ll see!

  4. Barb says:

    wow Stacy – just wow.
    I was seriously thinking he thought he was messaging some one else, like he has another friend named Stacy? But -when he met you at your door this morning, well, that blows that theory out of the water.

  5. Hmmm, Black Sheep. Perhaps I should make good on my “reconnect with friends” plan and go to Black Sheep on Sunday….

    Wow, Stacy. Just wow! I applaud your desire not to get him in trouble with the landlord but please continue to look out for your own safety first.

    I will have a writeup about “Sex with Strangers”, and perhaps a hash trash on Monday!

  6. LOL! LOL! Barb, I wrote my comment before seeing yours! Great minds think alike. 🙂

    And here’s a bit of levity. I signed up for a German podcast subscriptions called “Slow German”. Unfortunately my receipt and the instructions for logging into the account are in German, so I’ll have to translate them before I can start listening to the podcast to learn German. 🙂

  7. Stacy says:

    I think that’s sort of partly why I told y’all the drama here. Oh, and I have the cryptic notes and of course the FB messages should anything go down…. let’s hope not. But if I happen to go missing (not unlike the phone ayuk ayuk), y’all might know why.

    Thankfully already have some decent plans lined up for the weekend. Getting new tires for the car this afternoon — and then Aron and I are gonna tool around down South Georgia all day tomorrow. It’s his birthday today so we’re gonna just go road trip to celebrate. He’s never been to Andersonville and I love that place, so we’re going there, but I have some other hokey places in mind as well, and we’re just gonna stop at little mom and pop restaurants and coffee houses and stuff. Get into the REAL Deep South. There WILL be pictures! 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    I thought I was being April Fooled by the chief referee for the weekend when she reported she had the flu and would not be coming. Sadly, it was no joke and after a call from the tech director, I’ve been promoted to chief! I’ve spent the morning doing all the preparatory paperwork for the weekend. yippee.

    Stacy, that sounds a bit too creepy for me. Please be careful.

    Barb, I might be available next weekend and I have metal roofing experience!!

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  9. Debbie says:

    Stacy, it sounds like he might have some mental health issues going on. Please be careful with your interactions. Hopefully he doesn’t crash too hard and gets back to normal soon.

    I’m home alone for the weekend – while the “chief” is away, I shall play! Likely a typical weekend of horse shenanigans with the added bonus of managing a tack sale on Sunday. I’ve got to quit volunteering for things!

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