Well That’s Frustrating

I stopped at Target this morning to get one thing. I know your now thinking “Here’s where Paulie says he got so many other things and forgot the one thing that he was supposed to buy.” WRONG! 🙂

In addition to all of the other goodies I picked up at Target, in my basked was the package of taco/tortilla shells which was the one item that I wanted to get for my lunch today. There are so many choices in the tacos/tortillas market today that I was overwhelmed and settled for the Mission brand, 8 count of “fluffy” tortillas. When I arrived and scanned the package at the self-checkout the package rang up as $4.49. $4.49?!?!? For eight discs of flour, lard, and water? Hell no! So I canceled the one item and bought the rest of the things that I had already scanned.

And that is how I am now without the one item that I stopped at Target to buy this morning for today’s lunch.

Looks as if I will be eating my rice, beans, and salsa in a bowl. Dangen!

I Rode On The Road
While not breaking any land-speed records I managed a 26-mile ride last evening. The wind was gusting and my fat was nearly busting out of my kit, but I did it. For the most part my knee behaved itself, any discomfort it had was not related to the rear-of-knee pain I’ve been suffering since raising my saddle too high. This morning I have a slight discomfort behind the knee, more like at the top of my calf, but I feel that this is to be expected.

With plans in place for tonight and tomorrow, I have theater tickets for each night, I will not be riding again until Saturday at earliest. And given the weather forecast that I am seeing — low in the mid-40s, high in the mid-60s — I may wind up doing that indoors.

Q1 Is Coming To A Close!
March 31st, the end of the first quarter of the year. Will March leave us like a lamb? Probably not if that weather forecast is correct.

I’ll grade my Q1 as a “B”. The quarter started off strong with me riding the trainer often and “catching up” on the early seasons of The Amazing Race. I encountered a Speed Bump by injuring my knee, but as I mentioned earlier I was able to ride mostly pain-free last night and am only experiencing slight discomfort this morning.

I failed at a few personal tasks — using my sous vide doohickey, getting things up to eBay for sale, damaging the M6, repairing any of the problems with my house. However, I did manage a few wins — reconnecting with friends and doing some photography, getting my income taxes done, repairing the M6.

I look forward to Q2, in which I will be laying foundation for a life change, and returning to Germany!

Laying The Foundation
In the mail yesterday I received this book.

Time For A Change

The reception of the book was not a surprise as I had ordered it from Amazon recently. Over the next month I will be spending whatever free time that I have working through the book and finally starting to learn Apple’s now-two-year-old language Swift. I call it “planning for the future”.

Tomorrow Is April Fool’s Day
Or will it be “April Fools’ Day”? I guess that it doesn’t matter.

What I guarantee you tomorrow is 100% truthful blogging, unlike that year I posted this.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Well That’s Frustrating

  1. Barb says:

    Speaking of Amazing Race – and old hasher friend Party Hats was on an airplane with Bethany Hamilton a day or so ago (remember 1 armed surfer girl?) She was with her husband (so, I guess they got married) & had a small baby. I told her to ask her about how the Race was in real life, without editing, but she didn’t.

    I buy tortillas at the cheap bread store – day old ones are $1. ($4.49 is crazy)

    I went to Roswell to get some exercise (as in wander some neighborhoods) with Felicia last night, then ended up staying for dinner at the friends she is staying with this week. Fredda has a bunch of wine that is getting old (they never drink wine) so I had a 2001 Cab from Napa Valley with my chicken. It was pretty tasty, I’m trying to be helpful………… hahahahaha

  2. Steve says:

    Congratulations on riding pain free- now, don’t go screwing around with saddle height without some guidance.

    You bought the fluffy tacos? That’s your problem right there.

    We went to dinner last night at a previous life gas station, now called RPM (get it?) where it was open mic night. Sadly, one of the guys had problems keeping the beat, and the key, but he was LOUD, which only added to the enjoyment.

    While Debbie had wings, I ordered the “fish” and chips. Not a filet or 2, but a couple of pieces about half the size of my fist. No doubt hand battered on site, but the appearance was odd. Tasted fine though.

    Tonight, pack for my first big race in a while in lovely Anniston. I’ll be working in the pit Saturday (with TJ, I hear) and as a Comm for the road race Sunday. Oh boy, bumper cars with the pros!


  3. Steve says:

    Barb, you’re such a giver!

    And one other thing. On my MARTA ride in this morning, my car is pretty empty, except for the regulars I ride with (another story). Today had about a dozen college types who were on their way to GT for a swim meet. We chatted and I helped them find their way at Midtown station. Very well mannered- of course, from Utah, I would expect nothing less. And I just happened to be wearing my Tour of Utah shirt, so that was a hit.

  4. That’s cool Barb, both the Party Hats story and the wine drinking. 🙂

    The package called them “fluffy” I just wanted flour tortillas.

    Will not be changing anything on the bike anytime soon. Because my coworker and I followed another Wednesday night regular we added about three extra miles and one long hill climb to our route. The climb up is the same road that I routinely rode down last year. I always wondered how painful it would be in the other direction, last night I found out. (spoiler alert: it SUCKED!)

  5. Stacy says:

    I must’ve missed last year’s post but you got me with it this year….was just fixin’ to ask if you had ever called her. 🙁 Dude.

    But yay for your Q1! Let’s make some more photog happen in Q2!

    Tonight I have an ex-pat friend back in town for a visit so a bunch of us are going to dinner. She and a mutual friend are attending a performance at the Fox tonight, so dinner is conveniently located on Peachtree Street (convenient for my walking little legs, that is!). Tomorrow I’ll be taking a half day in the afternoon to run some errands, replace two tires on my car. Boss said to just stay available by phone and I won’t have to use PTO. Nice. 🙂

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    If you want your mind blown I will tell you that that fake post was from 2005!

  7. Barb says:

    nice boss Stacy!

  8. Barb says:

    as I read your fake post & the replies – it was the day before Muscle Mountain Mania…… that was fun, even thought it was cold as hell.

  9. Stacy says:

    OH, haha! I thought it said 2015 not 2005.

    And Barb: right? It’s nice to have a boss who appreciates that you do put in extra time sometimes so isn’t gonna nickle and dime you for PTO minutes.

    Paulie – do you realize we’re still getting error messages when we comment? I’m not sure why, but it bugs the living bejeebers out of me. (Though not enough to stop commenting haha) Why is it happening again? I’m seriously curious.

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I see the same error message. I am not a strong enough web developer to fix it.

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