Lowest Common Denominator

Saturday and Sunday shared many things, mostly involving not doing the desired events.

But first on Friday evening I got a haircut. I look as good as this fifty-year-old can.

On Cycling
I rode neither day. Boo!!! Hiss!!! (I have the bike with me in hopes of getting a ride in this afternoon if it doesn’t rain.)

On Saturday I was super-nervous about my German exam and spent the entire morning cramming for it. Sadly I don’t think my last-minute efforts helped much and I may have actually failed it. In time I will get the results, until then I keep trying to put it out of my mind.

On Sunday I just couldn’t get the gumption up to go out in the morning. I knew that I had housework to do (more on this in a second) and that gave me the out I needed to not ride.

I should continually remind myself of the riding commitments I have made in the upcoming months…

On Theatre
After my horrible exam experience I joined the two other test-takers, also classmates of mine, for a post-test beer at Tap. We had one beer there because we three were also going to meet up again at a housewarming party thrown by another of our classmates on Saturday afternoon. The party was fun, but much like I do at most parties I hung with the people I knew and didn’t branch out to converse with others. I’ll blame the brain drain caused by the exam…

But wait, you entitled this section “On Theatre”. As I mentioned in Friday’s blog I had a ticket for a play at Theatrical Outfit on Saturday night. After the party I was worn out and would have had to rush into downtown in order to make it to the play’s start. I was on the fence about seeing this play anyway given that it is a musical, and it was an easy decision to skip it outright when I remembered that the Sweetwater 420 Festival was happening in Centennial Park and that I wouldn’t want to have to deal with traffic, parking, etc.

On Housework
With no play occupying my time I puttered around the house on Saturday night, mostly identifying the things that I wanted to accomplish on Sunday. There were camping, and riding gear, to organize, as well as put away. There were computer tasks such as backing up data to perform. Dirty dishes? Yep. Ooh, and the grass, um weeds, were getting tall…

On Sunday instead of riding I set out to perform the tasks mentioned above. Prior to going out to get lunch (more on this in a second) I had boxed up my camping gear, washed the dirty dishes, and made progress organizing my cycling gear. Shortly after returning from eating lunch I fired up the lawnmower and knocked back all of the grass and weeds. It was a good thing I mowed my lawn because I saw my that my neighbor had started doing the same thing, lest I be the slob on the street. I considered putting my bike into the trainer and spinning for awhile after mowing, but quickly banished that thought from my head.

On Food
I ate lunch out on Saturday and Sunday.

About an hour prior to my German exam I stopped into the Edgewood Retail District 5 Guys and had a burger and fries. I considered eating a much fancier burger at Fred’s Meat & Bread but decided to save some money, although my 5 Guys meal did manage to ring up to $13 some how.

On Sunday I was bothered about what I should eat for lunch. My first idea was to wait until 12:30pm so that I could legally order beer with lunch. I succeeded to wait out the Georgia Blue Laws, and then proceeded to go somewhere that didn’t serve beer. Heh. With no other plan than to avoid Mexican, a cuisine I’d eat enough of recently, I pointed the M6 award Decatur thinking that I could eat/drink at Twain’s and then perhaps see if Revival’s new Biergarten “Communion” was open. Instead I wound up at the Chinese buffet on Dekalb Industrial. Why? Because I had a hankering for greasy, cheap, Chinese buffet…

Sometimes even a snob like me will pick the mass-produced over the locally sourced.

On Studying
I did manage to study things on both days.

As I mentioned on Saturday morning I crammed for the exam. Even if it didn’t help me pass the exam I still learned German for the long run. And as I keep reminding myself, I’m in this for the long run.

On Sunday I read the user’s manual for my Nikon V1 mirrorless camera. I’ve had this camera for going on three (four?) years and still don’t shoot it well, so I broke down and RTFM. Starting on May 1 I will be undertaking a Shot-a-Day-in-May project, mostly in order to prepare myself for my trip to Germany in June. I plan to take this camera with me to Europe again since it’s smaller and lighter than my Nikon D300 DSLR. I also managed to find the time to watch the first class of this Spring’s Stanford CS193p course, which was published to iTunes U last week. This class is taught using Swift, the language I hate but should learn to improve my employability, so I’ve tasked myself to watching the course. An afternoon nap and insomnia kept me up late last night, and in doing so I watched almost an entire episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, an episode from 1993, using the PlutoTV app on my iPad. Hey, I did make it to a theater after all!

Hope your weekend was spectacular!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Lowest Common Denominator

  1. Stacy says:

    MST3K…ah. I remember that show. 🙂 I came to it much later in life (as I did with much of my science fiction love) when a friend gave me a VHS copy of an episode where, well, let’s just say you can watch this clip right here and know immediately why I instantly became a fan:


    There used to be a little theater on the Georgia Tech campus where some local comedians used to do their own version of the show. Went on a date there once where they did “Days of Thunder” (that Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman movie) and I swear I never laughed so hard in my life. I don’t think the theater is still open and I’m not sure if the group is still around. Good times, though. Good times.

  2. Barb says:

    I got no bike riding in either.

    Spent the day Saturday with a friend & her siblings at Black Rock Mountain for a hike. It was a gorgeous day, but a long drive for just the day. We did stop at Goats on the Roof – totally hilarious roadside attraction (mainly for kids)- with lots of goats climbing around the building.

    Then went to a new-ish restaurant in Roswell called Fish Camp. Pretty tasty seafood – they go down to the gulf twice a week so everything they serve is fresh.

    Sunday we did yard work & that sort of boring stuff.

  3. steve says:

    I managed 25 very windy miles on Saturday. The wind was from an odd drection and I had to ride North to begin, which caused me to ride up Highway 54 into sort of the old neighborhood. I went to go find the dog that I used to sprint against and I looked in his yard and didn’t see him finally he was across the street having a little snack on a deer carcass and I yelled at him any finally started to chase me.

    Sunday we did a few chores and then went to an open bar, think open house, around the corner with our friendly and Megan. She raises a particular breed of Irish horse and they have recently had foals as well as they have a new mini donkey named Flapjack.

    Today is more chores including cleaning the bedroom carpet which was again defiled last night by a certain puppy who shall remain Zelda.


  4. I’ve been thinking that it’s just been my opinion but has it been windier this Spring in comparison to previous springs?

  5. Barb says:

    I does seem like its been really windy – guess we can blame that on global warming too.

  6. “Global Winding” — you heard it here first.

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