A Fun, Fattening Weekend

It’s Monday morning and I am rolling around like an overstuffed sausage. Whew wee did I eat and drink a lot this weekend.

On Friday evening I hung out at Brew House in L5P.

I started my Saturday by dragging my big-ass barbecue grill to the curb. I haven’t used it in a few years, so I figured it would be give it away. I wasn’t surprised that the barbecue grill was gone by the time I left my house later that morning.

I then met up with Tamara, Dejie, and Angie and we went up to the Inman Park Festival together. After walking around a bit we found a spot to watch the parade, and then we did a lot more walking.

Seriously, I think the only reason that I didn’t explode this weekend was that I walked quite a lot.

I saw many cool artsy things I’d like to own, but my desire to downsize and stop spending money kept me in check.

During the day Saturday I ran into many hashers, some partaking in the parade, some while eating, and a couple working booths. At one point I even think that I saw ITP-Reader Jenka in the crowds but she was too far away for me to positively identify.

And crowds of people there were…

On Saturday night Tamara and I ate dinner at Mezcalitos near Oakland Cemetery. Originally I wanted to eat at Mi Barrio but their parking lot was full, so I figured our eating experience would be better at Mezcalitos. That was correct until the skies opened and thirty-ish people raced in from the outdoor patio and nearly surrounded our table.

On Sunday I met up with Tamara and Sandy at the festival. Unlike Saturday the skies opened early in the afternoon. At that time we were listening to music and while the small table umbrella did all it could to save us, we got a little wet.

The rain did wonders to scare off many people on Sunday, so once it passed the wandering was much more enjoyable.

For dinner last night we stopped for some expensive drinks at The Luminary, before eating at Superica. Even though I am a fan of former cheftestant Eli Kirshtein, owner of The Luminary, I’d sooner go back to Superica.

We finished my time with Tamara the way I started it, with beers at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club.

I didn’t step on the scale this morning – I don’t want to know how fat I am today.

In addition to trying to right the ship tonight I will be studying German, and doing homework, in preparation for tomorrow’s class.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    More interesting tidbits from this weekend will be in tomorrow’s blog post I just didn’t have time to include it all today..

  2. Stacy says:

    Fun weekend all around here, too. Saturday, after discovering it was only a little over 3 miles away, I decided to walk up to the Howell Mill Food Truck Park to lunch with the Zoner group, and afterwards we went to Red Brick Brewing to sample (we all had a free pass). OMGosh, I think we were all just in fabulous moods because I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Took a free Lyft home just before the storms. Perfect timing.

    Sunday was a friend’s birthday (69RPM was her name in the hash) so we hung out on her porch with snacks and mimosas, bloody marys, margaritas and liquid marijuana. All of which went down VERY well. We had to laugh at the weather: when the downpour was happening at 1pm, the app was reporting sun. And when we were supposed to have a deluge at 3pm, there was barely a cloud in the sky.

    In “Nobody Asked” issues, I had some toilet drama this weekend. Saturday evening, it stopped wanting to flush (called the landlord: he was over in 5 minutes). Last night had the opposite problem and it didn’t want to stop flushing (called the landlord: he was over in 5 minutes). Just had to replace a part, so it’s all good now. All I could think of at 11pm last night though was: phew! Glad I have a landlord to come take care of this.

    And because of this, I’ve decided I need to marry a plumber. Either that or an auto technician, or a veterinarian. Time to sign up for eHarmony and start searching by occupation! (hahahaha, no, I don’t think you can actually do that.)

  3. Barb says:

    weekend was fun over all.
    Saturday I had to stay near home as I was “on call” for work until 3pm, didn’t have to do too much actual work, just be available. Easy 7 hours of OT pay. Got a little painting done that needed to happen in the mud room, did some quick errands near the house, got some more yard work done.

    Sunday we went to Black Sheep, I don’t know what I was thinking, actually doing trail. It never crossed a single road, and a whole lot of it was creek crossings & a lot of swamp with at least knee deep shoe sucking mud. And – of course it rained, which made the toilet paper basically disappear. Robin & I made it about 4 miles when we totally lost trail. We heard some cars – so headed thru the swamp toward the sound of a road. Called Sani to come rescue us. We were a sight to see, 2 muddy girls sitting on a curb with a bottle of tequila. (it was Stinko de Mayo – we figued we were last, we cleaned up the shot stop). And – we were out in Dacula area, so we did get honked at more htan a few times.
    I told Robin we might meet the man of her dreams this way.

    Stacy – what an awesome idea for a sub group of the eHarmony website -search by profession!!! And – after the fun we’ve been having with the electrical for the shed, I see why those guys make so much money.

  4. Wow, some amazing weekends! Stacy, I wonder if your Saturday night issue was related to the water outage in the City of Atlanta. Because of the “boil water advisory” we couldn’t get water at The Luminary, though they had no problem charging us $6 for a 32-ounce bottle of water. Harrumph!

    I failed to mention that I took the M6 in for routine service this morning. I just made it into the office.

  5. steve says:

    A fun-filled day Saturday at the Rolex. Accept the rain it was a good crowd and exciting to watch the horses at full speed over jumps and whatnot. Sunday’s drive home was uneventful until 7:30 or so until Zelda decided to run under the utility trailer and slice herself open between her shoulder blades. Off to the ER vet Waco in Fayetteville and the first proposal was $1,000 to repair and Stitch up after some communication and renegotiation we came up with $500 or so and that was 40 Staples holding her back together the cut was approximately 8 inches across your shoulder blades. She’s already been looked at by our vet and except for the possibility of needing a drain she’s doing pretty good. Brownie is either showing his excitement that we are home or showing his displeasure that we were gone so long as he has taken all of the barn tools, buckets and the muck cart and decorated the back of the barn with.

    My cyber security class has three people in it so when I arrived fifteen minutes late after my 2-hour commute this morning it was conspicuous.


  6. Barb says:

    oh yeah – Steve is in my neighborhood this week.
    I can meet anyday- or hell, everyday practically for lunch.
    Allan may even be able to join if it is 1230 or so tomorrow, and any time on Wed.

  7. steve says:

    Today was 11:30, but noon is supposed to be the norm. It might have to be on the fly. I’ll aim for Wednesday.

  8. Jenka says:

    Yep, it was probably me. I went to the festival both days. We had people over beforehand on Saturday, walked to the festival, then people came over afterwards. It was a REALLY LONG day. Sunday we went, just us and Finn, and that was much more enjoyable (and cooler).

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