Breakfasting Bad

Morning! Even after staying awake until 1:00am last night, this morning, I was in the shower and out of the house shortly after 6:15am. Gee, I sure hope that I packed everything…

The plan was to stop by the office to do a quick data backup and download some recorded tv to my iPad before starting today’s journey. I got one of these done; the tv downloading failed because the office Internet was fucked again.

I’m currently on the road, somewhere near Lavonia (?) being very bad by eating breakfast at Shoney’s. I am consuming enough calories to last me well into the afternoon when I expect to snack on beer and orange food at LEAF. Dinner will be something from a vendor there.

Depending on the estimated arrival time of the Raleigh Royality I may even go on a little walkabout after setting up my tent.

As you do when you travel these parts I am waiting until I cross into South Carolina before filling up the M6 with gas. If I have played my cards right I may save enough money to cover the tip that I will leave when I am finished stuffing my gullet.

If the weather folks are correct with their predictions for this weekend those of us in Black Mountain, as well as those of you reading in Atlanta, should have a spectacular weather weekend. Let’s hope so. Regardless I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Write at you all again on Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Breakfasting Bad

  1. steve says:

    The skies opened up last night- glad I had the good sense not to be on the road, but instead did a little sweat session in the man cave when the thunderclap brought Brownie inside. The rain was near deafening on the metal roof.

    I believe the weather had an effect on the Internet at the house last night as well as we had a bit here and there, but not the normal signal. The satellite TV was only slightly impacted in the heavy rain.

    Sleazy Rider (Terri) will be arriving this afternoon for a “race” tomorrow at Bear Creek- I believe the 8 hour “fun run” variety.

    Our best to the Raleigh Royalty and have a great weekend.


  2. Barb says:

    We are going to a “new” bar tonight – the Lucky Duck Dive bar – its where Kryptonite was next door to do Tasty China.
    Some Parrothead band is playing, and since its so close, I have no excuses not to go.
    But – we are NOT eating at Tasty China first -we are going to have happy hour on the deck first.

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