The Windiest Year Ever!

Historians won’t credit my assertion when they prove that 2016 was the windiest year in recorded history.

Or not.

It was perhaps the windiest LEAF that I have ever attended, with gusts knocking over poorly-secured tents and pavilions, making it downright chilly at times.

As always much fun was had, and I am suffering the affects of grass, dust, and chill, allergies today; most noticeably my nose is running like a leaky faucet.

My commute home wasn’t the greatest, lasting at least an hour longer than the one performed by the Raleigh Royalty. I encountered an accident on I-64, and two slowdowns on I-85, before pulling off for dinner and then taking back roads to get me to 316.

After taking a shower, my first since Friday, I nestled into bed for an all-too-short sleep.

Shitty Photo Taker
I think I’ve lost the talent for taking photos, especially with an iPhone. I tried to shoot things on a couple of occasions but am not satisfied with the outcome.

At one point I attempted to take a couple of photos with the Nikon V1, but by the time I got it out of the bag and was ready to shoot I lost my brilliant light. Blerg!

Wunderbar Werder Bremen!
My adopted German soccer league team, Werder Bremen, avoided league relegation this past weekend by winning their final game of the season, against the team that was ranked one point ahead of them in the standings (“table” in soccer vernacular). If Werder Bremen had either lost, or even tied with Eintracht Frankfurt they would have been up for relegation. And as I look at the game recap they scored the lone goal of the game in the 88th minute of a 90-minute (excluding stoppage time) game.

One Ride This Week?
If the weather folks are correct about the amount of rain that will occur this week, and we know how well they’ve done in the past, then tonight’s ride might be the only outdoor ride that I’ll get this week. Have to keep the pedals turning…

Short blog today because I’m behind the 8-ball here at work.

Paulie [atl/ga]

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11 Responses to The Windiest Year Ever!

  1. Barb says:

    It has been quite breezy this 2016 – I agree with you.

    Saturday I went mtn biking with GE’s girlfirend Megan & another hasher Rachel (Bitchfork). Their men are in South Africa doing an week long adventure race. The girls are flying out next Saturday to join them for some after race African vacation. It was fun, I’m starting to get used to my new bike – Allan cut the handlebars down a little more, so they aren’t so wide, it is much better.

    Sunday Allan slept all morning – he had 2 fires on Saturday, 1 starting at about 4am. We then ventured over to Roswell to watch some crit racing. It was fun, saw a bunch of people, drank some beers & cheered every few minutes when the riders went past. Wasn’t a huge field of riders, so I wonder if they can afford to keep this event going.

  2. Steve says:

    I got a good ride in on Saturday, which left a knot in my calf and another little pull or tear in my quad. Very strange- perhaps due to dehydration and little cramps.

    Sunday was a long day of crit racing. I was annoyed all day by not being able to stay on schedule. A late start and a crash on the last lap of the first race had us playing catch up all day. And just when I thought we had it back on track, an added race which wasn’t on the flyer I had!! GRRR….

    I agree Barb- I’m not sure without aligning again with Twilight, they will be viable. Races, come, races go, but you like to see good races succeed. Let’s hope.

    Glad to be in the office and getting some rest.


  3. Stacy says:

    “…making it downright at times.”
    Making it downright WHAT at times? I need to know, I need to know!

    Good weekend here. Went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Saturday, which was a hoot. It’s been 15 years since my last visit. We were very pleased to see they still did the Ded Bob Show!

    Yesterday did very little. Did prepare a big fruit salad for the “bring a food that starts with the first letter of your last name” potluck we’re having in the office today. Of course, I skipped breakfast with the knowledge I’ll be putting down some serious grub… and now I’m starving and lunch is still an hour and a half away. 🙁

  4. Downright as opposed to downleft? 🙂 Thanks, I fixed it.

  5. Steve says:

    I was going to call you out on that, but I couldn’t figure out if that was an adverb or not. Downright would be the adjective, but couldn’t remember what that makes “be chilly” or am I wrong across the board.

    Jenka? Stacy?

  6. Just heard a story that a coworker of mine got confronted bringing his bicycle into the office building, something about a lease agreement we signed forbidding this. I’m not about to leave my bike on the bike rack all day, even if it is locked to the rack.

    This is nonsense because both he and I use the freight elevator to bring our bikes up and down, so it’s not like we are messing up the nice (being generous here) ones. Our bicycle tires are probably cleaner than most of the shoes that walk throughout this building.

    This only makes me look forward to July that much more…

  7. I could save this for tomorrow, and probably should, but I need to exclaim just how much I love the internet!

    On my dreadful drive home yesterday I passed a large American flag being flown at half-mast. “Why?” I wondered aloud to myself even though I was the only one in the car.

    Half Staff American Flag Notifications has explained to me that yesterday the flag was at half-mast (assuming that this building keeps their flag bearing up to date) because “Sunday 5/15/2016, US Flags at Half Staff in Honor of Police Officers Memorial Day”.

    If my arms were infinitely long I’d give the internet a hug right now.

  8. Barb says:

    Who confronted the co-worker? I’m curious.
    I’d make then show you where it says that in the lease.
    that’s crazy that it is in there, if it really is.
    I can’t imagine leaving the bike on the rack outside in a parking deck all day.

  9. The front desk worker confronted him, and he said that she detained him (not physically) as well. He had to bring the bike in via the lobby on Friday, normally he and I use the delivery entrance, because they are working on the windows and blocked his path to the delivery entrance door.

    If I am confronted I will ask to see the clause in the lease.

    Unrelated: I forgot to mention a lot about LEAF being different this time around, I’ll include this tomorrow.

  10. Barb says:

    I’d keep walking & say…….. send the cops after me.

  11. Steve says:

    I get that they may be restricted to the freight elevator, but once you say it was inaccessible, there should have been a pass. Once upon a time, I would come in the basement (of another employer), hop on the freight, and lock my bike in a room where our network gear sat which also happened to b where the air handler was for the floor. Go shower, bring my clothes back up and hang them on the bike to dry for the ride home. You should be so lucky.

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