123 Miles And Not A Single Photo To Show For It

I’m feeling worse this morning than I did at the end of yesterday’s bike ride. I’m hoping that it’s just the reaction from being slumped over handlebars for over eight hours this weekend combined with not sleeping well last night. I don’t how people do week-long rides like BRAG or RAGBRAI, but I may have to find out soon because of my plans to do RAGBRAI in July, as well as a week-long ride in Vermont in August, come to fruition. Of course with my history something will occur and I won’t be able to participate on either ride.

I’m not too concerned with the ride in Germany given that I shouldn’t be in the saddle for a long time nor exerting myself greatly.

Saturday: Jackson Brevet
I arose very early on Saturday morning and drove the bicycle for an hour to Braselton for Jackson Brevet for a 7:30 wheels-down start. The weather forecasted was better than it was the day before, though it turned out to be a hotter day in the saddle than I had anticipated.

My ride was to be, and thankfully was, 64 miles long. I started with a coworker who, even with some mechanical setbacks rode 100 miles; I cheerfully peeled off from him at the split. The ride was well-organized and to my astonishment well-attended by female riders.

I didn’t feel as if I were having my best day in the saddle, but managed to finish in what I would consider to be a reasonable amount of time for a ride of that length. Not that the heat would’ve allowed me to, but I didn’t want to push myself too much because I assumed I’d be riding another 50+ mile day on Sunday.

Hot and tired, with absolutely no hunger for the post-ride meal offered, I hopped back into the M6 after the ride and returned home. There I took a good shower and nap, before heading out for an early dinner and some shopping at Performance Bikes and REI.

Sunday: Hello BRAG
Arising early again on Sunday morning I kept an eye on the weather radar and clock all morning, calculating at what time I should leave the ITP Estate in order to meet the BRAG riders near Candler Park; that time was 8:00am.

From East Atlanta I rode to Freedom Parkway where I encountered the first group of license-plate-clad cycles and made a u-turn in order to ride with them. From what I see on the map I joined in somewhere around mile 12 of their 68-mile day which started in Brookhaven. When you add in the distance from the ITP Estate to where I met them, my total riding for the day was 59 miles.

For me yesterday’s ride was self-supported, eschewing the three BRAG rest stops along my route (I hadn’t paid, so I wasn’t entitled to use their supplies). On me from the start I had some snacks that I had squirreled away during Jackson Brevet, as well as two bottles filled with Poweraid on the bike. Just before the third BRAG rest stop I pulled into a convenience store and bought a Slim-Jim, miraculously their last banana, a bottle of Poweraid in order to refill mine, and a bottle of water that I shoved into a jersey pocket for later consumption.

After passing by the rest stop before Stone Mountain I bye-and-large rode solo. Every once in awhile I would encounter a pack ahead of me, or get passed by superior riders, but I covered many miles blissfully alone. Physically I felt much better in the saddle than I did on Saturday, though inexplicably it appears that I rode the 59 miles slower than I did the 64 miles the day before.

The only “mishaps” of my day were getting stuck for a few minutes behind some cars that were stopped while a dog owner retrieved his dog, and being told that I was #1 by a passing SUV who felt it was cool to honk at me while I was riding no-handed as I tried to consume a power bar that I had stuffed in a rear pocket.

At the end of the ride ITP-Reader Barb and Allan set up their BRAG Cafe and served up many hamburgers and hot dogs to people, who unlike me, were planning on getting up and doing it all again today. I envy them more knowing how shitty I feel this morning even after sleeping (however poorly) in my own bed for the past two nights.

Barb and Allan kindly shuttled me back to East Atlanta, where I proceeded to shower and fall asleep very early. I even managed to sleep through the phone ringing at some point in the night (9:45pm according to my mother’s voice message), that’s how tired I was. Of course at some point in the wee hours of the morning I woke up and then had fitful sleep from then until I had to get up for work.

Recovery Ride Tonight?
That’s a big “maybe” right now. I’ll be doing a rain dance all day in hopes that I do not have to make a decision based solely on my health.

If I am so fortunate to see rain tonight I will be returning to Performance Bikes to return the shorts I bought there on Saturday because my fat ass doesn’t fit into them. This is too bad for me because they were going to be the pairs of shorts that I wore on my bike ride in Germany. Perhaps they will have a larger size… Ugh.

Hope that you had a fantastic weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to 123 Miles And Not A Single Photo To Show For It

  1. Barb says:

    Paulie rides 123, we rode 23.
    Allan had a long night with not much sleep Saturday night, so he needed a quick nap when he got home Sunday morning. So, we made a much later start to Social Circle, and after having a hell of a time figuring out how to go backwards on the route out of town, we saw a familar Team Wimpy jersey coming towards us. So, that was all I needed to decide to turn around…….. I didn’t want Paulie to have to hang alone at camp. (really, I wasn’t feeling it & Allan was tired, so we easily convinced each other we should turn around & head in)
    All the week long BRAG gang showed up not too much later, it is always a good time hanging out, telling stories with people we only see once a year.

  2. One thing I like about the people I’ve met hanging with Barb and Allan is how open they are to strangers like me. Of course I know ITP-Reader Bob, Sal, and Marty, and “Sal’s son” Stan, who were all there as well.

  3. Steve says:

    There was a bit of “instant karma” issued on Friday, when I was being passed by a driver, who was then being passed by another driver going waaay over the limit, as well as passing in a no passing zone. By the time I arrived in Luthersville, he was in the company of the local constabulary- most likely waiting on a search canine.

    Saturday was a trail clearing day at Bear Creek. I had a big tractor with a big bush hog and got to drive around for several hours. There wasn’t a real plan, or perhaps real leadership, which is somewhat annoying. Debbie made delicious port chops for dinner.

    Sunday had us checking in at Huddle House to catch up on the gossip, then some long overdue picking through miscellaneous boxes in the man cave. So much crap, and lots of good stuff. We made a dent, but will have more to do.

    Since I really didn’t want to go out on my bike, a run before a dinner at Taco Mac.

    Float like a butterfly,
    Sting like a bee,
    Rest in peace
    Mohamed Ali


  4. Barb says:

    Yep- our bike riding friends we’ve met from all over the state (& states actually, Vern lives in SC) have really been a great bunch of people. The riding is fun, but really, its the afternoons & evenings just sitting around bullshitting that makes us want to do it year after year.
    Hopefully next year it will be a route we like & we will be able to ride at least half the week. Bob says he’s going to get some Hooligans to ride next year.

  5. Steve says:

    The pictures of “Flat Mende” (on a form of social media Paulie doesn’t participate in) are cracking me up.

  6. I did see a few of the “Flat Mende” photos thanks to Barb’s participation in the aforementioned Social Network. They were funny.

  7. Barb says:

    looks like it might be raining out there at BRAG today. only 1 Flat Mende pic, and it was after the ride it looks like.

  8. Yeah, that radar looks rough.

    Barb, I though your comment might be from ITP-Reader Bob letting us know that he was opening his first beer. 🙂

  9. Barb says:

    they are being very quiet on the FB posts – so that’s why I think it might be raining, don’t wnt to get the phones out to get wet.

  10. It looks from the radar that is is raining. I saw a photo of the Red Brick tent on Twitter and things looked rather wet as well.

  11. Barb says:

    Benny just messaged said it started raining about half way thru, & is still raining.

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