The Emperor Had No Clothes

It didn’t matter that the rain threatened to cancel last night’s ride, nor that my nether regions were pained and in little condition to remount the bicycle saddle, for I must have subconsciously decided not to ride last night. It was around 3:00pm when I started contemplating which pair of cycling socks I had matched with the day’s jersey when I realized that I had not remembered to pack any cycling clothes. There was to be no ride in my Monday night.

All The World Was My Stage
So I worked until 6:30pm? Stupid. But it had to be done.

I did manage to escape the office with ample time to swing by the Perimeter Mall’s REI and buy some padded shorts that actually fit my fat ass. The ones I purchased were slightly more expensive than the ill-fitting ones from Performance Bike, but they are also slightly more “stylish”.

I also managed to stop by Performance Bike and return the shorts I purchased on Saturday.

If I had two functioning brain cells I would have also stopped into the other ITP REI and searched for additional padded shorts that go with the outer shorts I purchased last night; the Perimeter Mall REI didn’t have them in my size.

Instead, I headed to find dinner, because that’s what non-weight-losing people do! Even though the bicycle was locked to the M6’s bike rack I wanted to eat somewhere that I could keep an eye on it. My distrust of my fellow man gave me the opportunity to finally try Elmyriachi in Kirkwood.

I’ve driven, and cycled, past Elmyriachi on many occasions, each time thinking “I should try that place some night”. Last night was some night.

To my surprise Elmyraichi is mostly a burrito joint, which I’m okay with, but didn’t expect. About the only complaint that I had is that they charge you for chips ($2.00 for a basket) and salsa ($1.50 for a rather large bowl), which is not uncommon at the in-town hipster Mexican restaurants that I seem to frequent these days when not eating somewhere on Buford Highway. The “Tampiqueno burrito” — grilled steak, caramelized onions, and jalapeños, topped with house-made verde, drizzled with queso, and served with rice and refried beans (description lifted directly from their online menu) — all for $9.75, was as spicy as I was warned it would be, very tasty, and filling.

Also of interest was the low price that they charged for beer, cans/bottles of all beers appeared to be in the $4-$5 range; for Atlanta that’s not too bad. It may surprise you that I didn’t consume any beer last night.

I will return. Hell, maybe I’ll even learn to ride my bike there instead of toting it on the back of a car. 😉

The Last Of “A”
Tonight is my final German class of this session. It is also the last class in the “A” series. Starting next session, which astonishingly doesn’t start until July 11th, I will be in the “B” series. There are eight “B” series classes in total, followed by two “C” series classes. After that I guess that I am supposed to be fluent.

As the thought of flying to Germany next week (ITP-Reader “Ronnie”: if you are reading this mom was wrong, I fly out a week from tomorrow and not on Saturday) I am getting nervous about my ability to communicate in German. I know that the more I try (and fail?) over there, the better off I will be in the long run.

Okay, time for me to get some work done today. Have a great day friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to The Emperor Had No Clothes

  1. Barb says:

    here’s the BRAG story of the morning from Molly-
    It finally stopped raining yesterday so they could get the tents set up. (I asked if they decided to be hallway zombies last night). Benny has posted that he was sleeping at home, but if it wasn’t his hometown, he’d have considered sleeping inside, so I knew then it was a good wet day yesterday.

    BUT, GA Military College forgot to turn off the night time sprinkler systems – so they got bombarded with water off & on all night. I told her sorry, but that is hilarious, since I’m not there.

    And today in Dublin – Stubbs Park where they will be today has no good flat ground to put tents. The only good spot, that she tried to stake out, BRAG Headquaters people kicked her out. (since that’s where they want to be).

  2. Steve says:

    I think you’ll do a lot better than you think. Don’t be embarrassed to take along some cheat materials, just in case.

    A little ride on the trainer last night- it was about to rain when I got to College Park last night and looked like rain around the house.

    In our cleaning of the man cave, I threw one of my Cisco hats in the trash pile- at their annual get togethers, their big party night is also free, very odd hat night. One of the hats was sort of like a top hat in shape, only made to look like a birthday cake, complete with “candles” on top. Well, Brownie thought it was great and proceeded to destroy it. I found what was left in the carport.

    Good news from Debbie this morning- she and her “new company” have made the final cut and will present in Columbus OH in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, another possible position has opened… when it rains…


  3. Barb says:

    What, what, what? Debbie got a job & you all didn’t tell us?
    And now there is a 2nd job possibility?
    Man, I guess we ITP-readers just aren’t important. LOL
    But seriously -CONGRATS!!!!
    We may need to have a little dinner celebration someday.

  4. Steve says:

    Wait- the first place has been pursuing a contract for which Debbie would be the manager. They (the contractor and Debbie) have made the final cut and will do a face to face in Columbus. Ain’t no steady paycheck, yet.

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