Mentally Soft

As days go yesterday was not one of my finest.

I had difficulty with the lunchtime crossword competition and at one point my mind just shut down and I quit.

My work project was no help in lifting my spirits, at every turn I was dissatisfied with what I saw.

I was hoping that my afternoon/evening bike ride would improve my spirits, but that started out as a false hope when I realized that I had packed the bike shorts that have the hole in the leg. Even with this minor setback I started the ride okay, if not a bit slow. Around two-thirds into the ride I was tired of trying to keep up with a pace that I thought was too fast for this ride. So I quit again. After assuring the other four riders that I was indeed dropping they finally respected my desire to ride the rest of the ride alone.

To say that I was frustrated with my day’s productivity is an understatement. But some days are just going to be like that…

My hope was to wake up early this morning and get in a redemption ride, but then I couldn’t get my ass out of bed. So instead I’ve driven the bicycle in with me again today and will be dragging myself around the North Atlanta / Sandy Springs area again this evening. Hopefully I will be alone and will push myself to ride better than I did last night, it shouldn’t be that hard to do.

As I read the log of each day’s RAGBRAI pre-ride I am starting to get nervous and anxious about my ability to ride. If I ride more frequently and increase my distance from now until the end of July I think that I should be okay.

Hope that you had a better day and that we all experience a good one today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Mentally Soft

  1. Steve says:

    This would be considered a training lull. Do not despair, grasshopper… choose an easier route tonight, maybe down by the river, or pick something achievable.

    I cranked up the weed whacker last night and trimmed around the yard, then attempted to wear Zelda out by taking her for a bit of a walk. She better be glad I wasn’t in a running mood. She got me up once through the night, but we went out and came right back in.

    Eye doctor this morning says all looks good.


  2. Thanks, I’ll do my best. This weekend I should put my bike on the new work stand I purchased and give it a once-over / cleaning / re-lubing as well.

    Also, first go at using chamois butter didn’t wow me. I have unique dermatological problems… 🙁

    Glad to hear you eye doc says all is well.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m thinking about a new saddle- when I was just a young bike rider, I had the most comfortable Ideale saddle and when I was at the shop the other weekend, I was talking to the guy about a new Brooks. I think I’d like that…

  4. Barb says:

    The good thing about RAGBRAI is you can easily take a partial rest day if you want & ride in the bus. And – there are so many people that do that, you don’t have to feel like you will stand out in the crowd.
    And – somedays – you just aren’t feeling it riding, I understand that feeling.

    We had Stephanie & not flat Mende over for dinner last night, and 1 of their dogs – Josie. Josie was too funny, not sure what mutt breed she is (german shepherd &/or a breed like that), but she loved patroling the yard, and then, saw a chipmunk & it was on. She searched & searched for that animal, but didn’t dig anything up. It was very entertaining.

    Allan (& TJ) started on the siding yesterday, trying to get the bottom boards set up, once that is all done, it will get easier.

  5. Steve says:

    I would offer my services, but I’m working at the track all weekend! Timed events with lots of juniors. Ugh.

  6. Barb says:

    I’m sure I will get to help with some of this siding, just holding pieces…….. it doesn’t look too difficult – just gotta get it started on a straight line.

    We need to get back on the bikes, maybe Saturday. We may got o Ellijay to tube on Sunday, its going ot be HOT, and the cold river water will be a nice way to spend the day.

  7. Geez, it’s a good thing Barb didn’t do BRAG this week otherwise the comments would simply be a conversation between Steve and me.

    I guess that I’ve managed to drive off everyone else… 🙁

  8. Barb says:

    Stacy was at the Atlanta Food Bank today, so she’s only on Social Media today…….. LOL

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    ITP is Antisocial Media. LOL

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