Wet And Wild

The very moment I stepped of the hotel the rain started. At first if was a mere drizzle, but as time wore on the intensity increased. Given that I was hashing meant the presence of precipitation was inconsequential, I was going to either get rained upon or sweat, either way concluding in dampness.

Due to the rain, and subsequent traffic, we started running trail late. The trail, nearly 9km long, was (re)laid somewhat-live by Colonel Clit and was a lot of fun. We ran through parts of southern suburb of Köln, though some woods, down a slick and muddy path, and finally over the Rhein via a bridge before finishing up. We even had a beer stop.

By the time we arrived at the end it was well past 9pm, though you couldn’t tell given that this part of the world during this time of year doesn’t get dark until after 10pm.

It was probably 11pm when circle ended, and I had to o run back over the bridge across the Rhein again in order to board my S-Bahn, looking like something the cat dragged in all wet and dirty.

Upon arriving back at my hotel I did the best to wash out the mud and hang things to dry, which will never occur during this daily onslaught of rain.

A Sacrifice To The Hash Gods
The only thing worse than throwing out my perfectly good, thought completely wet and dirty, hash sneakers is to contemplate schlepping them with me for the next week. So, with a heavy heart I am sacrificing them to the Hash Gods. I’m also jettisoning two pair of underwear because everything is just too goddamn wet. Hell, the two pair that I washed and hung to dry on Sunday afternoon are still damp! Therefore the two I am ditching had no hope…

Like The Rabbits In Düsseldorf
Even getting rid of things to carry with me it seems as if my clothes are multiplying like
all of the rabbits I saw in Düsseldorf and my suitcase is bulging like the Rhein. Thankfully once I start the bike tour I won’t have to carry my luggage again until I return to Düsseldorf to fly home.

Due to the rain and the rising of the Rhein my bike tour may prove to be challenging. Portions of the bike trail along which I will be riding are currently underwater.

Hidden ITP Flickr Pic
Still haven’t figured out how to show a photo when posting fir my iPad…
Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Not Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny
What you should’ve seen here is a photo showing all of the rabbits that I saw each night in Düsseldorf.

My German Stinks!
In Köln yesterday I ordered a pretzel from a chain bakery and was promptly asked by the counter attendant if I am an American. She laughted and told my that my accent was as bad as her husband’s, who is also a white guy from America.

I laughed it off and walked off to isst meine Bretzel mit Käse (pretzel with cheese) und trinke meine Apfelsaft Schorle (carbonated apple juice).

All Is Not Lost
Out of my daily routine I have had a few fits recently regarding losing and finding things. I thought that I had lost my earbuds, which I will use constantly over the next week, only to find them in a pocket of my suitcase. I thought that I had lost my passport “wallet” (though I have yet to put my passport in it) and the 200€ that I stashed into it for “safe” keeping. Fortunately this was discovered in a different pocket.

Perhaps my luggage has too many pockets.
Perhaps I should just pay attention.

Paulie [köln/dl]

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6 Responses to Wet And Wild

  1. steve says:

    Holy crap! The bunnies are multiplying like… oh, I don’t know, rabbits perhaps?
    Perhaps you should have packed a few coyotes?

    Debbie is home from the very successful presentation in Ohio. We won’t learn the decision until next week, we think. She and I both have a good feeling, but no matter, it was good for her to get “back on the horse”.

    I was planning to cut grass in East Point today, but I got the mower started and was going to “blow” the driveway, got 50 feet down and the mower stopped. I had topped off the gas tank, so thought maybe bad fuel. I drained the tank, got fresh fuel and still the same. Other simple options include fuel filter, which doesn’t appear clogged, and spark plug, which is also an easy fix and probably overdue.

    Until you start imitating the locals, you’ll always have an American accent. That was one advantage of my learning from tapes. I imitated the speakers and according to a native German friend, don’t have an accent when I speak.


  2. I have arrived in Mainz, after yet another train delay. My journey starts tomorrow and I am trying to figure out where and when I get the bicycle. According to the documents it is either at this hotel now, or will be here by 9:00 tomorrow. I wonder if it will have pedals…

    I have optimistically hung up the damp clothes that I packed this morning to see if the Mainz heat can dry them out.

    I will see what Mainz has to offer in wine, women, and fun before returning to the hotel to start thinking like a day-to-day traveler.

  3. Barb says:

    I always lose stuff in my bag (or bags) when I travel. But – it always turns up.

    Find a blow dryer for your clothes? or -maybe a lavendaria somewhere?

    Hopefully it will stop raining………..

  4. steve says:

    Another opportunity to use your German and to lose some Euro coins.

  5. Stacy says:

    I was going to say what Barb did: either use a blow dryer or see if there’s a tumble dryer to use somewhere.

    Bunny, bunny, bunny, Not Bunny …. cute. 🙂

    Not dark until nearly 10pm sounds like my kind of place! When’s sunrise?

  6. Sunrise is before 6am currently.

    Bike has yet to arrive.

    I am sitting at an Irish bar, as you do in Germany, having a few pints and a snack before I can go to dinner later. Germany v. Northern Ireland starts at 6pm.

    The rain is supposed to start again later…

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