A Slow Roll To Köln

Depending on when I finally get on the road, as well as when you read this, I may have already completed my first leg, a 39-50 km (21-30 mile) ride from Mainz to Rüdesheim. My final mileage will be dictated by how many of the recommended offshoots I do.

As of the time of this writing I have still yet to see my bicycle. This kinda sucks because I was hoping to get the seat and pedals squared away, and see what size pannier the bike has to know how much extra stuff, such as a change of clothes, that I can transport.

The Trains Don’t Always Run On Time
Yesterday I managed to get back to Köln’s main train station and use my American Visa card to buy a train ticket from Köln to Mainz. With about ninety minutes to kill I found a luggage storage machine and went for another walkabout. Not feeling spry my walk took me back to sit and people watch the Rhein.

Once my departure time neared I entered the train station only to find out that my train was delayed by another 20 minutes. Harrumph. Fortunately when the train finally arrived it was not crowded. Also fortune for me was that the nap I took on the train ride didn’t cause me to miss my stop in Mainz.

ITP Flickr Pic
Still can’t figure this out, nor finding time to try hard.
Finial Prototype And Köln Dom

Perhaps One Regret…
With my cycling package I somehow managed to opt into pre-bought dinner deals; six nights for $120. Doh! Last night’s dinner was a meal at a nearby Italian restaurant. I certainly didn’t eat a meal worthy of $20, especially considering that my beer wasn’t included.

I am hoping that the upcoming dinners will be a little more Germanic, and tasty.

The End Of My Nikon V1?
A good craftsman never blames his tools.

I am not a good craftsman.

I am also a bit of a buffoon. Once upon a time my Nikon V1 refused to use what should have been a perfectly good, genuine Nikon battery. Why I didn’t recycle it immediately is beyond me. Guess what I have in my bag, yep, the useless battery. I did bring one valid battery with me, so the camera isn’t a paperweight, but this is far from the ideal situation that I expected to have. If it turns out that this is a second battery that the camera balks at using then I think it will finally be time to give up on it.

I am too tired tonight to attempt to transfer photos to my iPad so I can upload them to Flickr.

Paulie [mainz/dl]

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9 Responses to A Slow Roll To Köln

  1. Apparently the bikes don’t run on time either, as it’s now 9:10am and my bike has yet to be delivered. Hopefully this company does a better job of getting my luggage from town to town.

  2. Barb says:

    Good morning! I hope the bike has arrived & you are having a blast.

    Last night we finally went to TJ & Mary’s house to get all of Allan’s comic books.
    They are now in the basement – we have to figure out where to store them.
    Also moved Mary’s treadmill out of the house, so it is almost ready to put on the market. Then – the fun job, trying to straighten out the mailbox. They put in a heavy duty mailbox, but the neighbors still like to hit it, so it was crooked. But – with some tie downs & the truck, it is back to straight. I told Mary to send a bill for $500 to the neighbors – they have hit it so many times, you’d think they know it is there by now.
    TJ is hobbling around on his crutches, so he just got to be a commentator on all these projects.

    Tonight – if JoAnna is still willing & able, she & I will go get the CRV from Peach Auto. It has a new radiator, or whatever new parts they used to fix it. Hopefully I can drive it enough & the check engine light stays off, so I can pass emissions.

  3. steve says:

    As short as the ride is today, perhaps you could just run? I hope the bike shows…

    I stopped at Lowes and picked up what I thought what it would take to fix the lawn mower last night. All parts replaced and it’s still acting up. Clearly the carburetor is the culprit and a guy here at work made a suggestion I’ll try.

    Allan has comic books? Why am I not surprised. And what is it about TJ & M’s mailbox the neighbors hate?


  4. Barb says:

    Steve – they are really heavy too.
    The mailbox is in a bad place at the end of the driveway across the street, but I still don’t see how they hit it all the time – they would be running up into the yard as well. Just pay a little attention backing out of a driveway – ya know?

    Hope you figure out the mower – I want ours to die so we can get a newer not super heavy mower. I swear ours weeighs a TON. But – until then, Allan says it helps with my upper body strength.

  5. Stacy says:

    Barb, too bad there isn’t anything that y’all can coat the mailbox with that would smear all over their cars when they hit it. Like permanent bright green wet paint or something. Of course, if they don’t care about knocking dents in their cars, they probably wouldn’t care about getting paint on them either.

    I’m finding it rather amusing that you’re in Germany and eating at Irish pubs and Italian restaurants.

  6. steve says:

    I was thinking of protecting the mailbox with a couple of I beams buried in concrete.

    Yeah, he can’t find a decent wurst, but the corned beef and cabbage is pretty good!

  7. Barb says:

    HOA wouldn’t allow that Steve………. I want a big cement manatee mailbox.

  8. Hallo!

    The bike arrived shortly after 9am. Details about the ride in tomorrow’s blog. I rolled into Rüdesheim around 14:30 local, had a shower, and am now checking out what is an incredibly touristy small town.

    I wish that I were eating in German restaurants! The Irish bar was
    My choice, in part because I wanted to speak (more) English, in part because I am a little tired of drinking yellow beer, and in part because I considered watching the Germany / Northern Ireland game there (I did not).

    Until tomorrow!

  9. steve says:

    You’re a tourist!! Enjoy.

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