Coming To America

I am writing this as I sit in Düsseldorf’s airport. The time has come fo me to return to reality, at least until I change my reality. It’s 2:40am in the US as I write this, I sense a massive case of jet lag in my future.

A Man Called Paulie Read “A Man Called Ove”
I realize that I am far from a trendsetter when it comes to books, well, anything really. I first heard about ” A Man Called Ove” from ITP-Reader Lisa when we were at LEAF back in May.

In case you’ve not heard of it, the story is about a curmudgeon and his life up to a certain point; the good, but mostly bad, things that have happened to him causing him to be the many he is at this point in his life. Sounds thrilling, no? It’s time for me to turn in my Man Card as I admit that this book had my tearing up at times.

It’s a quick read, even at my glacial reading pace. If you are in the mood to clear out a few rarely-used tear ducts then I highly suggest that you read this book.

And On The Last Day I Got A Tinge Of Sunburn
I didn’t feel like feeling slimy all day with a coating of sunblock on me. I thought that I would be inside buildings all of day, trying to maximize the benefits provided to me by the Düsseldorf Card that I bought on Monday. With the card I was able to ride all mass transit, as well as visit many museums/attractions, for free or at a reduced price. I was even able to get a free beer with my lunch!

– I rode the U-Bahn to Altstadt (old city).
– I walked through a city park, and then to the sporting goods store I visited two weeks ago (more on this in a second).
– I then hoofed it to the Goethe Museum and saw many original works from famous German author.
– I walked through another city park back to the Altstadt and the to Brauerei zum Schiffen (Brewery of the Ships) where I had lunch (and my free beer).
– I walked the Rhine, retracing many of the steps taken on the Hangover Hash.
– Then I did someone huge (more on this in a second).
– I then walked the Rhine some more, stopping for a beer along the way.
– I then took the U-Bahn to my hotel, briefly, before taking it back to Altstadt for dinner.
– I ate dinner at a restaurant called Brauerei zum Schlüssel (Brewery of the Lock) where I saved the best meal for last. Pork steak with potatoes? Oh no, I had sauerbraten with red cabbage, potato dumplings, and apple sauce. If I had been hungrier I might have opted for the Schweinehaxen (pig’s knuckles) as I ate in Bamberg two years ago.
– All filled up I walked the two-ish miles from Altstadt back to my hotel.

You Can Call Me A Poser If You Wish
I am neither German nor a real soccer fan, but I am now the owner of an officially-licensed facsimile German National EuroCup soccer jersey that I plan to wear on Saturday when I go to Goethe-Zentrum on Saturday afternoon to watch Germany play Italy.

The Difference Between Me And A Contestant On “The Amazing Race”
I found that the Düsseldorf Rheintürm has an amazing (and thankfully) enclosed observation deck that is 138m above ground.

I know how dreadfully frightened I am of heights.

But because my Düsseldorf Card got me discounted entry, and I know that I won’t be back in Düsseldorf before next year, if ever again, I decided to face my fears.

The difference between me and a contestant on “The Amazing Race” is that he/she would probably have to repel face-first in order to get back to the ground whereas I just had to enter an internal elevator.

I have about a dozen photos of the views that I will start uploading once I have the opportunity to edit them.

It’s Time For Airlines To Enforce Their Rules
I look around and see many people bringing non-“Size Wise” aboard. Worse than this, most of these people are also bringing aboard a second bag. What’s the point of having rules if you are not going to enforce them?

Two weeks in Germany has done nothing but strengthen my “One Must Follow The Rules” mentality.

Until tomorrow, or perhaps later today, friends.

Paulie [düsseldorf/dl]

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7 Responses to Coming To America

  1. Stacy says:

    “Then I did someone huge”

    I’m pretty much paused right here, both intrigued and afraid to read further. 😉

  2. steve says:

    And I’m not sure exactly what the huge was. Moore from Birmingham AL later today.

  3. Stacy says:

    Yeah, he never did go on to explain it, did he? Friggin’ tease.

  4. Jenka says:

    He meant that he faced his fear of heights and went up to the observation deck. But I prefer to think that he had sex with a large person on the banks of the Rhine.

    On most flights, both domestic and international, you’re allowed one carry-on and one purse (personal item). That means you can always bring two bags. Unless you’re flying a discount airline and then it’s whatever that particular airline dictates.

    When we were in Slovenia two weeks ago Kevin bought a Slovenian National Team shirt. He loves that thing. He does actually watch soccer all the time.

  5. steve says:

    Back at my desk after the overnight to Birmingham. The chassis swap took all of a half hour and as such, I was able to make dinner plans with Terri- Sleazy Rider. After locating the sushi place, I had time to do a quick lap of the old neighborhood. Amazing how small it all is. I guess when you’re a kid, size is relative. Homewood is sort of the trendy section of Birmingham, complete with neat shops, good restaurants and cute houses. I barely recognized my old house, ultimately having to rely on the house number! I did point out to Terri the old trolley tracks that are still visible in the pavement near the old house. She knew about the trolley, but had no idea you could still see evidence. And before you say “Steve. you must really be old” (FUVM), the trolley pre-dates me by many years, but I faintly remember the track running down the street.


  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:


    Um, “someone” should have been “something”. 🙂 The something was overcoming my fear of heights by going up the Rheintürm. Sorry to disappoint.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Oh, and neither of the two bags to which I was referring would fit under a seat. I always thought you could bring one to stow above and one to stow under the seat ahead of yours.

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