Another Rest Day

Just like those skinny guys riding around France this not-so-skinny guy is taking a rest day from riding. After three days of riding I deserve one, not that I will get one next week whilst I tool across Iowa.

Too Many Rest Days From German Studies
I’ve quickly fallen back into the bad habit of not getting my German homework done and will be scrambling to get it done before class today. There is something odd about how quickly the week passes, especially when Saturday rolls around and I realize that I’ve not looked at German since Tuesday. I will be taking my German book with me to Iowa, though I’m not sure how much time I’ll be dedicating to learning… I’d love to take the eBook version with me but it’s installed on my large iPad and I don’t think that I can also install it on my iPad Mini. I tried doing this before leaving for Germany and failed. Argh. The iPad Mini is such a convenient device when traveling, but perhaps I will relent on this trip and take the bigger one.

ITP Flickr Pic
Dipping back into the photos snapped in Deutschland…

“Me Taking A Picture Of A Statue Taking A Picture Of The Düsseldorf Main Train Station” (Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Me Taking A Picture Of A Statue Taking A Picture Of The Düsseldorf Main Train Station
I found a couple of odd statues in Düsseldorf, each of which depicted people who are dressed as if they were living in the 1950s. This one stands outside Düsseldorf’s main train station and shows a man using a camera to take a photo the train station.

Fun Evening With Friends
I drove over to ITP-Reader Barb’s and Allan’s last night to find Allan putting some finishing touches on the Shed Mahal’s interior ceiling; that project is shaping up nicely.

When Allan was done with all that business he took to cleaning the heck out of my bicycle, and when it was dry giving it a thorough once-over, including replacing some of the cables as well as my handlebar tape. I’ll try to give it a good test ride tomorrow morning.

We three ordered Tasty China for dinner, Barb being the gracious host picked it up and brought it back to her house, and then I proceeded to gorge myself on Dan Dan Noodles, Bamboo Fish, and Twice-Cooked Pork. Damn how I love that Szechwan food. While we ate and drank I got to hear about their trip to Virginia and pick up some sage advice about what to expect next week while I do RAGBRAI.

Speaking of my upcoming journey, I think that I am all set. Well, once I get all of my clothes washed and packed. The head honcho of BRAG, Franklin, has sent out an email with the trip’s details so I finally feel a sense of confidence about this adventure.

I’m Going To Be The Busiest Unemployed Ever
In addition to a week spent in Iowa, Vermont, and Colorado, I will be attending a two-day conference called Plywood Presents here in Atlanta in August. I also have plans to drive to Florida to visit my mother, and to Raleigh to visit the Raleigh Royalty. On top of that, I have three programming books to read, and eighteen Stanford lectures on Swift programming to watch, as well as numerous pleasure books that I’d like to get to read. Oh yeah, throw in German studying, bike riding, and house projects, and there goes my six months in a blink.

I might need another six months of unemployment to recover from the upcoming six months of unemployment.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Another Rest Day

  1. steve says:

    I have a couple more things to add to your “while I’m unemployed” list- lunch with me as well as some hard labor at a certain highland games!!

    Debbie had a headache all day yesterday, so there was little going on around the house. I made breakfast for dinner at her request, and I watched the TdF stage… ah but for a bike toss, Sagan could have lost that sprint.

    A friend posted his Olympic credential from ’96 so I thought I would go looking for mine. I know I have it, and I could find it in the old house, but not at the moment. I did find lots of other race credentials, but not that one. Foo.

    There will be some sort of exercise tonight. In looking for the aforementioned credential, I found reports from a physical from 2008, when I weighed 193. I’m going to get there again!!


  2. Barb says:

    I thought of something else – do you have a small battery operated fan for the tent? You will probably want that. Coleman used to make a great one – I’ll look it up if you need me to.

    Dinner was tasty as usual.

    And – thanks for the reminder about the Colorado Invihash hotel – I need to look that info up & get our room confirmed.

  3. In hindsight it was a bad idea to step on the scale the morning after eating Tasty China. I weighed in at 210.x pounds. My goal, by the time I leave for Colorado is to weigh less than 200 pounds.

    Depending on when the Highland Games help is needed I am amenable.

    Oooh, good suggestion Barb. I will look into getting a small fan today.

  4. steve says:

    Earplugs and eye mask. And they used to call them “sport towels”? Smallish, quick drying towel, great for camping.

    Games work will be 10/8-14 with the event 15 and 16 and tear down on the 17th.

  5. Barb says:

    I found the fan I like on Amazon – its only $13.83
    I emailed you a picture.
    We think it works great – it puts out a great breeze……..

  6. I have a few fast drying towels, some small, one large. And, I hoarded an eye mask and earplugs from Delta on this trip to Germany. 🙂

    Order for tent fan placed, should arrive in the ‘hood on Thursday. I have a backup plan if this fails.

    I will consult my schedule, Steve. If I am free, I will not know 100% until end of September, you can count on my support.

  7. bob says:

    Have fun at RAGBRAI!! I am so jealous. I SO want to do that ride. Don’t let your training (or lack of) worry you. I was pretty unprepared for BRAG and I survived. Ride your bike, drink a lot of beer, and have a great time!

    Instead of Iowa I will be going to Created Butte Colorado next week mtn biking. Another bucket list ride, can’t wait!

  8. steve says:

    Bob. You. Suck.

  9. As I am not a mountain biker nor skier I have no ill-will toward you, Bob. Have fun!

  10. Barb says:

    I’m jealous – whether you ride or not – Colorado is awesome inthe summer.
    but – since we are going to CO as well in Sept – I’ll get over it.

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