Gone Riding

It was my intention to write a glorious post this morning, and the coffee drinking wi hashers interrupted that.

It’s now 8:10 and I am going to out for a long bike ride in order to beat the heat. Plus, my pants are starting to get snug again, time for me to exercise for the first time since Colorado.

Have a great weekend friends!

Paulie [hartwell/ga]

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  1. Al says:

    I did the Wilson 100 last weekend. I started with the front group, which I kept up, including pulling at the front from in a double paceline. We averaged 24mph for the initial 50 miles.

    By then I realized that my 2 24oz bottles were not going to be nearly enough (I usually go through that in 25 miles). Then I asked the gentleman next to me, who was carrying 5 water bottles, if they were going to stop for a water break. He smiled and said, that this group doesn’t stop for anything.

    So.. at mile 55ish I dropped out to refill, I returned to solo-mode and resigned myself to finish the next 45 miles alone. Thankfully, some other 100 milers merged in after about 10 miles alone, and I finished in a nice group with 3 super-fast female triathletes practicing for an Ironman event in less than 5 moving hours.

    Tomorrow I shall do the BBC (careful when googling) Beautiful Backroads Century in Cartersville.

    Thursday I got my bike fitted at Peachtree Bikes in Buckhead, after I tried to raise my seat and broke the bolt. It does feel a lot different now, but my “extreme dropped toe” pedaling position made Dave’s job challenging. In the end it was worth the 150 bucks. He also installed a short stem. My stem is now 8cm long, I wonder if it will keep shortening as I age…

    Then next weekend in the big one. The Six-Gap Century. This will be my first time: and I’ll remember your sagely advice (guardrails are your friend). Not sure if I have it me, I’m trying to lose some weight between now and then, hopefully some 2 pounds would already help….

    Have fun in Hartwell.


  2. steve says:

    Well, be that way.

    I was fairly useless last night as a bout of vertigo hit. Never any fun. I have managed to sign us up for home phone service since the cell reception inside is pretty spotty and Debbie has to be able to do business. I spoke to the neighbor some weeks ago and he said his line was always noisy. We shall see.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Barb says:

    Al- if you kept up with the lead group at the Wilson for 55 miles – I’d say you should be just fine for 6 Gap. You don’t have to race it- just finish.

    Paulie – how many people were up there last night?
    did you check out Pussy Pilot’s tent?

  4. steve says:

    And Al, remember guard rails are your friend, but also a last resort. Alternate using your brakes to keep the rims cooler (i.e. front then back). And watch out for slower traffic on the descents.

  5. Al says:

    Thanks for the tips!
    I’l put some new brake pads today.

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    45 miles this morning, far from Al’s pace…

    May have been ten here last night. Saw Pussy Pilot’s tent, and I’ve named it “The UFO”. Pretty cool, unless you drink alcohol; dangerous to sleep that far off the ground if you do.

  7. Barb says:

    who all was biking today? did you ride alone or with people?
    I heard on FB that Sani had a flat & was going to try to get a ride from AAA

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I rode alone. GE, Dumbfuck, Megan (I always forget her hash name), and Bitchfork all went mountain biking somewhere.

    We heard of Sani’s problem. Hopefully AAA has gotten her going again.

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