After waiting out what was thought to be the only rain of the night I made my final trip to Turner Field, only to watch a heavy downpour occur again after four innings of play. Event without a job commitment I didn’t want to wait around for Mother Nature to finish her business.

ITP-Reader Bob, were you able to drive last night?

A check of the score this morning revealed that the Braves came back from a 6-1 deficit to defeat the Phillies 7-6.

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“One Last Time” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
One Last Time
From the purchased seat. After drying the seat I expected a cool and dry evening. I was wrong.

“And Then The Rain Came” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
And Then The Rain Came
From the section into which I wound up, because no usher last night really cared where anyone sat. I like that I was able to capture “The Final Season” in the background.

Hey, That’s Bobby Cox
While walking up to a stairwell to the 400s section I saw Bobby Cox let night. If not for a couple of autograph hounds I might have gone up to him and said hello…. but probably not.

Lunch On The Final Week
The Atlanta office officially closes for business at week’s end. Today I’m going to have lunch with a few of the coworkers who are officially going to become former coworkers at that time.

We will be eating at Minas on Delk Road, ITP-Reader Barb if I didn’t think you’d be bored silly by our office talk I would have invited you. Funnily I always thought that this place was called Mina’s, and I summarily confused ITP-Reader Al, who is from Brazil, and correctly knows that the restaurant is named for the Brazilian state “Minas” and not for a woman named “Mina” as I thought.

Regardless, it’s going to be an awesomely filling lunch.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. steve says:

    Nice pic with the setting sun in the clouds.

    Our normal pre meeting meeting spot is the Iron Horse Tavern in downtown Norcross. I fought my way through the traffic on 85 N (3 right lanes closed at Cham-Tuck), over to Peachtree Road. Stopped to get dog food and then sat for 20 minutes, slowly driving towards the bar, only to learn all the traffic was because they were shooting a movie in downtown and 1 of 2 railroad crossings was closed. I turned tail and ate Willies Mexican with my co-chair Burt.

    As I started to drive south from the hotel, there was lightning in what I figured was downtown (just before 8:30) so I chose to go ’round the horn and it was an excellent choice. Working from home after taking some comp from Sunday so I didn’t have to get up at o-dark-30.

    Debbie is already at the hospital in Griffin. Dad has been moved out of ICU to a regular room, but we don’t yet know the next step.


  2. Al says:

    I’ll take my son to lunch with us.

  3. bob says:

    I did get to drive yesterday and it was fucking awesome!!!! This was not a 90 minute drive one car deal, this was a 4 hour drive EVERY car experience!!! 3 cars on the handling course (911 Carrera, 911 Carrera all wheel drive, and boxter), 2 cars on the kicker plate/skid recovery pad (911 carrera, and SUV), 2 cars on the skid circle drifting area (911 and Cayman), 3 cars on the launch control area (911 Turbo s, Panamera, and SUV), 2 cars on the slick pavement skills area (another 911 carrera, and Cayman), then took an SUV on the off road course.

    I’ll tell ya, if you ever get the chance to test the launch control on a 911 Turbo S take it!! 0-60 in under 3 seconds! I went from 0-80-0 in about 6 seconds, this is not a car it is a rocket ship. You can pick one up for about $190,000.

    Hard to say what the best part of the day was, hitting a long curve at 90 mph was pretty epic and keeping a car sideways all the way around the drift circle was a huge feeling of accomplishment, but the launch contol, holy shit!

    I had a huge grin all day long, one of the best vendor experiences ever!

  4. Thanks. The shot is not as sharp as I would ideally like it to be, but shot with an iPhone SE so I get what I get.

    Best of luck to Debbie’s dad.

    Hah, look forward to seeing you all.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Sounds like you had a good time Bob. 🙂

  6. steve says:

    FYYFF, Bob. So. Jealous.

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