I’m Walkin’ Here

Lisa and I were walking fools yesterday.
We walked to Mitch’s Tavern (holy shit some NC State student need to create a new webpage for the bar!), which was finally open, for lunch.
We walked back to her house to drop off her leftovers.
We walked to the boys’ school so that Lisa could volunteer for a half-hour at the school’s book fair.
We walked back to the house so that we could get the minivan to pick the boys up from school.
So. Much. Walking.
It was enjoyable.

When Not Walking
Lisa and I made a Trader Joe’s and Target (see followup to yesterday’s blog post below) run before lunch.

Last night both boys had swimming practice, so Lisa, Randy, and I took advantage of this by walking from one of the pools to Drink Drank Drunk for an adult beverage.

By the time we got home the boys had to go to bed, and the adults finally ate dinner shortly after 9:00pm.

ITP Flickr Pic
“A Taste Of RAGBRAI” (Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States)
This poster, depicting the madness that is both RAGBRAI — (The Des Moines) Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa — as well as camping with Pork Belly Ventures, was hanging in one of the bathrooms at Carolina Brewery. The brewery’s owner is a former road rider, and apparently so are some of the employees.

Current Status: Endangered
Rumors have started to spread that the grand old bowling alley depicted in yesterday’s blog is going to be replaced by a Target.

I love me some Target, but I love me some more an old-school bowling alley. In my opinion losing the bowling alley to any big box store will be a decrease in character for the neighborhood.

So Much For Finishing High In The Rankings
Another frustrating week for me in the Yahoo! Pick’em Pool. Though I did manage to correctly pick eight games correctly, and outscore my side-bet opponent (making us now 2-2), what appeared to be a high-ranking finish for me did not. Apparently many of the people in the league had much more confidence in Minnesota’s ability to beat the Giants last night, so my second-place position degraded into a seventh-place position at the week’s end.

Even worse, I’m still sitting in ninth place, out of fourteen players, overall at the conclusion of four weeks.

Headed Back To ‘lanta
As you read this I am most likely on the road (I-85) returning to Atlanta. Gone are the days when my employer would fly me to Raleigh for the NC State Career Fair, to stay are the driving days. But I like to drive, so I’m not complaining.

Loaded into the M6 are all the things, including my book bag for German class, which starts tonight.

Guten Tag, meine Freunde!

Paulie [raleigh/nc]

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2 Responses to I’m Walkin’ Here

  1. steve says:

    A slightly scarey night. Phinney had his hocks injected yesterday- a semi annual treatment and not uncommon. He has, however had a tendancy to colic afterwards. How a joint treatment and his digestive tract are related I don’t know, but colic he did. Debbie was on it quickly, gave him a little shot for the pain, and we watched and waited. She checked on him several times through the night and he was fine this morning.

    And after all the work Sunday of getting the bleachers out of the parking lot, we got an email from the park saying they had events happening in the pavillion and the bleachers were in the way. Fortunately, my brother Burt was not busy and has all he needs to move them out of the way. The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

    Prior to the meeting tonight, a swing by my dentist to have a crown re-glued!! Oh. What. Fun.


  2. Barb says:

    busy, busy here.
    arm is the same, a little better, then i turn it the wrong way & ouch.

    had dinner with th in-laws, since they were in thee hood, they are making such a huge project out of hanging some curtains, i just cant deal with it.

    ran into Dumb BUF, Cowtipper & their family at dinner, good to catch up a little with them.
    looks like Bobby will be graduating from TN this year, i think, and may already have a job lined up.

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