Cleaning House

My goal this weekend was to clean house. I had some success by eating and drinking at home as well as tossing some things that I should neither be eating nor drinking.

The Jackmobile Remained In The Carport
I managed to go all weekend, well Saturday and Sunday, not driving the Jackmobile anywhere.

On Saturday morning I went outside early and filled the ten leaf bags I purchased on Friday. There were two things I knew:
1. I should’ve bought more leaf bags since I still have about 1/6th of the yard to finish (once all this rain passes)
2. It was dumb to do this task knowing that the rain was coming. The only reason I did this on Saturday was because I allowed that guy to start the task on Thursday.

On Saturday afternoon I walked some completed Christmas cards up to the post office in the village.

Here’s one thing I rediscovered:
1. Raking uses different muscles that anything I else I do. I expected my biceps and lats to be sore, and they were, but I didn’t expect my hamstrings and glutes to follow suit. I guess it was all the work they did when I would hold my torso up straight as I dragged the rake from behind me.

I considered going to the grocery store on Sunday morning but decided against it because I will be doing that chore today. Instead I stayed inside all day, watching the final episode of Olive Kitteridge (more on this below), and then the Falcons game. With no real reason to leave the house I didn’t do so, and gathered up more things to take to Goodwill today. You’d think with as many times I’ve talked about taking things to Goodwill that my house would be empty, but I don’t manage to take too much at any one time.

ITP Flickr Pics
As I type this I realize that this weekend turned out to be “Indian Food” weekend. I should have made a batch of naan bread…

“Mr Saturday Night Special” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Mr Saturday Night Special
If you had “December” in the “When Will Paulie Finally Use His Immersion Cooker” you win! I cooked up a delicious pork loin that I had smothers in Indian spices. As pictured with the pork I ate some steamed green beans and basmati rice.

“Indian Fried Rice” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Indian Fried Rice
On Sunday I decided to eat at home. The original plan was to make some curry chicken with mixed vegetables and basmati rice, but I determined that the chicken had gone bad, and not willing to risk giving myself food poisoning I switched gears and made a vegetarian “Indian fried rice” instead.

Wrong Mini-Series For This Time In My Life
Preface: It was suggested that I read the book Olive Kitteridge. I checked it out from the library, but never read a single page. When I noticed that a four-part mini-series existed I chose to watch it.

The mini-series is excellent, starring some well know actors such as Frances McDormond and Bill Murray. McDormand’s portrayal of a life-long Mainer was brilliant.

Each part of the mini-series occurs at different parts of McDormand’s life. Suffice to say that McDormand’s character doesn’t have the greatest of lives, some of which is precipitated by her Maine-driven kurt way of dealing with things.

Had I watched this series twenty years ago (which is impossible because it was made in 2014) I would have loved it. At this stage of my life the struggles and pain hit a little too close to home.

The Heat Is On
I finally caved on Saturday afternoon when the indoor temperature hit 59°F and the weather forecast for Sunday was sub-50°F outside… for the high. I’m glad to say that the heat started up and did its job well.

Monday Is A Chore Day
Weather be damned, I’m going outside today. Here’s my punchiest for the day:
– drop off some stuff at Goodwill (decided to do this later in the week)
– go to the grocery store
– do laundry
– spend some time at the library working on Swift learning (I also have DVDs to return)
– have drinks and perhaps dinner at Lucky’s Burger & Brew in Emory Village to use up some of my bingo winnings, see if I can win some more, and to watch part of the Jets game

Hope your weekend was, and Monday is, great no matter the weather…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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22 Responses to Cleaning House

  1. Wow, my scale read 218 this morning. No wonder why I am feeling fat and my pants are tighter than they were this summer. 😢 I wish I had stepped on the scale before eating pancakes and syrup this morning.

    I should add “get exercise” to my chore list for today.

  2. Barb says:

    You make going to Goodwill seem hard – I get 1 bag of “stuff” & go drop it off – they always look at me funny since I guess most people come there with a full car.

    Weekend was fairly busy – Friday was spent staining the lower walls – that’s done, next step is the poly. MY house really needs a new smell, Minwax & next Poly makes such a pleasant aroma.
    Maybe something with a whole lot of garlic will need to be cooked soon.

    Saturday morning I went to a local pottery guy’s sale with a couple girl friends- from his garage in East Cobb. Really nice stuff, but I was good & only bought 1 small plate (to match some of the other pieces I own.) I really need to use them more often.
    Then spent the afternoon helping Allan get the ceiling fixed in the stairway to the basement, and attempting to decorate with some lights ont eh outside of the house.

    Sunday – ran errands in the rain – Home Depot, and then trying to find some new Christmas lights to add to our oversized lights we have to line the front sidewalk. (some of the current ones are dying & just need to be thrown out). Well – there is nothing the same – but I found some that I think will work at Walgreen’s of all places.
    Picked up JoAnna & Mike from the airport – 37 hours of flying & layovers to get home from Africa.

    Went to a very nice Christmas concert last night – I’m still not in the Christmas spirit at all, but it was fun.

    Still haven’t worked on Christmas cards – I wonder if I can get on Shutterfly website here at work…….. might do that this aftenoon.

  3. It’s harder for me to go to Goodwill now because there is no convenient drop-off location of which I can think. When I first moved into the ‘hood there was a (small, dirty) Goodwill on Glenwood in East Lake; I think that was torn down more than thirteen years ago by now. Also, I like my “things” and have to come to grips with getting rid of them. I sometimes think that I should move if only to part ways with at least half of the material items that I possess.

    I am at the library in Decatur now feeling down about my weight being up and not wanting to work.

  4. Barb says:

    So – because its has finally slowed down a little at work – I went to the handy dandy Goodwill store/donation locator – you are right – there isn’t much near your house.
    There are 4 near enough to me that I see all the time driving around, that’s why I feel like they are everywhere.

    We could meet up for lunch some day – bromg your old crap to Cobb county!

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I can take you up on that lunch idea… what day of the week works best for you?

  6. Barb says:

    I’m thinking maybe tomorrow? I know Allan isn’t working. (and he will be sort of stranded at home because we are getting the Tundra checked over since it needs an oil change & is going to be driven more)

    Have you been to the Red Eyed Mule yet? In the mood for a burger?
    Or- anything else up this way that is calling your name?
    (don’t say Tasty China, let’s do something different)

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Ha! As much as I love Tasty China I too like to change things up occasionally. I have never been to Red Eyed Mule and would love to try it. What time should I be there?

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Hmmm, I just realized that I didn’t put my dirty laundry into the car. That’s going to make washing it very difficult… I guess that chore will be happening tomorrow instead, either before or after meeting ITP-Reader Barb for lunch.

  9. Barb says:

    well – you could pick up Allan???
    So let me get with him about the timeframe?

  10. Barb says:

    and – then you could also apply polyuerethane too. (only sort of kidding…….)

  11. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yes to Allan, no to manual labor. 🙂

  12. Steve says:

    Glad to see more pics in the blog today. And I agree, it’s really hard to do laundry when you didn’t take it with you.

    I think we had a busy weekend… Debbie went to see her mom on Friday- not in a great mood but you can’t really blame her. 20 on the CX bike and chores around the house.

    Saturday we dropped my car off to have the brakes done- $650 later, 4 rotors and pads!! Ouch. I rode up to get the car, as we wanted (I wanted) to go shopping Sunday. Saturday evening went to dinner at a Thai place in Newnan that has done well before. Debbie got ” the special” which was not very, and to top it off, it rung up $3 more than the menu stated. I pointed that out to the waitress who said something about the price difference and returned with the check for the same amount! The difference came off her tip and we’ll have to think about returning.

    Dropped the Tundra off Sunday for an overdue oil change while we shopped- since we missed the appointment time, we waited 2 and a half hours for it’s completion. I made way too much schnitzel last night, so there is plenty for tenderloin sandwiches!!

    Very busy today as my partner is in class all week.

    And Barb, please put me on the list to help TJ and Mary move. I’ve been meaning to send them a message but keep forgetting.


  13. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I have returned home for awhile after accomplishing little at the library, but at
    East I remembered to bring the DVDs that were due.

    I made a stop at the Kroger in Decatur, then to my primary doctor’s office to settle my outstanding bill, and then to Aldi.

    I am currently finishing up a pork loin sandwich with sauerkraut!

  14. bob says:

    Mountain bike stage races at the old prison farm was fun as hell on Saturday! Although it did prove that I am way out of shape and have a lot of work to do before a 6 hour solo race attempt in February. Time to get back at it!

  15. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I should have set a reminder because I finally remembered about it on Saturday night.

  16. Barb says:

    now I want a pork tenderloin sandwich.

    TJ & Mary I would hope to GOD will hire movers – but I’ll let them know your offer Steve.

    We need to ride our bikes again someday………

  17. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    At the weight I mentioned earlier I certainly need to ride. I suppose that I will have to toughen up to do so once this rain passes.

  18. Jenka says:

    I used to drop stuff off at that Goodwill on Glenwood when I first bought my house in Ormewood Park in 2006, so I think it’s closer to 8 years since they tore it down. But that was super convenient and now I never donate anything because it’s such a hassle to get there. The closest place I know of is that one on the corner of Ponce and Monroe: VERY inconvenient entrance/intersection.

  19. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Oh, okay. That explains why it doesn’t seem to have been gone that long then. 🙂

    Yeah, that one would be a hassle to use. I’d sooner, and have, driven up to the new(ish) one on Piedmont.

  20. Barb says:

    whooo hoooo!!! got my Christmas cards ordered – now have to wait for them to show up. I’m too cheap to pay for shipping, so they won’t show up until next week. So – y’all might get a card before Christmas……… might.

  21. Ronnie says:

    Jackmobile? I thought that was replaced by “M6”.

  22. Wow, I must have typed that out of reflex because I had no recollection of typing “Jackmobile”. Weird.

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