Of Course

Everyone who talked about their chalazion removal told me how simple it was. You go in and get it removed, no one mentioned a difficult recovery. I suppose the procedure was simple, however I am still unable to open my right eye without discomfort. It constantly feels as if something is in my eye.

When I called and expressed my concern about this condition, one which consumed an entire day of my life either being so uncomfortable that I couldn’t keep my eye open, or I was lying on the couch with an ice pack on my eye, I was told that it was normal and would go away when the swelling subsided. Either they were wrong, or as of 8:00am this morning the swelling has not subsided.

I will apply an ice pack again this morning, but if I can’t open my eye without discomfort, the way I could yesterday before the procedure, then I will be back in their office to have it looked at. I literally cannot live with my eye feeling this way. I wish someone had identified the chalazion much earlier so I could have had it removed sooner. Though it was on my eyelid since March, my primary care physician didn’t explain what it was and that it was a “routine” procedure to remove; the first time I heard this was from my optometrist in December.

2017, you are not starting off very well for me…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Stacy says:

    I have a sick fascination and want to Google chalazion but then realize no. No, I do not.
    But I can’t help thinking of “chorizo” when I read that word.
    I’m not a fan of chorizo.

    I went to bed early last night, sans NyQuil, sans wine, only after a nice glass of milk. And I had a dream I was having sex with Amy Schumer. I have NO idea where that came from but I think I’m switching back to NyQuil or wine. (At least I chose a nice curvy girl who looks like a woman and not a stick.)

  2. It is funny you say “chorizo” because that’s what I jokingly called it because I cannot properly pronounce “chalazion”. As it was described to me, it’s a zit on my eyelid, much like a stye but not a stye.

    I had a bizarre dream myself, though I cannot recall the details of it right now. All I remember is waking up and assuring myself that it was a dream. I slept on the den floor last night (it has a carpet) because I stripped the bed of its linens yesterday fully intending to do laundry after my visit with the ophthalmologist.

  3. All of the laying down has also brought about pain in my legs. Is it possible for me to have arthritis now? Is it possible that my body could completely fall apart within a year? Ugh.

  4. Steve Brady!! says:

    Sorry your chorizo if giving you indigestion! Give it till lunch and then go back if it’s not feeling any better.

    Debbie took a spill yesterday while leading the horses out of the barn and it looks like I hit her. Her eye was starting to turn and her cheek was a bit swollen. I promise this was a self inflicted wound. She said the horses just stood there as she picked herself up. I said I always have a good grip on the lead rope in case I do slip I can have them help keep me up.

    I was used as a reference by a friend and have a telephone interview today. Not quite sure what to say about her work habits as we never “worked” together. Ideas?


  5. Barb says:

    ok – you don’t have a 2nd set of sheets?

    I actually weent to my first spin class last night, I’m terribly out of shape, I guess I’ll need to do more. That was way too hard.

  6. Barb says:

    and- electronics problem of the day, our main TV (we have U-verse) has no sound. All the other TVs are working fine, and when I use Netflix just thru the smart TV, sound works fine. Allan is trying the shut it all the way off & turn it back on, but if that doesn’t work, I guess a long drawn out phone call with technical customer service is next. Great thing to happen right before we go out of town for a couple days, and have a big party at the house on Saturday.

  7. Steve, in that case I think you just need to provide information about the person’s “character”. I was a reference for Laura (Trick) even though we have never worked together.

    Sadly I think that I will be going back to the ophthalmologist today. I guess that means that I will have to get presentable soon.

    I don’t have a second pair of flannel sheets, Barb. And, I was in so much discomfort yesterday that making the bed with my non-flannel sheets was not an option. I am surprised that you even able to get a Spin bike yesterday this being January and all.

  8. Barb says:

    We joined the Y – its a whole different group of people that work out there.
    I also got there fairly early, but in the end, there were just a few bikes that weren’t used.
    Allan actually went swimming this morning.

    I haven’t even put the flannel sheets on our bed yet, but this weekend temps night prompt that. I also see the wind chill in Iowa is going to be zero, or even below zero. Oh yippie! There’s a reason I never go home in the winter.

  9. Does the U-verse go directly into the tv and the sound was coming from the tv speakers? And is Netflix an app on your tv?

  10. I don’t let the heat go above 65°F at night, so the flannel sheets are necessary for me. Also, I am the only one in the bed so I get no body heat from a partner…

  11. Barb says:

    I’m not sure how it all works wiring wise (Allan is in charge of that) but since the other TVs worked, I figured it was with the actual box hooked up to the TV. He has a surround sound system hooked up to the TV, but for whatever reason, when you use the Netflix app on the TV, it doesn’t go thru that, it only comes out of the TV speakers. I’m sure there is a way to change that, we just haven’t tried to figure it out. I really don’t need the surround sound, I”m not that into the sound effects. The shutting it completely down worked – all is well. Yippie!!!!

    We have our heat at 67, that is comfortable for sleeping & the house, but just 1 degree less, its too cold.

  12. Barb says:

    And – other good news, my friend Wayne that works for Delta played with the system & we have exit rows!!! We get 1 of the smallest jets made to go to Iowa, so the extra leg room will be very appreciated.

  13. Hooray on both fronts Barb!

  14. Steve Brady!! says:

    I’m sure exit rows are a big plus with someone like Allen. (and who else would you want in an exit row?)

    Somehow, the old cable connections used to give the TV fits. We moved the audio inputs from one to another after several spells of no sound. I know I’m hard of hearing, but when there isn’t any sound, I do notice.

    • Barb says:

      and – Allan has actaully been trained on airplane doors & exits in his fun times at the airport………

  15. Eye seems to be getting better, too slowly for my liking of course. I think I will take the day and continue to ice it. If things aren’t 100% by tomorrow I will be at the ophthalmologist office first thing.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I’ve learned the hard way that our body’s ability to heal slows way down as we get beyond our 40s. I suspect the other folks that you’re using as a benchmark for recovery time are much younger than you. I stubbornly nursed a knee injury for months last year before finally getting help, that’s when I learned the hard way about my body’s healing abilities. You’re 4 or 5 days older than me, so we’re very much in the same boat in this regard.

      Give yourself some space. Running yourself ragged just to hear that “give it more time” in person as opposed to over the phone isn’t going to help your cause.

      There’s a parallel universe aspect that keeps me lurking here.

      • Thanks, I can feel the eye getting slowly better. Because of this I will wait another day before I actually go back to the doctor if the discomfort continues.

        • Barb says:

          Allan said call 911 for your eye being still swollen, they love that! (actually he said patience grasshopper)

          • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

            It’s funny, I have patience for some things (plumbing, chalazion, etc) but none for others.

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