Creeping Toward Normality

Slowly my eye returns to normality. Slooooooowly. The swelling still exists, as does the remnants of the procedure, but at least I can function for most of the day again. Which is good. Now if I could just stop feeling as if there is something constantly in my right eye… And if I could figure out how to get rid of that dull pain that has crept into the lower half of my body too…

I Must Do Laundry Today
I have a ton, not a literal ton thankfully, of dirty laundry. It’s supposed to get really cold and snow a bit in Southland this weekend (proving there really is a Santa Claus?) so I need the flannel sheets to put back on my bed.

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“You Can Thank Me Later…” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

You Can Thank Me Later...
You can, and should be, purchasing these frozen pancakes at your local Kroger. They are tasty, convenient, and best of all the eighteen pancakes come in six, wrapped packages of three pancakes which make a perfect breakfast (at least for me).

The Old Salt
I’m not sure how it happened, but the jambalaya I made last night was too salty. And before you say “You probably put too much salt into it.”, I know, but I have replayed the two salt additions that are called for by the recipe in my mind many times and can’t envision putting too much in.

With the exception of over-salting my modified jambalaya, which I am calling “funbalaya” because I substituted many ingredients, was delicious. Here is how I free-styled last night:

  • instead of cutting up an onion and green pepper I bought a bag of frozen chopped onion and peppers from Kroger. Doing this traded cut-up time for extra cooking time, because they were frozen, but also added red and orange bell peppers into the mix which I liked a lot.
  • instead of genuine andouille sausage I used the remainder of a package of smoked bratwurst, which were about the size of frankfurters. Of course I cut the bratwurst into cubes, so I barely noticed the difference.
  • instead of using long-grain rice I used basmati rice, because I have much more basmati rice in the house at the moment.

Emeril Lagasse’s “Andouille and Chicken Jambalaya” may be the recipe that I have made the most in my lifetime and is usually my go-to dish when I need to feed those that eat pork.

I Am Going To Zwift
Upon my return from Chamblee I am going to stop off at Dick’s Sporting Goods, or perhaps Performance Bike to purchase a bluetooth speed/cadence monitor to attach to my bike as I start to use Zwift. I need a new diversion since I can’t find any source for “The Great British Baking Show”, though I could start watching a new, unseen-by-me series of “The Amazing Race” this year.

Now that my eye has gotten somewhat better I need to start exercising again. Unlike ITP-Reader Barb’s lovely YMCA, in which she can get a Spin bike in January 🙂 , I am a member of LA Fitness, which is undoubtedly jam-packed with Resolutioners this month. So, I want to do my riding at home, you know, like I did last January. Besides, this might actually get me to clean up the basement again as well.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Creeping Toward Normality

  1. Steve Brady!! says:

    Be glad to have a heated space in which to ride your trainer. Last night, it wasn’t too bad at only 57. It will get much colder in there this weekend. Reminds me to find the heating pad for Phil and Paul. I think if I make them a nice nest, on top of the heating pad, they will thank me. Their normal location when it’s cold is on the highest point of the hay bales- about 15 feet in the air and near the ceiling.

    My ride and a delicious dinner prepared by my lovely spouse was the extent of our evening. She is now heading towards Savannah, while I stay here in the cold. I would have gone but we are in the market for a new farm sitter. Any takers?


    • Stacy says:

      What does a farm sitter do? Besides sit. On a farm.

      • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

        Given that they have horses and dogs I assume tending to them is on the list of things one must do. Fortunately, as far as I know, they don’t grow any crops on the farm too. 🙂

  2. Even better, my basement is only partially heated so it’s never too warm which is perfect for indoor riding.

    You certainly don’t want this city-boy watching the farm. 😉

  3. Hey Steve, is my calendar correct in telling me that today is your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday!

  4. Al says:

    I’ll be Zwifting too, I suppose. Came back from Brazil last night, definitely with rounded edges (Apple would probably try to sue me).
    I think there’s an IOS version of the app now, so it would be less cumbersome for you iPad (albeit broken) to use.

  5. Steve Brady!! says:

    And I would have never thought this city boy would ever feel comfortable taking care of the animals, but I’ve learned. And they’re mostly good boys. Except when Zelda runs away, like this morning, making Debbie a half hour late on her departure. I told her to leave and Z would come home eventually, but she wouldn’t hear of it. A good thing too, as when she finally caught her, she was soaked and filthy. Having that wander the house loose is a bad combination.

    So Zwift is online training against others? Shame we don’t have good internet.

  6. Exactly Steve.

    Welcome back, Al. This morning I watched a YouTube video about setting up Zwift using the iOS app. I’m not saying that this will help me keep up with you, but it can’t hurt my chances. 😉 I (think) I can send my iPad’s video to my projector in the basement.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Currently undergoing “feels as if I have a rock in my eye” mode while I am at the lavanderia. Ugh, this stinks.

  8. Steve Brady!! says:

    And now, every website I go to has an ad for Zwift! Charming.

  9. Al says:

    Yep, those are good pancakes, I buy them regularly and I always have them in the freezer. My son loves them.

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