On The Road To Nowhere

I cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawer the other day, as you do in order to avoid the things you are supposed to be doing. In the drawer I found six bottle openers, five of which had the capability of opening a wine bottle. SIX! Jeez Louise I never felt so much like a hoarder. From where and when did I accumulate all of these?

No Snowpocalypse
Well that was certainly a dud, wasn’t it? I stayed at home on Friday, keeping an eye on the weather to see if my Saturday plans were going to be canceled. In doing so I (re)watched The Incredibles.

As is the case so many times when a snowstorm is predicated in these parts we got none, but as you probably know we did get some ice.

When I went outside Saturday afternoon to get the mail that I failed to bring in on Friday I saw how dry the roads had become, thankfully, so I was able to go out on Saturday night. On Saturday night I drove over to Betsy’s house for dinner and some Top Chef watching. On the 1.4 mile drive I saw one small patch of ice on the roads, everything else was bone dry.

ITP Flickr Pic
“When The Temperature Drops I Put This On And Remember How Good We Have It” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

When The Temperature Drops I Put This On And Remember How Good We Have It
A gift of many years ago from my old friend ITP-Reader Tamara, who is Canada’s Representative to Inside The Perimeter. I wear this anytime the temperature in Atlanta makes me think of Canada.

Spinning It Up Again
On Saturday I also replaced the rear wheel on my bike and put it onto my trainer. Sure, I’m still waiting for my speed/cadence sensor to arrive, but in the meantime I’m riding with entertainment to make the drudgery bearable.

I spun for an hour on Saturday and an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday. In the process I started watching Season Five of “The Amazing Race”, making my way through the first three episodes. Huzzah!

I don’t recall when I started watching “The Amazing Race”, it may have been the season which preceded “The Amazing Race: Family Edition”, which according to Wikipedia was Season Eight.

Based on how my legs, and nether regions feel today, I might be taking a “rest” day today.

Good Old Home Cooking
I have been doing well eating at home, or in the case of Saturday night eating food prepared by someone else. In the past few days I’ve eaten a bunch of leftovers and yesterday I cooked up a little chicken to go with the potato leftovers that I brought back from Betsy’s.

I’ll be bucking this trend tonight by going up to The Prado and meeting Hank and a couple of other former coworkers at the Taco Mac there to watch some of the Championship Game. Hank is a Clemson graduate and I know one of the others will be a Bama graduate, so this will be interesting. Perhaps I will wear a Florida Gators shirt to let everyone know that I have no horse in the race.

Hope your weekend was great! (ITP-Reader Barb, not being on The Face Books I have no idea how your return trip went, if it even went at all.)

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10 Responses to On The Road To Nowhere

  1. Steve Brady!! says:

    Well, with hopes of not getting snowed in, I left the office about 12:30 or so Friday. Raining like a MF most of the way home, I had high hopes, until I pulled up the radar and looked at the freeze line. The ice was what worried me and I went to sleep Friday hoping I wouldn’t have to put in the “no power/no heat” sleeping arrangements- everyone in the closet.

    I got out pretty early Saturday after making sure the ponies were OK and found hardly anyone out. The café almost empty and there was hardly any traffic. Pics from the book of faces were mostly disappointing. Saturday afternoon, I got the horses in for an early dinner and went into the office for a quick test, then on to the garage mahal for Coach Clit’s surprise 50th bday party. A nice group of wheelhoppers and ramblers and he said he was completely surprised.

    Sunday was spent repairing various watering contraptions now busted or about to bust because of the low temps. Hopefully they are now ready for it to be 70 on Friday!


  2. Barb says:

    Trip to Iowa was fun, except of course the funeral part of it.
    Great to catch up with so many relatives – and all the kids are so grown up, it really makes us feel old.
    Flight out on friday was on time, JoAnna bailed on picking up us, so we got TJ & Mary to do it. Got back before the roads really started freezing, but it sure felt balmy after the -2 degrees in Iowa.
    Good thing we flew home friday night, as the later flight never left ATL, so there was no plane for the Sat morn flight back.
    Party went great, was more work for us than planned as the offical organizer of the party was stuck at home due to the ice.

    Yesterday went to Black Sheep, it was a total hashit as no one ever found any flour or trail. It ended at a new brewery up in Kennesaw or Acworth called Dry County. What did we do before cellphones & GPS??? That was the only way anyone made it to the end. Beer was good, and extremely long circle due to an extremely long trail trial. The guys that worked at the brewery got quite a kick out of it.

  3. Welcome back Barb. Sounds like you could have used a good Edmonton Eskimos pullover up there. 😀

    I briefly considered Black Sheep yesterday but the thought of standing out in the cold, especially when there was to be NFL football on the television changed my mind quickly.

    My bolster from Amazon, which was due to arrive “by 8pm” yesterday, showed up on my doorstep this morning. I am cutting the USPS some slack due to the weather we had this past weekend.

    I’ve already had a busy morning — I spoke to my brother on the phone, I submitted a job application to a company whose HQ is in Ponce City Market, and I registered my house alarm with the City of Atlanta to avoid another BS fine that can be levied by the City if I don’t do so by February.

    Okay, I am off to my mancave to ride for an hour or so — to hell with rest days! After that I need to do some coding and some German studying (classes start up again for me tomorrow night, I already feel as if I am behind), before I head as close to being OTP as I hope to be today by driving up to Taco Mac.

  4. Barb says:

    the brewery had a nice TV on the wall to watch football, and we weren’t outside.
    So, except for there being zero marks to follow for the trail, it wasn’t a bad day at all.

    • Steve Brady!! says:

      And what was the excuse of the hares? Or did they just use stealth marking?

      • Barb%%% says:

        well – they say they marked trail, but since no one found it, we are suspect. I think they were trying to be too tricky, and we all know that never works.
        I guess Surly did see saw some marks, since he saw ACF & ran the trail in with him.

    • Workout done!

      I had no idea that there would be an indoor ending with TVs. You can’t count on Black Sheep to be sensible. 😉 I never even looked to see where the start was.

  5. Steve Brady!! says:

    As I was sitting at the Huddle House yesterday morning, the USPS Jeep came by and put mail in the box. Perhaps they just pulled the plug on Saturday and restarted Sunday? And did you know “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is not the motto of the Post Office, but is inscribed in the building of the NYC post office?

    • I know that is not their motto, but a lot of people think it is.

      I have no problem with it arriving today, especially since I didn’t expect to receive it until Thursday. I am curious as to why they never updated the anticipated delivery date/time however.

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