I Think My Last Smile Occurred At 11:30am On Friday

It wasn’t my fondest of weekends — Donald Trump officially became President of the United States, my birthday buddy uncle died on Friday night, the weather was complete shit, I never left the house, my weight refuses to drop, and finally the Packers lost. Of these the one that impacted me the least was the Packers loss (it would have been much worse were I still dating the woman from last year since she is a huge Falcons fan), though I would certainly would have loved to watch the Packers play for another Super Bowl win along with the Raleigh Royalty when I am up there in two weeks.

So Long Uncle
For fifty-one years I shared a birthday with an uncle; he passed away on Friday night. At eighty his passing was not shocking, especially since he was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to swallow for the past three months; he was fed via tubes and I believe he could eat soup. My mother, the second eldest of eleven children, has now outlived four of them. They are a fairly hardy bunch. She was understandably saddened when I spoke to her.

When I was a boy we had two birthday parties at our house. In the daytime there was my party, in which friends of mine came over and much cake was consumed. In the evening there was my uncle’s party, in which family friends and relatives came over and much alcohol was consumed. I know the past is glorified in one’s memory, but those were fun days.

The impact of my uncle’s death won’t hit me fully until I realize in July that I won’t have to buy a birthday card to send to him.

Current Duolingo Streak: 22 days
Current Workout Streak: 17 days

Unfortunately neither my German skills nor my waistline have demonstrated the benefits of these streaks.

Eating The Past, Coding The Future
The M6 never left the carport on Saturday and Sunday. After spending most of Friday out, including eating lunch with ITP-Reader Al, and then having a happy hour and dinner with my friends Hank and Bill, I decided that with the weather and my commitments that I should stay home.

I ate a lot of leftovers this weekend. With the cooking I’ve been doing this year I’m finally starting to see dent made in the contents of my refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. I still have plenty of stock, but if I am prudent with my purchases when I go grocery shopping I can continue to cook them down. In this blog I’ll be posting recipes and photos (hopefully) of the things I cook this week.

I spent a part of this weekend crafting a coding exercise that I need to send to a potential employer when I am finally done with it today or tomorrow. This is the next step, which I believe leads to an in-person interview if they like what they see. Wish me well, I’d really like to get this job for many reasons.

Hoping To Start The Week Off Better
I have my semi-annual dental checkup today; I’m hoping it will go well.

I have to pay for the chalazion removal procedure; I’m hoping that this will be the only time I have to do so.

Make it a great day everyone!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to I Think My Last Smile Occurred At 11:30am On Friday

  1. Steve says:

    When it rains, well…
    Friday morning, I learned of the passing of the treasurer of the Games. Don had been in declining health for a while but we were not aware just how ill he was. Debbie and I attended the service for him yesterday and it was a packed house of the Scottish community. If things work out, I will also attend his internment at the national cemetery in Canton on Wednesday.

    Saturday started early with a problem call from the office. We like to say there are no coincidences in network, but as far as we can tell, this equipment failure, just prior to some weekend testing really was a coincidence. Strange.

    I hope your test goes well.


  2. Stacy says:

    Good luck with your test!

    Yeah, between Trump and the Packers, this was a pretty craptastic weekend. However, all the marches around the country and around the world on Saturday were up-lifting. I myself didn’t march because I have a bit of phobia when crowds number that magnitude (Atlanta’s gathering massed 60,000+ in downtown’s streets). But this is just the beginning of the movement and I am sure I’ll be able to participate in other ways.

    Steve, I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. 🙁

  3. Barb says:

    Sorry for your losses, I really think there are more deaths in late Decemeber & January than any other time of year.

    The Falcons won – so that made yesterday a good day. I wish it had been a better game though, the Packers were all injured & just didn’t seem to have their hearts in it.

    Allan & I both went to a spin class yesteday as well – so I at least got some exercise both days, as I walked to Kroger on Saturday, in the couple hours of nice weather during the afternoon.
    Thought about Black Sheep, but no desire to do trail in pouring down rain, and, there was a football game to watch.

    Besides that – a pretty boring weekend.

  4. Steve says:

    Oh, and this… I may have mentioned this after the last funeral I attended, but now there is food at the funeral home!!! Is that a thing now? It sort of creeps me out. Yesterday, the family was greeting folks after the service and we made our way through the line to give hugs to Don’s wife Jane, shook a few more hands of Games folks and then split. Something about eating at a funeral home… no thanks. We were going to stop at the Mellow Mushroom in Brookhaven, but just getting into the parking looked like a CF, so we got Krystals at N. Druid and headed for home. Maybe all that traffic at Mellow was football related?

  5. Thanks all.

    I’ve been fortunate to not have attended a funeral in twenty years, so I don’t know. Two places I definitely would not eat however — funeral homes and strip clubs.

    I’m sure every bar and restaurant with televisions was crowded yesterday afternoon.

  6. Barb says:

    Steve – everywhere was packed during the game(s) I’m sure.

    the Chapel we had Aunt Joyce’s visitation at was a multi-use facility, they do weddings and other events there. (there was a room with a bar in it, we thought that was strange, until we found out that it was used for weddings)
    No food there, but we did have food at the parish hall after the funeral mass. Way too many homemade pies & desserts. My 1 brother has taken to getting dessert first before dinner, not a bad idea really.

  7. Steve says:

    Barb, that makes much more sense. We didn’t know where they were having the gathering, only that there was going to be one.

  8. Debbie! says:

    Sorry about your uncle Paul. Way too many funerals lately.

    I watched the inauguration on Friday and was pretty dismayed by his speech. I really hope I’m wrong and he has a successful presidency, but damn …

    So over the rain. We live in muddy quagmire and we’re on high ground. I bet the old place is truly a wreck.

    Good luck with your coding and I hope you land the job!

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