Wee Little Sunshine, Wee Little Beltline

Okay, there was a lot more than a wee little sunshine yesterday, but given my hash name I am taking poetic license. Yesterday I escaped the confines of the ITP Estate and took my mountain bike out for a near-eighteen-mile ride using my mountain bike which lasted about ninety minutes. I cycled up around Kirkwood, just shy of Decatur, through Emory and through Sage Hill Shopping Center, down through Morningside, over to Piedmont Park, down the Beltline to its current end, along Edgewood to Boulevard, to Grant Park, and wound up back in East Atlanta. Whew! And if the Wahoo Fitness app is correct at one point I hit a top speed of 41 mph. Hot damn!

Last night I made the Slow Cooker Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pasta recipe. Here is how it turned out:
Not Exactly "Health" Food
It was tasty and probably the unhealthiest thing I’ve eaten in awhile. But hey, I earned it. Would I make it again? Perhaps, the quality of the three portions of leftovers will determine this.

Busy Night Ahead
In addition to getting my now-daily exercise, doing some German homework, and writing some code, I will be headed to Ansley Mall to get my hair cut late this afternoon. Following my monthly self-improvement project I will be driving over to the west side for dinner (unsure where currently) followed by an evening of music put on by Sofar Sounds (Atlanta).

You may remember my attendance of a Sofar Sounds show a handful of months ago, when it was held in that new-ish mixed-use development project at the corner of Piedmont and Chesire Bridge. As was the case last time, I applied to get into the show, received confirmation of my attendance and thusly donated $10 to support the acts on Tuesday, and was emailed the address of tonight’s concert yesterday. I have no idea what musical acts will be performing, and I’m okay with that. Find out more tomorrow!

Have a great day folks.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Wee Little Sunshine, Wee Little Beltline

  1. Steve says:

    Is this the “house party” type show you went to before? Sounds like fun. We learned last night our neighbor and amazing guitarist Doug will be in the band when Michelle Malone and Drag the River have a reunion concert in April. Very cool.

    Such a lovely day, I walked for 45 minutes at lunch- sounds like our paths crossed at Piedmont Park, as I walked as far as Park Tavern before turning back towards the bank.

    The weather looks good but cool this weekend. I hope to get some more landscaping/lumberjacking done. Maybe even a bike ride.


    • Yes, it is the “house party”. This time it sounds as if it’ll be in a business space, I’ll report tomorrow.

      I may have been in that area a little after lunch, but it was a glorious (if not a bit windy) day to be outside. In a while I will be on an bicycle inside earning my lunch and watching the final episode of The Amazing Race Season 6.

      I too hope to be doing some landscaping and minor lumberjacking this weekend. I want to start cleaning up the grounds of the ITP estate in preparation for hiring someone to cut down the dead pine tree before it topples on its own.

  2. Stacy says:

    If folks feel like getting out this weekend, there’s an event happening at Torched Hop Brewing on Saturday starting at 12:30pm called “Girls Pint Out” benefiting the Georgia Craft Brewery. Of course, it’s not ONLY for women….but a great place to maybe meet women (hint hint nudge nudge Paulie). 😉

    $10 gets you a flight and snacks and brewery tour. I’ve a lunch date beforehand but hope to get there no later than 1pm. Easy biking distance: it’s right across the street from Mary Mac’s in the old Spaghetti Factory building.

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