Whew, what a day yesterday was. It started slowly, but then ramped up and kicked my ass in the end.

I started my day by driving up to Cobb county. The plan was to meet ITP-Reader Barb in Marietta Square for lunch. After doing a bit of calculations I gambled that I would be able to drive up to Cobb county and visit a branch of my bank to close out my business account before lunch. And I did!

I drove from East Cobb to Marietta Square and found parking in the Square. I ate a lovely lunch with Barb at The Marietta Local; I opted for the meatloaf sandwich with fries.

After lunch I wound my way out of Cobb and up gambled that I could renew my license at the DMV before my scheduled call at 15:00. And I did!

I was out of the DMV within ninety minutes with a temporary license, the real one will be mailed to me. The only downside is that the depiction of me (jeeze I am an unusual-looking man) is now twenty years older than the one on the license I surrendered. News flash: I am not as young looking nor slender as I was at 31.

It was also funny to see via Twitter that celebrity (Top Chef) chef Kevin Gillespie (Gunshow and Revival) was in the very same building yesterday, just a few hours earlier.

With an updated license in hand, well, in wallet, I drove over to Chamblee to do my laundry. While doing laundry I had my call with yet another recruiter, and now I have an in-person meeting with he and his client (one whose name you recognize, but is unfortunately a little further away than my northern boundary of Buckhead) which is to occur on Friday.

After I finished laundry I decided to attempt to avoid what appeared to be shitty traffic by working out at the Brookhaven LA Fitness. I put in thirty minuets on an elliptical and thirty more on a stationary bike.

Of course I had to ruin the workout at Lucky’s… It was trivia night so I sat at the bar and listened to the questions, answering (most of) them inside my head. By halftime I had had enough and decided to leave. Because Lucky’s was so crowded due to trivia I opted to not even try to use my $20 gift card.

By the time I got home I was beat. I put the laundry away and wrote this blog post before passing out. I will need my rest for tomorrow, today as you read this, yet another hectic day in my life.

Make yours a great day.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Was trying to wedge in a trip to LA Fitness prior to meeting with my tax preparer at 11:00, but I am soooooo tired this morning. Instead I will wait until after meeting with her and try to get the workout done before my scheduled phone call at 16:30.

    I’m becoming a master of time slicing.

  2. Steve says:

    Good news on the job front.

    I walked at lunch yesterday with the intention of hitting Willy’s at the park. I guess I was behind the curve, as a beautiful day and after 12 noon had everyone and their brother with the same idea. It doesn’t help there are several construction projects nearby and the crews like Willy’s as well. Fortunately, Jason’s Deli is also nearby and never too busy.

    A bit of a run last night and I plan on running while I have time in Florida.

    Just finished watching yesterdays TT from Paris-Nice. Only 9 miles but damn, parts of it were straight up. Reminds me of Brasstown Bald, though not all that. Watch for this name at the TdF- Julian Allephillipe- you read it here first.


    • Good news on my job front? Maybe. I seem to have a lot of things in process but nothing that looks as perfect “The Patriots” did. I decided that my job search is akin to my partner search, I want it to be a perfect fit.

      I was going to watch the TT last night, but passed out long before than I could do so.

  3. Steve says:

    And we know how successful that has been. You need to adjust your expectations. Find a job that has potential and make it what you want. A perfect fit from the start is highly unlikely.

    • My expectations are not to live my life in a car, and to make a salary that is competitive for this market based on my skills. I don’t think these are too high a bar to set.

      After spending eleven years torturing myself by commuting to the Perimeter Mall area my top goal is not to commute. I didn’t think that it would be hard to find a job in downtown or midtown, and was keeping Buckhead as an option, but I have had difficulty closing the deal (or even getting interviews) with companies in these areas. I have applied to, and had recruiters contact me about, at least six downtown/midtown companies to no avail.

      The in-person meeting is in Vinings/Smyrna — not ideal. Think hard about which well-known company has its headquarters in Vinings/Smyrna and you will know with whom I am meeting.

  4. Steve says:

    Telecommute. But first you have to get in the door.

  5. Agreed. I should also add that each of these jobs so far come with a 20% pay cut, so if I am going to lose the money I also want to lose the shitty commute.

  6. Barb says:

    I understand the idea of minimizing the commute – that’s why I have a hard time looking for a new job. I just don’t want to spend so much time in my car.

    Lunch was fun yesterday – let me know when you want to venture out this way again.
    I can get about as far south as the OK Café area – unless we need to go back to Hankook – I’ll just take a long lunch that day.

    I actually made it to the Y for the class I wanted to attend last night – Allan was going to go swim, but I got home & he was napping, so he opted out.

  7. Steve says:

    I certainly understand the long commute issue. Mine is currently at 1:15-1:25 without traffic issues. The bad traffic days down my way are rare, so that’s a pretty predictable number. I always said and still believe you would have had a much more predictable commute on MARTA, but you would have given up your freedom to go out after work. Choices.

    I don’t really see Allan as a swimmer…

    • Barb says:

      really? he never left the pool when we were at your house. He loved the water & swimming. He just doesn’t get around to it often enough.

  8. Steve says:

    I guess playing in the pool is one thing, swimming for exercise is another.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I love being able to arm/disarm my security system via my cellphone because apparently I can’t remember to do it when I leave my driveway…

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