It’s That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year for me to exclaim “I can’t believe that I’ve been in the ITP Estate for n years!”. I moved into the ITP Estate in March 1999 therefore this year n = 18.

Part of my German homework this weekend required me to find a family photo and identify the people depicted. In doing so I also found a couple of envelopes of photos taken just before I purchased the ITP Estate, including the previous owners’ furnishings, as well as many shots of my efforts to do work on the house prior to moving in my furniture. Ah to be eighteen years younger and full of hope and aspiration for making the house “mine”. Ah the days when almost everything worked as it was supposed to. Ah the days when I thought that the ITP Estate would house the woman I loved, though this one almost came true way back when…

I may post some of my admittedly horrible photos, which were taken with point-and-shoot disposable cameras. You may be amused to see some of the discoveries that I made when I first took ownership.

More Mysteries
My life at the ITP Estate is full of surprises. The other day I noticed a piece of paper on my front lawn. As I do I walked out to pick it up, and as I did I realized that I was standing on a section of lawn that had been tended to by someone other than me. Gone was the small pile of leaves, as well as all of the leaves from about one fourth of the lawn. What? All I can imagine is that the worker to whom I gave money came back and did the work. If he thinks that I am going to give him more money for this work he has another thing coming to him.

Decent Weekend
On Friday afternoon I met up with friends at The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points for some beers and food. Since my 16:00 interview had been rescheduled I had ample time to get up there, park, and wander about. I dropped into Criminal Records to inquire about selling them my CD and album collections. I certainly do not need to carry these with me through the rest of my days. If my schedule this week opens up as I hope that it will, then I will tote my wares up there to see what they offer.

Saturday was a wash. I did a sloppy hour of riding on my trainer while watching the live coverage of Paris-Nice. I made a couple of meals at home. And then I seemingly spent the rest of the day watching all of the remaining unwatched episodes of Season 5 of “The Great British Baking Show”. While watching that season unfold I was skeptical that one of the contestants seemed to be getting passes for bakes that lacked professional appearance. There was one episode in particular when she was awarded “Star Baker” when her signature bake looked completely amateurish compared to the other three women’s work. When I finally saw the conclusion I searched “great british baking show scandal” and found mention of her. It seems as if many peopled thought that she was flirting with judge Paul Hollywood, but about a year later this was debunked when she came out as being a lesbian, so probably not.

Yesterday was another day of domestic bliss as I stayed at home, ate leftovers, watched the final stage of Paris-Nice, and did some coding practice. With some nagging inner-knee pain experienced on Saturday’s pedal and some unexpected gastro-intestinal distress I decided to give my body a day of rest. Looking at my exercise logs I see that I had not had a rest day since the previous Sunday, so no need for me to be concerned. The day seemed to fly by, it was if we moved the clocks ahead six hours instead of one.

Can I Get An ‘E’?
Another task I (finally) performed on Saturday was to pair up and put away my socks from the laundry that I did last Wednesday. A long time ago I mentioned that I had started the habit of labeling socks so that I could easily pair them. On Saturday I found only one ‘E’. This is what I deserve for not pairing them at the laundromat, for if I had done so I would have noticed that I was missing one and perhaps been able to find it in the washing machine or dryer that I used. Oh well, it’s not like I have a sock shortage on my hands, or my feet for that matter.

What Shall I Do Today?
The weather forecast for today is less than stellar so today I am going to try out a new-to-me LA Fitness location, one that provides covered parking. I will be going to the Buckhead location that is in the same structure as Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

With the rescheduled phone interview to take place at 13:00 I will try to time my workout so that I can be done and showered by then. Not that it means much to you, but I am contemplating delaying my lunch until after the call so that I don’t have to rush my meal.

The rest of my day will be spent doing German homework and coding practice.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to It’s That Time Of Year

  1. Steve says:

    We’re back from the land of the Mouse to the land of “What the hell happened to Spring?”!! As we drove north yesterday, the temperature continued to drop and when we stopped for a late lunch in Perry, Winter had returned!! Ugh.

    Without doing any of the theme parks, it was just a trip to a nice hotel and time spent relaxing. I managed a few runs, we ate at a genuine Japanese restaurant Saturday evening- went expecting a sushi bar and they had one, but is was secondary to the rest of the menu which we did not understand. And I believe we were the only non- Asian’s in the place.

    I also managed to get some motorcycle helmet shopping done. With the size of my noggin, test fitting is the only way to go. Sadly, I have expensive tastes, but I’m still hoping to find something in a more reasonable price range that fits.


    • Barb says:

      I have a plain white one I never wear – not sure if you have a big head or a small head (insert joke here) – you could borrow if it fits.
      Allan has 1 too, but he actually wears his, so I doubt he would lend it out.

      • Steve says:

        My head is large, but also a lot of helmets press right at the crown of my forehead, so size and shape together. Plus, I have to consider if it has enough room for an ear piece for the radio. I found a Bell (online) with little doors next to the ears which would allow for a variety of audio devices. Planning on finding one of those to try on.

  2. Barb says:

    Good morning- I’m looking forward to some of those pictures.

    We were pretty active this weekend.
    Saturday was mtn biking with way too many fast boys, but they are all very social so they didn’t really have that much problem (I think) waiting for me at certain intersections.
    Went to a Gladiators game Saturday night – I think the Greenville Swamp Rabbits & the Gladiators have a little hatred for each other – there were 4 fights & I heard there were even more than that from some friends that went Sunday. Glads won 6-1 – very fun game to watch.

    We slept in Sunday, and did NOT bitch about the time change (FB was filled with complaining). We also went over & hiked up Kennesaw, the trail I usually avoid, as the ups & downs bother my knees. But – we are heading out to Zion NP in May, I need to get in shape for it.

    Over all a good weekend.

  3. Barb says:

    went to the Australian Bakery for lunch at the Square with Yassir today – he’s on jury duty. The Ned Kelly meat pie is quite tasty!
    The potato bacon soup was tasty too, but I think they went a little crazy with the immersion blender – not chunky enough!

  4. Jury duty? Sounds familiar as I have to report for jury duty selection on Wednesday.

    Their soup sounds like my black beak soup where I did the same.

    Well, my 13:00 meeting lasted ten minutes. They described what they were seeking and it was not me. I politely ended the call be telling them this. I am not heartbroken as this did not originally sound like a job I wanted, so not having their desired skills was a good way out.

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