The Fall And Incredibly Slow Rise Of Paulie The Blogger

Is trying not to complain too much about how long it’s taking my body to heal. Really, I am. But even after yesterday’s visit to the orthopedic doctor, who didn’t seem that concerned by my condition, I am disappointed with my recovery. Tonight I will start a stretching regiment – omg I am actually going to use the yoga mat and foam roller that have been unsused in my house for so long. I supposed that I will be setting the bike back into the trainer since it appears that it won’t be seeing road time in the immediate future.

Stupid curb.
Stupider Paulie.

I am back to smelling like menthol today because I smeared a bunch of Tiger Balm on my hip in an attempt to warm it, and therefore loosen it up this morning. I should probably by some odor-free cream like Icy-Hot to spare my coworkers of the odor.

Keeping today’s post short since I didn’t write any of this last night and am headed to the office. I will attempt to be better tomorrow.

What’s on your mind today?

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21 Responses to The Fall And Incredibly Slow Rise Of Paulie The Blogger

  1. HamWithCam says:

    On my mind?


    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. Barb says:

    Last night I attempted to be productive – cut the grass, went grocery shopping for STU (I really need a list, as I didn’t get half of the things we need), vacuumed, made a breakfast casserole so I’d have food to eat in the mornings before work, and started to pack. I have enough clothes on the guest bed for a week at least. Now I need to weed them down to a reasonable amount.

    Allan found out yesterday of more changes at Cycleworks (now owned by Atlanta Cycling). Jan, the store manager has been demoted & is a salesperson at Vinings. Allan isn’t sure he wants to keep working very part time with people he probably doesn’t know. Previously the service manager wanted to be paid a little more, so they let her go. We will see what happens today, since he is at Cycleworks today.

    Its looking like rain on Sunday, so we may only be riding 2 days at STU. We will see.

  3. Forgot to mention that my alcohol-free streak ended last night as I drank wine during German class.

  4. Steve says:

    Sounds like the doctor was not very helpful- I imagine the conversation went something like, “You fell and landed on a curb? Yep, hard to heal when you get older, but you will- eventually.” Am I right?

    A little tractor work and a little riding last night. Apparently, Dish Network has a new channel that has bike racing and it’s in my package! We’re (I’m) watching Tour of the Alps this week. I just happened to stumble on it, as it was auto-recorded. Score.

    Sounds like STU would be good therapy for you!


    • Not far off, Steve. I saw Royster six years ago too. He was helpful with showing me my X-rays and explaining where the muscles and nerves go around the hip. No miracle cure provided however.

      You have Dish again? I thought you ditched it. There was a race this morning that I could’ve watched on NBC Gold, but I forgot that it was on.

      I may try spinning the trainer tomorrow night, and if that goes well will consider chasing Barb on Saturday. I’m not sure about getting in/out of a tent, and sleeping “on the ground” in my current condition.

      Hip update: it still hurts

      • Steve says:

        La Fletch Wallone! One off the front till the base of the Huy, then it was a slow drag up the climb.

        I keep hoping to see your lawyers son Joey do something at Tour of the Alps, but so far…

        Drinking wine in class? My kind of school!

      • Barb says:

        we have a bigger tent you could borrow – you’d just have to find a cot.
        We also have the double high air mattress, but it needs electricity to blow it up (and, sometimes when it loses a little air during the night, you feel like a taco)
        That would make things easier.

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