Caned And Able

My new cane, um, walking stick arrived yesterday. In what has unfortunately become the norm the package was left on the front stoop of my house and not by the side door behind the knee wall that would shield it from prying eyes as had been the norm previously. Fortunately no packages have yet to go “missing” though I am contemplating what I will do when I order a thing of value such as a new camera, computer, or whatnot.

It is somewhat ironic that the cane arrived yesterday because it was the first day that I was able to go the entire day without the use of a crutch. Sure, there was plenty of discomfort still but I was able to amble about and even descend the stairs at the new office building for the first time. Now if I can just stop walking like Fred Sanford.

I’m really looking forward to being able to walk more than 100 yards again. The thought of getting out for lunch at an establishment that is more than one block away from the office is stimulating to me. Yesterday I tested the waters of the cafeteria inside the new office building, suffice to say I will save my return visit for an emergency meal; pity it’s in an incredibly convenient location.

My evening was about as uneventful as could possibly be. After a long day of work (cue sad music!) I fought traffic back to the ITP Estate to eat some of my leftovers for dinner. I had thrown out a suggestion to meet up with Hank at the newly-reopened Lucky’s Burger & Brew at Emory, but he had other commitments for the evening. Perhaps it was just as well as I was able to save a little money by eating at home, and my “Alcohol-Free Day Count” now stands at one. I will say that “fighting traffic” from Midtown is a breeze compared to the suffering I endured for eleven years commuting to and from Perimeter Mall.

With the ability to move about on foot, still slowly mind you, I did a few chores that have escaped me recently. I washed a sink-load of dirty dishes, and sorted more than a week’s worth of laundry in anticipation of being able to go to a new-to-me Waschsalon sometime soon. I also did a few other fun things like pay my natural gas bill, and schedule my quarterly auto insurance payment. It’s a good thing that I am gainfully employed again and that the Federal Government has seen fit to refund me some of my tax dollars from last year.

As I accomplished my chores I listened to a bunch of podcasts and finished my evening by “watching” the replay of La Flèche Wallonne on my iPad as I wrote this blog post.

I really doubt that I will be in the mindset to go over to Rutledge on Friday afternoon. Saturday is still in play. If possible I will be mounting the trainer tonight and giving the legs and hips some spins for the first time in eleven days.

Is this really only the third day that I’ve worked this week? It feels as if it’s been a much longer week than that. Hope yours is going well.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. I will say one thing about this injury as I struggle to walk normally and painlessly, it makes me realize how luck I was six years ago. This was a seemingly minor fall, that happened to result in tremendous pain and suffering, that was an impact followed by a fall.

    ITP-Reader John, aka HwC, did you make it out to Elliott Street on Tuesday night?

    • HamWithCam says:

      I never made it to Elliott Street. The threat of rain gave me a reason to bag it. Plus, I wasn’t feeling it. I noticed only a few “original APGers” in the group photo. You can’t go home again.

      Happy to hear the hip in on the mend. As we get older, it takes us longer to recover. Or so I hear. 🙂

      I’d imagine time on the trainer, plus some targeted weights when you can manage it, will do the trick. Royster’s lack of concern is the best news.

      (Did Royster re-image, or read your D.i.t.B. CD?)

      Perhaps a (relatively large) sign on your front stoop (flat), adjacent to the front door where any package might be placed, will help to direct the delivery folks behavior? “Please place all packages at side door, thanks!”

      Anybody have a Nest thermostat? Georgia Power is having a “Buy a Nest for $119” promotion ($100 instant rebate, through the 22nd). I was thinking of getting one (not for us, with 4, count ’em, 4 HVAC units, we are beyond redemption) and sending it to our apartment dwelling daughter in (hotter than Hades) Dallas. Maybe she can save a few $$.

      On a related note, Elizabeth has been given the opportunity by a “large well-known GPS manufacturer” to take a (all expenses paid) trip to the national park of her choice to try out their device on a few “off the beaten paths”. She is actually substituting for a colleague, that is resigning. The NP was already chosen to be Acadia in Maine. Elizabeth is an on-line content editor for Active Networks (a big, big software company based in Dallas that makes participant registration software used by the PTRR, etc, etc). Elizabeth is part of a team that provides pull through content for Running, Bicycling, Tri, Outdoors, Kids, etc. Dream job, and she gets paid to do it.

      I’d imagine she gets that “outdoorsy” gene from me:
      (I built that boat, a C-1, from scratch.)

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  2. Stacy says:

    Regarding the package deliveries: perhaps make a little sign to hang where they’re leaving them now directing them to the correct place. That’s what folks do around my ‘hood since there’s always folks steeling crap from porches. And, of course, once you’re settled in to the new job, you can always have packages delivered to the office for safety.

    Have a sort of annoying day in front of me: in and out of meetings all day on quarterly review with our biggest vendor. Ugh. I hate meetings. Sometime in that, I’ll hear from my sister and will go pick her up from the MARTA station (yep, that’s right: making her MARTA) and deposit her home. But tonight will make up for it. They’ll be taking us to Sotto Sotto in Inman Park, where I’ve never been. And if it’s anything like our previous outings, there will be much drinkage of very fine wines and perhaps a martini or two 🙂

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      Yeah, I’m too new to make special requests at “XYZ Corp”.

      Enjoy Sotto Sotto. Perhaps surprisingly I have neither eaten there, nor at Fritti.

      • Stacy says:

        Did Fritti for an Inman Park Restaurant week a few years ago. I remember it being very good but then having an altercation with the waitstaff at the end. We were a big group of people and split our bills and the waiter ended up coming back with someone’s bill (paying in cash) saying they were missing $20. Gosh, I wish I could remember who it was now. Doesn’t sound like something our group of friends would do; to this day we think he still pocketed the $20. But the rest of us chipped in to make it up anyway. Probably should not judge the place on that one incident, but I still do, and with so many places to choose from around town, I’ve never been back.

  3. Steve says:

    Yep, make a little sign asking them to leave things by the side door. Just a little retraining and it’s the same distance from their vehicle.

    We had a semi-exciting night. As the burn ban is quickly approaching, we decided some of my bush piles needed to go up in smoke, and boy did they! The pile was as big as a car, and had been drying for over a year. It went quite easily and was so hot I had Debbie bring my winter farm coat and face shield from the shop. That was the only way I could get close to the fire to push it up and put out the smaller fires it was sparking. Maybe a little more fire tonight!

    Glad you’re hobbling better. Let’s plan lunch early next week.


  4. Barb says:

    busy morning at work -since I’m leaving at noon.
    Hope you make it to STU, text me if you come, so we can look for you.
    Sally said you better show up!

  5. Made it another block further for lunch today – Front Page News. It was not fun walking here, I expect it will be equally painful walking back to work.

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