And I am not referencing Elon Musk’s latest company. No, last night I had a boring night which can be described in four sentences:
1. After work I shopped at Aldi (which, as a lover of all things German makes me so happy)
2. I returned home and made a dinner of a ham and cheese sandwich and drank a beer.
3. I watched the Amgen Tour of California.
4. I went into the bedroom and laid under a spinning ceiling fan and did little else the rest of the evening.

Working For The Weekend
Today I will be having lunch with a handful of former Echostar coworkers. Other than work I have no plans for the rest of the day. Boring! But that’s okay because I will be spending my night at home, listening to music, and getting prepared to meet my old Flickr friends up at the Booth Western Museum in Cartersville tomorrow morning.

With me I will be toting my aging Nikon 1, the camera it appears will be the one I take with me again to Germany. I might have pulled the financial trigger on a Fujifilm X-T20 but they have been back ordered forever and with a new body I would have to shell out for new lenses. I may bring my Nikon D300 tomorrow too, just because it’s the camera with which I feel ,ost comfortable using, even though it will (may) not be the one that joins me in Germany.

Oh, It’s Challenge Of The Centuries Weekend?
The fact that I don’t know if this is the weekend for Challenge Of The Centuries speaks volumes about my current mindset, at least my six-week-old mindset.

While cycling is the one exercise for which I have confidence in doing, I have not been seeking out riding opportunities since my fall. It’s really too bad because I was preparing myself physically and mentally for making this one of my biggest riding years, which is saying a lot given the year I had last year.

Maybe I’ll start riding again on Memorial Day weekend.

Have yourself a great weekend, and I hope to see you all on Monday.

Oh, Monday… ITP-Reader Stacy, Monday will be Waschsalon day for me so if you want to get a burger that night please let me know.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. HamWithCam says:

    I’m looking forward to the Booth Museum. Museums are good photo opps because they typically offer “perfect composition with perfect lighting…”

    Apparently, I am not alone in this opinion:

    I’m undecided on camera gear. Definitely traveling light. Well, light for me anyway. Probably my (fixed lens mirrorless) Fuji X100s (perfect for travel). I suspect we’ll also have Sony mirrorless, Olympus mirrorless, and “old school” Canon DSLR’s in our group.

    When the flickr photo gang gets together sometimes pretty comical group shots can occur:

    BTW: everybody is welcomed. If you’ve not seen the Booth Museum or are an Ansel Adams fan, it’s well worth it. We’re gathering at the Chick-fil-A a few blocks from the Booth at 9:00am (museum opens at 10:00am). I-75N to exit #288 – Main Street, Cartersville, Georgia.

    Lastly, today is daughter Elizabeth’s birthday. Elizabeth works for Active Networks (the software folks that do the Peachtree registration, etc, etc). Elizabeth is an online editor for (pull-through) content for Triathalon and Cycling. Active is always looking for interesting freelance written (and photo) content for their website(s). Let me know if anybody might be interested, I can put you in touch.

    Elizabeth is a former competitive gymnast:

    I hope everybody has a fun weekend.
    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • The Booth Museum is excellent, even when they don’t have a special exhibit. If it weren’t 50 miles from the ITP Estate I’d become a member.

      And HBD to Elizabeth.

  2. Steve says:

    Good morning from stage 6. Or as we like to say, if it’s stage 6 it must be Friday. Yesterday was a great day of racing. Amazing climbs and great crowds. Today is the time trial at Big Bear and I learned I’ll be the starter. Oh. Boy.

    Do you know how long the AA show will be at the Booth? I would like to see it. Maybe we can combine it with the Rome Braves. Debbie had a great time last night.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Barb says:

    I had forgotten about Challenge of the Centuries as well.
    Oh well………..

    still trying to catch up at work – it isn’t happening.

  4. Barb says:

    so – Allan finally got his new assignment – and he isn’t very thrilled.
    They are sending him to Inspections. Some Chief doesn’t like him I guess.
    Its a 40 hour week job (instead of the 24 hour shift) so it will be a pay cut. And – if they drop his paramedic pay bonus (which, he doesn’t need it for the job), it will be a double whammy pay cut. But -there is a plus, I think they get overtime by going to concerts & sporting events to be sure the place is not over fire code.

    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

      Hmmm, that’s too bad. Taking a guy who likes fighting fires and putting him in a position that doesn’t fight fires sounds stupid to me.

      • Barb says:

        welcome to the City of Atlanta. they aren’t that smart.

        • HamWithCam says:

          Surely (very) experienced firefighters are in demand? Dekalb County?
          City of Decatur?


          • Barb says:

            problem is seniority. Gotta start all over as a firefighter. And then there is the pension with the City that he’s already vested in. He could switch to Cobb or wherever, there are plenty of jobs, and not really lose any money – But…….. we like the 70 or 80% of pay pension idea.

    • steve says:

      Well that sucks.

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