So That’s How It’s Done

Fear not, I am not going to regale you with a story of passionate romance taken to its climax. This is me about whom we’re talking; I doubt that I will every be that fortunate again.

No, yesterday I left work “early” and drove up to LA Fitness in Atlantic Station. I spent thirty minutes on the elliptical an then the same amount of time on a stationary bike. All the while I was getting ready to exercise I felt as if I was missing something. It wasn’t until I was already on the elliptical and starting my workout that I realized that my heart rate monitor was back in the locker room.

The workout was as tough as I expected it would be given that it has been eight weeks since I’d done one.

It Was Much Easier When I Wasn’t Working
After my workout I stopped into Target, very briefly. While entering Target a little before 6:00pm (how was it almost 6:00pm when I left the office at 3:30pm?!?!) I discovered that Warby Parker is only open until 7:00pm. I made a quick 180° turn and headed out of the store. I fought traffic from Atlantic Station to Howell Mill, getting to Warby Parker with plenty of time to spare.

My trip to Warby Parker convinced me that I didn’t want new eyeglasses as nothing looked good on my face. The trip was not a total loss however as the friendly young lady who greeted me upon entry actually remembered me from my previous visits.

I was really hungry leaving Warby Parker so instead of going directly to IKEA I stopped into Baby Tommy’s Pizza for two large slices. Unfortunately I was once again disappointed at the state of the restaurant, so that may have been my last visit there.

After stuffing my face I went to IKEA where I walked the mile winding route, picking up a few small items for the ITP Estate or in the case of the two chocolate bars, me.

I returned to the Atlantic Station Target after IKEA. I probably should have gone to the Edgewood Retail District Target, because had I done so I would have completed my errand checklist by stopping into Lowe’s as well.

By the time I got home and hung up my workout clothes it was 9:00pm. Yikes!

I spent the rest of my waking time doing some preparation for today.

Yardwork and Cleaning, Oh My
I was hoping to put some things on the curb this morning, but by the time I got home last night I had no energy to do so. Tonight I will be clearing out a bunch of things that are no longer of use to me, putting them on the curb for anyone to claim. Must. Keep. Making. Progress.

Tomorrow I will be clearing out some of the debris in my back yard. When I am tired of doing yard work I will return to cleaning and clearing house. I think that I will treat myself to dinner out somewhere.

On Sunday I may hash, though it’s highly unlikely given the fact that I am still fighting off poison ivy acquired on the last Black Sheep Hash.

Along with all of this I need to do some coding, as well as some studying and planning for my trip in three weeks.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to So That’s How It’s Done

  1. Left hip, leg, and knee are hurting a bit this morning; that was expected. My lower back is tight and hurts, that was not expected nor welcome.

  2. Stacy says:

    I have never heard of Baby Tommy’s. Is the pizza any good? You mention the state of the restaurant, but not the flavor of the pizza. I like Vinny’s pizza. The 7th/Peachtree location is tough when you’re in a car, but they’ve now opened one in Ansley Mall too (conveniently right near another LA Fitness). Give them a try sometime if your adventures bring you to that area.

    • The pizza was okay. The slices are huge and reasonably priced, but it wasn’t the greatest meal. I saw Vinny’s when using Google Maps to find pizza near the office; I will have to try it soon.

  3. What’s everyone else up to this weekend? Anything fun?

    • Stacy says:

      Nothing exciting for me this weekend. Going to try to whip my home into shape, and binge watch some Netflix. (New season of Orange is the New Black was released today.) Maybe at least get up early and go for some nice walks before it gets too hot. Supposed to be a beautiful weekend.

  4. Steve says:

    Made chicken tacos last night and will be celebrating nothing particular except a weekend at home with sushi tonight. I was planted in my recliner when Debbie came in from feeding the horses and was letting the dogs in. She didn’t bother to notice there was an extra dog, as Lily (neighbor’s dog) also came in with the pack. Lily is a sweet girl, but is making herself at home a little too much. When I drove in, she was happily sleeping on the back porch.

    Tomorrow will be a Preakness party at a fox hunt friends new outdoor pavilion. It may be a bit over the top, as there is apparently a schedule involved!!

    Getting out on my bike is also a high priority.

    And the realtor called back late yesterday, so I might be meeting her at the Ben Hilton.


  5. HamWithCam says:

    Saturday is the “big big” VHF/UHF Amateur Radio contest. You make as many contacts as you can on 6M, 2M and 440 for 24 hours. If 6M is “open” you can literally talk all over the world. If it’s not, well….

    An exchange goes something like this:
    “Kilo Echo Number Four Echo November India…Ecuador Norway Italy…calling CQ and listening…”
    “W1XYZ KE4ENI you are 5-9, 5-9 into EM73us…”
    KE4ENI W1XYZ you are 5-9 into CN85pm (Portland Oregon)…”
    “QSL I copy CN85pm TX for the contact, KE4ENI…”
    “KE4ENI W2ABC…”
    (And so on.)

    IKEA? Pizza? You could have gone to Antico.

    In other news, my 30+ year old Sears lawnmower (a gift to my Dad, now mine) started on the first pull this morning. The first pull I tell ‘ya. Boo yah.

    No plans for this weekend. I might get on 6M some. If it’s open. If I can find and make operational a 6M antenna. And radio.

    And I’m sure there will be an OK Cafe run in there sometime.

    73 de JG/KE4ENI
    EM73us <– my grid square

  6. Barb says:

    Driving home from Metter, via a stop in Statesboro to visit a former co-worker with cancer. She’s doing so amazingly well, she seems like she may actually beat it.

    Rode 13+ out from the end (well, our BRAG friend Nancys house) to the last rest stop & then back. It was a beautiful day, could have ridden more, but 26+ was enough.
    3 days of BRAG is a good number for me.

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